Preparedness for Natural Disasters

Title Abstract Publication Date
OECD Programme on Educational Building (PEB) and Geohazards International (GHI) Ad Hoc Experts' Group Meeting on Earthquake Safety in Schools: Recommendations. Lists the guiding principles and major elements for recommended mandatory school seismic safety programs. The major elements described are community awareness and participation, building codes and... 01/31/2004
OECD Recommendation Concerning Guidelines on Earthquake Safety in Schools. Presents the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's position on school earthquake safety guidelines, outlines the principles of school seismic safety programs, and details... 12/31/2004
On Shaky Ground. California Watch investigates seismic safety oversight of California's public schools. A three-part series shows that lax oversight of school construction, poor judgment in hiring building... 03/31/2011
Openings in Foundation Walls. Explains requirements for openings in foundation walls that will allow the entry and exit of floodwaters, thus allowing equal pressure of floodwater on the inside and outside of the wall. These... 12/31/1992
Pan Flu Guidance: I. Elementary and Secondary Education Issues During a Severe Influenza Pandemic. Focuses on the implications of the type of prolonged school closure that is recommended for severe pandemics in the Interim Pre-Pandemic Planning Guidance: Community Strategy for Pandemic Influenza... 11/20/2007
Pandemic Flu: A Planning Guide for Educators. Advises on the difference between a pandemic flu and seasonal flu, advises on measure to limit the spread of flu, and offers a list of basic components for pandemic planning. 08/31/2006
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness for Schools [School Facilities Issues] When developing the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan, California districts are encouraged to consider how such an emergency might affect the school facilities. Issues such as school closings,... 12/31/2006
Pandemic Preparation: Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst. Discusses the history of influenza pandemics and who is most at risk, as well as likelihood, potential sources, and timelines of pandemics. Advice on pandemic response includes details on creating... 10/31/2007
Paradise Built. Describes the special advantages and unique problems of building a school in Hawaii as revealed in the design of Kauai's Kapaa Middle School. Using the environment to help reduce construction... 10/31/1999
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General School Safety Project. This CD instructs school districts on how to create an interactive and secure website with critical information about each school in the district that only can be accessed by first responders in the... 12/31/2006
Performance of Physical Structures in Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita: A Reconnaissance Report. Describes the environmental conditions (wind speed, storm surge, and flooding) that were present during the hurricanes in regions that were affected by these hurricanes. The report further documents... 05/31/2006
Picking up the Pieces. Discusses preparation for and recovery from natural disasters, citing examples of several athletic facilities that were damaged or destroyed, and how they were rebuilt. Proper preparation includes... 03/31/2009
Picking Up the Pieces. A school devastated by Hurricane Katrina, which struck southeastern Louisiana on August 29, reopens--but for teachers, the real work is just beginning. Heavy rains flooded halls and classrooms.... 10/31/2005
Planning for a Mass Casualty Incident in Arkansas Schools. School preparedness includes the possibility of a natural disaster, but recent events also confirm a need for preparedness and prevention efforts for intentional mass casualty incidents (MCIs). This... 09/30/2005
Planning for Battle. Discusses communication strategies for campus emergencies, with particular attention to electronic messaging systems (EMS). System selection, implementation, and use during a crisis are addressed. 02/29/2008
Planning, Designing and Managing Higher Education Institutions. Examines trends, issues, and case studies in higher education facilities planning, design, and management. These were gathered from an April, 2005 conference sponsored by APPA and the OECD Programme... 09/30/2005
Post-Earthquake Damage Evaluation and Reporting Procedures: A Guidebook for California Schools. [California] The California Office of the State Architect, Structural Safety Division (OSA/SSS) is responsible for evaluating public school structures after an earthquake. However, final authority on whether a... 12/31/1992
Power Players. [UPS: Power-Management Strategies.] Advises on testing and maintenance of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Frequent testing of batteries is emphasized, as their performance may degrade over time. Advice on specifying a UPS system... 08/31/2010
Power When It Matters. [Emergency Power: Protect Equipment and Occupants.] Discusses emergency power systems for buildings, including emergency lighting and gasoline, propane, and diesel generators. Maintenance for these seldom-used systems is also addressed, with... 03/31/2009
Power: Ready When Needed. [Power Reliability.] Describes types of back-up power generators, the maintenance they require, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), switchgear, and common pitfalls to avoid when installing a back-up power system. 06/30/2010
Practical Information on Crisis Planning: A Guide for Schools and Communities. School districts may be touched either directly or indirectly by a crisis of some kind at any time, including natural disasters, school shootings, or acts of terrorism. This guide is intended to give... 12/31/2006
Prepared for the Worst. Advises on preparing higher education campuses for disease outbreaks. Inclusion of communicable disease experts, plans for quarantining and isolation, facilities requirements for protected areas, and... 03/31/2007
Prepared for the Worst. Discusses mass notification systems for school emergencies, citing their advantages over traditional phone trees and even local television and radio stations. Examples of how mass notification... 09/30/2008
Preparing for a Pandemic. Advises on planning for pandemics in schools, covering staff and student health, continuity of business and education, and community response. Considerations for a response plan should include... 03/31/2007
Preparing for Disaster. Discusses tornado and earthquake safety preparations, citing examples of damage and recovery at an Illinois middle school after a tornado, and at California State University, Northridge, after the... 05/31/2004