Preparedness for School Shootings or Terrorism

Title Abstract Publication Date
Campus Violence Prevention and Response: Best Practices for Massachusetts Higher Education. Reports on current practice for violence prevention on Massachusetts higher education campuses. In four sections, the report defines the nature and scope of campus violence, reviews previous reports... 05/31/2008
Can You Hear Me Now? Advises on creating campus emergency notification systems with thorough coverage. Evaluation of systems already in place and what is needed, along with features that can be added to existing systems... 04/30/2008
Closer Scrutiny. Examines strategies that some universities are using to make their stadium sporting events more secure in the post September 11 era. Schools reveal how they are minimizing their terrorism risks and... 11/30/2001
Columbine 10th Anniversary: Lessons Learned and Glaring Gaps Remain, The Legacy of Columbine Ten Years Later. Discusses changes in school security after the April, 1999 shooting at Columbine High School. Topics include: 1)What has improved? 2)What gaps remain? 3)How have budgets for school safety changed? 4)... 04/19/2009
Communicating Safety. Advises what should and should not be said to the public in the event of a school tragedy, withmany typical messages being discouraged as being over-used or indicating a lack of recognition of the... 02/28/2009
Communications Systems. Discusses school emergency communications plans and systems, illustrating these with a case from the Clark County (Nevada) School District, in which schools were locked down during a police shootout... 03/31/2007
Cost-Effective and Resilient Enterprise-Wide User Notification Methods White paper on delivering quick and effective communications in times of emergency. The modern day classroom with new technologies brings a new set of standards, expectations, and needs when it comes... 03/27/2012
Creating a Plan: 10 Ways to Tame the Beast. Outlines ten steps in creating a campus emergency plan: 1) Designate a program coordinator. 2) Develop a known hazards and assets list. 3) Create a comprehensive all hazards list. 4) Determine campus... 12/31/2007
Crime, Violence, Discipline, and Safety in U.S. Public Schools. Uses data from the 2005-06 School Survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS) to examine a range of issues dealing with school crime and safety, such as the frequency of school crime and violence,... 08/31/2007
Crime, Violence, Discipline, and Safety in U.S. Public Schools: First Look. Uses data from the 2009-10 School Survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS) to examine a range of issues dealing with school crime and safety, such as the frequency of school crime and violence,... 04/30/2011
Crisis Communications. Presents an interview with a school security professional that discusses reactions to the recent swine flu outbreak, improvements in school security since the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School,... 04/30/2009
Crisis on Campus. Reviews the sequence of events in the April 16, 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech University, and some of the particular security issues on multi-building college campuses. Various methods of notifying... 04/30/2007
Critical Communications. Discusses classroom-to-administration communication systems that will be effective in a variety of emergencies. Intercom systems are preferred over telephones, as they are louder and more quickly... 05/31/2010
Dealing with Bomb Threats at School. Briefly reviews what the community should know about bomb threats, when to close or evacuate a school, alternatives to evacuation, and actions that discourage false bomb threats. Includes four... 12/31/2000
Defensive Filtration. A building's air filtration system can serve as a significant defense component during an airborne chemical and/or biological attack from an external release. To assist building owners and... 11/30/2002
Department of Defense Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings. This document seeks effective ways to minimize the likelihood of mass casualties from terrorist attacks against Department of Defense personnel in the buildings in which they work and live. However,... 12/31/2006
Designing Against Terror: Site Security Planning and Design Criteria With the increasing threats to persons and property, from acts of terrorism, workplace violence, and street crime, the first and most important line of defense is securing the site perimeter and the... 12/31/1998
Designing For Homeland Security This paper addresses how to reduce the threats and vulnerabilities in the built environment by changing how to design and use space. Design professionals can use three basic strategies for security... 12/31/2003
Disaster-No Exageration! Addresses the inadequacy of many school systems' boiler plate disaster plans, and suggests contemporary and more thorough schemes for addressing the disruption of education due to disasters. The... 10/31/2010
Do You Know the Drill? Emphasizes the rehearsal of school emergency preparedness programs, and cites three districts that have noteworthy programs with drills that vary with each exercise and are complemented with follow... 07/31/2008
Don't Wait for Safety: Education Security Advisor Discusses Strategies for School Safety. Discusses school emergency management techniques and responsibilities, including mass notification, sheltering in place, entrance and exit control, and security upgrades for older schools. 04/30/2007
Duquesne Stands Strong After Campus Shooting. Describes this institution's response to a shooting by visiting teenagers, including effective communications and a review of campus safety measures. Additional crowd control for events, as well... 01/31/2007
Educational Facilities Disaster and Crisis Management Guidebook. [Florida] Provides direction for disaster preparedness planning and management in a variety of disasters affecting school districts and community colleges. The book is intended for facility managers, and is... 01/01/2007
Educational Program Emergency Planning. Twenty-eight emergency preparedness plans were reviewed from a sample of accredited radiologic science programs. The review of the emergency preparedness plans confirmed that most colleges are... 06/30/2009
Effective Crisis Communications and Emergency Notification. Advises on the elements of effective crisis communications that are brief, clearly stated in non-technical language, target only those affected, provide the official basis for the warning, indicate... 05/31/2006