Preparedness for Disasters - State Emergency Planning Guides

Title Abstract Publication Date
School Occupational Safety and Crisis Response Plan. [Mississippi] This comprehensive school safety plan includes: 1.Policies and procedures that afford a safe school environment; 2.The Crisis Response Plan; and 3.Programs that promote a safe school environment. 09/30/2001
School Safety and Security Best Practices Approved by the Commissioner of Education. Information Brief. [Florida] The 2001 Florida Legislature passed Ch. 2001-125, Laws of Florida, Section 40, which is often referred to as the Safe Passage Act. It requires all school districts to conduct a self-assessment of... 10/31/2001
School Safety and Security. [California] This document offers guidelines for school facilities in California in the areas of safety and security, lighting, and cleanliness. It also offers a description of technology resources available on... 12/31/2001
School Safety Plans and Resources [Arizona] The Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona Division of Emergency Management have compiled information and resources for developing an emergency response plan for Arizona schools. The website...
School Safety Review Checklist. Offers a school safety checklist that addresses, in 512 questions, 24 types of school spaces and systems, the grounds, athletic facilities, and athletic equipment. 06/30/2005
School Violence: Physical Security. [Utah] This booklet provides an overview of security technology product areas that might be appropriate and affordable for school applications. Topics cover security concepts and operational issues;... 12/31/2000
Schools As Post-Disaster Shelters: Planning and Management Guidelines for Districts and Sites. [California] This guidebook outlines a method for preparing school facilities and personnel in the event that schools are needed for disaster shelters. Chapter 1 provides descriptions of actual incidents in which... 12/31/1994
State of Maryland Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide for Maryland Schools. Guidelines to help local school systems in Maryland develop a comprehensive emergency plan and to increase student awareness are offered in this handbook. Chapter 1 outlines the roles of all... 12/31/1990
Statewide Policy for Strengthening Domestic Security in Florida's Public Schools This provides policy guidance to Florida school districts in terms of terrorism protection procedures and training focused on deterrance, and explores infrastructure enhancements and policy guidance... 09/09/2003
Terrorism Supplement to the Indiana Department of Education's Checklist for a Safe and Secure School Environment. [Indiana] This checklist supplement covers three types of terrorist activities: radiological, biological, and chemical. The supplement is divided into two sections: first, an overview of terrorism and the... 01/31/2003
The Comprehensive School Health Manual, Chapter 4: A Safe and Healthful Environment. This chapter of Massachusetts' School Health Manual covers the school environment, including building and environmental standards, indoor air quality, school buses, underground fuel storage... 12/31/2006
Vermont School Crisis Guide. Presents general information on school crisis management that individual schools or districts can tailor to fit local needs and capabilities. The Guide is a framework to implement local school policy... 12/31/2007
Violence Prevention and School Safety: Issues, Problems, Approaches, and Recommended Solutions. [Oregon] Violence from the larger society has spilled over into schools in ways that can make them unsafe, and school safety has emerged as a pressing concern. This report addresses the key issues, problems,... 09/30/1997
Virginia Center for School Safety. VCSS, part of the Department of Criminal Justice Services, reflects Virginia's commitment to providing safe and productive learning environments for all students and staff in schools today. The...
Voices from the Field: Working Together for Safe and Secure Schools. Summary of Findings from Florida Education Commissioner Charlie Crist's School Safety and Security Summits. During summer and fall 2001, the Florida Commissioner of Education conducted eight regional meetings, open to the public, on school safety and security. The purpose of the meetings was to explore... 12/31/2001
Washington State School Safety Center The OSPI School Safety Center provides resources and guidance that support Washington State's K-12 public schools to develop safe, healthy, supportive and intellectually stimulating educational...
When Seconds Count. Discusses elements of an effective campus emergency plan, including widespread participation of and coordination between the occupants and local officials, practicing drills, and mass-notification... 08/31/2008