Preparedness for Natural Disasters

Title Abstract Publication Date
Findings and Recommendations on the Use of Non-Field Act Compliant Buildings for Public Schools. Presents findings of the California Seismic Safety Commission indicating that the Division of the State Architect (DSA) can develop a regulatory process that will allow the State Architect to... 11/30/2002
Flood Cleanup: Avoiding Indoor Air Quality Problems. Discusses steps to take when cleaning and repairing a home after flooding. Excess moisture in the home is cause for concern about indoor air quality primarily because it provides breeding conditions... 12/31/2002
Flood-Resistant Materials Requirements for Buildings Located in Special Flood Hazard Areas. Provides guidance on what constitute flood-resistant materials, and how and when these materials must be used to improve a building's ability to withstand flooding. A flood-resistant material is... 12/31/1992
Flooding and Schools. Discusses what flooding can do to schools; how to prevent or mitigate flood damage; how to prepare for and respond to flood emergencies; and how to recover from a flood. Includes an appendix on... 12/31/2010
Flu Facts for Schools. Advises on integrating pandemic flu plans with other school emergency plans, citing the necessity of educational continuity in a environment with extensive staff and student absences. 05/31/2009
For the Record. Discusses protection of vital records in schools, defining which records are essential, assessing threats to records, protective strategies and storage, and recovery after a disaster. 01/31/2008
Get a Head Start on Mass Notification Code Regulations. Reviews current and upcoming codes for mass notification systems that are coupled with fire alarm systems. These include multi-channel systems that accommodate customized messages for different areas... 04/30/2007
Get the Word Out-Fast and Accurate. Reviews wide-area emergency mass notification systems, addressing their components and function. Special considerations for campus systems are illustrated with an example of the system in place at... 05/31/2008
Get the Word Out. Reviews considerations for mass notification systems on college campuses. Creating a system in-house or outourcing it, targeted alerts, contact methods, standalone or integrated systems, and examples... 08/31/2008
Getting the Word Out. Cites examples of how higher education institutions alerted their entire campus when crimes were committed nearby, describing the type of systems used. Features of various systems are highlighted,... 05/31/2009
Gimme Shelter. Describes the features of school buildings that help protect occupants during natural and man-made disasters. Masonry and concrete construction, proper roof and glass selection, and creation of safe... 10/31/2003
Glazing Design Beyond the Minimum. Considerations for Glass, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes In order to offer true protection against hurricanes and tornadoes, a building's glazing design should include a risk assessment of options that go beyond the minimum codes and standards. 04/30/2012
Guidance Notes on Safer School Construction. Presents a framework of guiding principles and general steps to develop a plan to address the disaster resilient construction and retrofitting of school buildings. The guidance notes consist of four... 12/31/2008
Guide and Checklist for Nonstructural Earthquake Hazards in California Schools. Advises on the reduction of seismic hazards associated with the non-structural components of schools buildings, including mechanical systems, ceiling systems, partitions, light fixtures, furnishings... 12/31/2002
Guidebook for Developing a School Earthquake Safety Program. Provides information to assist the school community develop a self-sufficient safety program. Steps involved in the planning process are outlined in section 2. Section 3 describes how to estimate... 12/31/1989
Guidelines for Pandemic Planning. Assists college health professionals with either leading or assisting in the development of pandemic preparedness plans on their campus. The first part of this document offers an overview of the... 07/06/2006
H1N1 Tests Campuses' Pandemic Plans. Advises on creation of a campus pandemic response plan. Creating a plan that is tailored to the institution, being flexible, abundant communication, relationships with government officials, and... 12/31/2009
Handling Natural Disasters on Campus. Relates the experiences of campus law enforcement officers in handling specific hurricanes, floods, and blizzards, as well as planning for earthquakes and other natural disasters. 12/31/2000
Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment For Schools. Offers a workbook to identify and assess hazards to school property and occupants in order to develop a more thorough emergency response plan. 10/31/2006
Here Comes the Rain--Again. Reviews the damage done by 1993 and 2010 floods to Iowa State University in Ames. The different behaviors of the floods, how buildings succumbed or survived, and plans to flood-proof vulnerable... 03/31/2011
How Prepared Are America's Colleges and Universities for Major Crises? Outlines a set of recommendations to college and university leaders and governing bodies on how to develop crisis-management systems to ensure that their institutions are as well prepared as possible... 10/31/2011
How Prepared Are Our Schools? Natural Disasters, School Awareness, and District Plans Identifies, evaluates, and ranks disaster preparedness planning in school districts nationally. Findings reveal great diversity in disaster planning from no plans whatsoever to action planning... 12/31/1996
How to Prevent a Document Disaster from Crippling Your Institution. Advises on protection of document from disaster, including creating digital archives, especially of building blueprints that can help direct the way out of a disaster. Advice on creating a reliable... 10/31/2008
How to Protect Your Building from Severe Weather. Advises on preparing buildings for severe weather by knowing the facts about what types of severe weather affect your location, assessing building weaknesses, fortifying buildings, creating a... 06/30/2008
HT: Emergency School Reconstruction Project. Outlines the World Bank's project to build back better and safeguard Haitian schools seriously damaged by hurricanes. The project intervenes in schools that have been destroyed and/or schools... 02/16/2009