Preparedness for Natural Disasters

Title Abstract Publication Date
Knowledge Center: School Security Crisis Communications When a school or university is dealing with an emergency, communicating to constituents and the public is critical. To get the word out most effectively, administrators must choose methods that... 01/31/2012
Legal Preparedness for School Closures in Response to Pandemic Influenza and Other Emergencies. Examines state laws to determine where authority exists to close schools in cases of pandemic or to prevent a pandemic. While 47 states identify school closure as a potential mitigation strategy in... 03/31/2008
Lessons from the Ashes: Advice after a Campus Fire. Lists lessons learned from a fire at Eastern Illinois University, including keeping computer backups off site, purging obsolete materials so they won't incur recovery costs, and streamlining... 02/23/2006
Lessons from the Flood of 2008: The University of Iowa. Reviews flood response and damage to the University of Iowa from June 2008 flooding. An aggressive response plan limited the damage to 17 percent of the campus square footage, and half of that was... 10/31/2008
Lessons Learned from the H1N1 Pandemic. Expands on six lessons learned from the H1N1 pandemic, including community involvement, details of handling ill students, having a thorough plan, staying calm, educating every group, and having... 12/31/2009
Lessons Learned: A Threshold Forum. Presents the preparation and rebuilding experiences of three state education leaders whose systems endured recent natural disasters. 09/30/2006
Lightning Safety for Schools--An Update. Many school activities can put students at high risk from lightning. An effective integrated lightning safety plan requires four tiers of activities: 1) education, so people are aware of the hazard... 12/31/2002
Macon State College Emergency Response Plan. Lists this college's emergency procedures for explosions, aircraft crashes, fires, earthquakes, storms, snow, ice, floods, hazardous materials spills, bomb threats, violence or criminal behavior... 05/24/2005
Making Schools Safe from Earthquakes Through Retrofitting, Training, and Disaster Education. Details four on-the-ground case studies in Fiji, India, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan. A useful manner of retrofitting schools while linking to wider education and capacity-building is described: in... 09/30/2007
Managing Disaster Recovery Centers on Campus. Narrates the experience of Southeast Louisiana University's use of their facilities as shelter during Hurricane Katrina, and as a staging area for relief efforts afterward. Lessons learned,... 09/30/2007
Mass Notification for Higher Education. Discusses essential considerations when designing a campus-wide mass notification system, and the pros and cons of current notification systems. 06/30/2010
Mass-Casualty Events at Schools: A National Preparedness Survey. Presents the results of a survey of U.S. school superintendents assessing preparedness for prevention of and response to a mass-casualty event. From 2137 responses, 86.3% superintendents reported... 12/31/2005
Meeting Demand. Addresses how a school district can use temporary classroom space to meet increasing student enrollment while additional space is being built. Provides examples of using portable facilities to... 07/31/1998
Merry Christmas, Embry-Riddle. Narrates this aviation school's experience with a December 25, 2006 tornado. Details of the extensive damage and rebuilding are included, as are lessons learned. 10/31/2007
Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools Toolkit Includes course materials, comprehensive preparedness guide, prevention and preparedness resources, mitigation resources, respoonses & recovery resources, sample forms, video library, analyzing... 12/31/2010
National Organization on Disability Emergency management and disaster preparedness resources compiled by the National Organization on Disability.
Natural Disasters and School Construction. [Podcast] Presents an audio inteview that reviews loss of children's lives within schools that were damaged by recent natural disasters. The design and seismolological professionals interviewed advocate... 06/24/2008
Natural Hazards Center Located at the University of Colorado, Boulder, the Natural Hazards Center is a national and international clearinghouse for information on natural hazards and human adjustment to hazards and...
Natural Hazards Gateway This web portal established by the U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, educates citizens, emergency managers, and lawmakers on seven natural hazards facing the Nation —...
Nature Teaches Lessons. Narrates the restoration process of a Firth, Nebraska, middle school campus after a tornado. Volunteer cleanup, emergency spending authorization, the reinforcement of halls in the replacement... 11/30/2006
NCEF School Safety Assessment Guides. The 25 guides found on the lower portion of this web page assist in the school safety assessment process. Each downloadable guide addresses a specific area or space within the school, presenting a... 12/31/2007
New Jersey K-12 School Security Task Force Report. Presents the discussion items and final recommendations of this task force, which include: 1. Distribution of model emergency policies to the State's law enforcement agencies with the direction... 08/31/2007
NIMS/ICS: The National Incident Management System/Incident Command System. Describes the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). The divisions of the systems are described, followed by a discussion of its advantages to... 06/30/2009
Non-pharmaceutical Disease Mitigation Strategies Schools. Discusses mitigation strategies for pandemics, including examples of non-pharmaceutical inteventions (NPI's) that could be employed include school distancing measures, school closure triggers,... 05/15/2007
Non-Residential Floodproofing: Requirements and Certification for Buildings Located in Special Flood Hazard Areas. Describes design, construction, and planning requirements for the floodproofing of non-residential buildings. The publication addresses flood warning time, uses of the building, mode of entry to and... 12/31/1992