Preparedness for Disasters -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
When Disaster Strikes. Advises on the creation and constitution of emergency management teams made up of senior school officials, which in turn establishes the emergency response team that actually carries out disaster... 11/30/2005
When Terrorism Comes to School: The Sky Is Not Falling. Describes recent notable terrorist attacks on schools, but cautions against alarm, because these events are still extremely rare. 10/31/2004
When Young Lives Are at Stake. Discusses emergency preparedness plans for schools that include all hazards, all levels of the organization, the National Incident Management System, a reliable communications and media relations... 06/30/2007
Who Is In Charge? Emphasizes the necessity for a person in charge in higher education campus emergencies. Whether or not this is a designated position or duties assigned to an existing position is discussed, as are... 06/30/2011
Wildfires and Schools. Discusses conditions that feed wildfires, how a building catches fire, determining your school's risk, creating a survivable space for the school, the importance of maintenance, the fire-... 09/30/2008
Wisconsin's Safe Schools. Describes Wisconsin's program to train school personnel to in turn train district staff to assess their facilities and be better aware of school security issues. 04/30/2006
With the Public's Knowledge, We Can Make Sheltering in Place Possible. Identifies serious and unanticipated problems that currently make it neither feasible nor safe for many people to shelter in place in case of an emergency. The report is based on two years' work... 12/31/2006
Working with Students with Disabilities in a Disaster. Advises on the accommodation of the disabled during a disaster, covering levels and types of disabilities, special equipment and supplies to have on hand for the disabled, and procedures for working... 12/31/2005
Y.I.K.E.S. Your Inventory for Keeping Everyone Safe: Planning Guide for Emergency Response Planning in Child Care Planning Guide. Serves as a tool for emergency response planning in child care programs. This guide provides basic emergency preparedness and planning information that can be customized to fit the size and needs of... 12/31/2004