Preparedness for Disasters -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
Jane's School Safety Handbook. This book advises schools in a concise, detailed format about crisis management. Its chapters address: (1) crisis planning; (2) early warning signs; (3) crisis response; (4) crisis recovery; (5) case... 12/31/2000
Kansas Disaster Assessment Program. Provides guidance and forms to prepare for and conduct a disaster assessment survey. These include pre-disaster buildings inventory, collection of civil personnel information, disaster operations... 12/31/2003
Keeping Schools Safe in Earthquakes. Reports on a 2004 conference of international seismic and educational facility experts. Part 1 discusses the recognition of obstacles to improving seismic safety of schools in various countries. Part... 12/31/2003
Keeping the Community in the Know. Discusses mass notification systems for schools, which are more frequently being used for everyday, non-emergency communication. Internet-based services do not require hardware, software, or... 07/31/2009
Kentucky Center for School Safety. Preparing for, Responding to, and Recovering from Attacks. This webpage provides a variety of resources to help prepare for, respond, and recover from crises, including a school biological/chemical terrorist response plan, tips for principals, and... 12/31/2002
Key Policy Letter Signed by the Education Deputy Secretary In this letter to school administrators, the Deputy Secretary shares information regarding some lessons learned from the Beslan school incident so that they may be used to protect U.S. schools. The... 10/05/2004
Knowledge Center: School Security Crisis Communications When a school or university is dealing with an emergency, communicating to constituents and the public is critical. To get the word out most effectively, administrators must choose methods that... 01/31/2012
Lead & Manage My School: Conference on School Safety. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings joined President Bush, Mrs. Bush, and Attorney General Gonzales at a Conference on School Safety on October 10, 2006. Teachers, parents, administrators, law... 10/09/2006
Lightning Safety for Schools--An Update. Many school activities can put students at high risk from lightning. An effective integrated lightning safety plan requires four tiers of activities: 1) education, so people are aware of the hazard... 12/31/2002
Maintaining Security in an Insecure World. New Strategies are Emerging to Help Architects Design Without a Bunker Mentality. Discusses security issues of buildings in the public and private sector, including schools, that may be vulnerable to malevolent actions. Describes the fundamentals of a design model known as crime... 11/30/2000
Making Schools Safe from Earthquakes Through Retrofitting, Training, and Disaster Education. Details four on-the-ground case studies in Fiji, India, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan. A useful manner of retrofitting schools while linking to wider education and capacity-building is described: in... 09/30/2007
Managing a Crisis. Considers human factors in crisis communication plans. The author proposes that an understanding of human responses during a crisis is even more important than facilities, hardware, and systems... 04/30/2011
Mass-Casualty Events at Schools: A National Preparedness Survey. Presents the results of a survey of U.S. school superintendents assessing preparedness for prevention of and response to a mass-casualty event. From 2137 responses, 86.3% superintendents reported... 12/31/2005
Meeting Demand. Addresses how a school district can use temporary classroom space to meet increasing student enrollment while additional space is being built. Provides examples of using portable facilities to... 07/31/1998
Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools Toolkit Includes course materials, comprehensive preparedness guide, prevention and preparedness resources, mitigation resources, respoonses & recovery resources, sample forms, video library, analyzing... 12/31/2010
National Athletic Trainers' Association Position Statement: Emergency Planning in Athletics. Presents a position statement by the National Athletic Trainers' Association on emergency planning in athletics, examining the professional and legal importance of emergency plans and looking at... 12/31/2001
National Organization on Disability Emergency management and disaster preparedness resources compiled by the National Organization on Disability.
Natural Disasters and School Construction. [Podcast] Presents an audio inteview that reviews loss of children's lives within schools that were damaged by recent natural disasters. The design and seismolological professionals interviewed advocate... 06/24/2008
Natural Hazards Center Located at the University of Colorado, Boulder, the Natural Hazards Center is a national and international clearinghouse for information on natural hazards and human adjustment to hazards and...
Natural Hazards Gateway This web portal established by the U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, educates citizens, emergency managers, and lawmakers on seven natural hazards facing the Nation —...
NCEF School Safety Assessment Guides. The 25 guides found on the lower portion of this web page assist in the school safety assessment process. Each downloadable guide addresses a specific area or space within the school, presenting a... 12/31/2007
New Jersey K-12 School Security Task Force Report. Presents the discussion items and final recommendations of this task force, which include: 1. Distribution of model emergency policies to the State's law enforcement agencies with the direction... 08/31/2007
Newer Technologies for School Security. ERIC Digest. This digest describes several technologies that can be used to control access to, and improve surveillance of, school grounds. Access can be controlled by using smart cards to control keyed entries.... 01/31/2001
No Safe Havens. This article discusses the results of a survey of U.S. school-based officers on terrorism and school safety. The survey found that a majority of officers believe that schools are vulnerable to a... 02/28/2003
OECD Programme on Educational Building (PEB) and Geohazards International (GHI) Ad Hoc Experts' Group Meeting on Earthquake Safety in Schools: Recommendations. Lists the guiding principles and major elements for recommended mandatory school seismic safety programs. The major elements described are community awareness and participation, building codes and... 01/31/2004