Preparedness for School Shootings or Terrorism

Title Abstract Publication Date
Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools Toolkit Includes course materials, comprehensive preparedness guide, prevention and preparedness resources, mitigation resources, respoonses & recovery resources, sample forms, video library, analyzing... 12/31/2010
National Summit on Campus Public Safety. Strategies for Colleges and Universities in a Homeland Security Environment. This report is the result of a COPS-sponsored project led by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Community Policing Institute to take an in-depth look at current activities and future needs in the field of... 09/23/2004
NCEF School Safety Assessment Guides. The 25 guides found on the lower portion of this web page assist in the school safety assessment process. Each downloadable guide addresses a specific area or space within the school, presenting a... 12/31/2007
New York State Homeland Security System for Schools. The purpose of this guidance document is to provide a uniform system for notifying school districts of possible threats and appropriate response actions. It is meant to provide guidelines for school... 03/31/2003
NIMS/ICS: The National Incident Management System/Incident Command System. Describes the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). The divisions of the systems are described, followed by a discussion of its advantages to... 06/30/2009
No Safe Havens. This article discusses the results of a survey of U.S. school-based officers on terrorism and school safety. The survey found that a majority of officers believe that schools are vulnerable to a... 02/28/2003
Operating in a New Era of Campus Security. Advises on current approaches to higher education campus security, emphasizing conformance to National Incident Management system standards, improving mass notification systems, and how to solicit... 06/30/2008
Overview of the Virginia Tech Tragedy and Implications for Campus Safety: The IACLEA Blueprint for Safer Campuses. Synthesizes reports written following the April 16, 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech. The document concludes that unmanaged mental health issues, easy access to firearms, a lack of communication among... 04/17/2008
Pathways to Safety. Recommends crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), police presence, surveillance technology, educational programs, and crisis response plans to improve school security. 05/31/2006
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General School Safety Project. This CD instructs school districts on how to create an interactive and secure website with critical information about each school in the district that only can be accessed by first responders in the... 12/31/2006
Planning for a Mass Casualty Incident in Arkansas Schools. School preparedness includes the possibility of a natural disaster, but recent events also confirm a need for preparedness and prevention efforts for intentional mass casualty incidents (MCIs). This... 09/30/2005
Planning for Battle. Discusses communication strategies for campus emergencies, with particular attention to electronic messaging systems (EMS). System selection, implementation, and use during a crisis are addressed. 02/29/2008
Practical Information on Crisis Planning: A Guide for Schools and Communities. School districts may be touched either directly or indirectly by a crisis of some kind at any time, including natural disasters, school shootings, or acts of terrorism. This guide is intended to give... 12/31/2006
Pre-Incident Site Planning: Site Hazards. Site hazard information must be easily accessible in the event of a school emergency. Storing information and resources, ranging from a master key to evacuation routes, in a locked box near the site... 04/18/2004
Prepare Your School for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Threats. Recent accidents highlight that chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) agent exposure risk isn't just about terrorism. In this article, the author, a parent and public health physician,... 03/31/2005
Prepared for the Worst. Discusses mass notification systems for school emergencies, citing their advantages over traditional phone trees and even local television and radio stations. Examples of how mass notification... 09/30/2008
Preparedness in America's Schools: A Comprehensive Look at Terrorism Preparedness in America's Twenty Largest School Districts. Reports on the crisis preparedness of America's twenty largest school systems. The systems were evaluated by steps outlined in the U. S. Department of Education's publication Practical... 08/31/2004
Preparing Against Threats. School Security Supplement. Discusses the September 11 terrorist attacks' implications for school safety. Explores various schools' security procedures and any changes that have been made in the aftermath. Includes a... 01/31/2002
Preparing for the Unthinkable. (Is Your District's Safety Plan Up To Date?) Briefly reviews major points of school emergency mitigation and prevention, preparation, response, and recovery, as part of a comprehensive emergency plan. 11/30/2007
Preparing Schools for Terrorism. Describes various efforts schools have made toward homeland security to combat the threat of terrorism directed at schools, despite a lack of legislation or funding. 01/31/2003
Prevent Campus Assaults with Proven Methods. Discusses prevention of assaults with weapons, including banning of high risk individuals, aggressive traffic enforcement, staff training, visual screening for weapons on persons, room searches,... 12/31/2008
Preventing School Weapons Attacks. Reviews policies, procedures, and facilities-related measures for preventing school weapons assaults, including risk assessment, metal detection, and triggering behaviors. A safe campus checklist is... 05/31/2007
Preventing Violence and Crime in America's Schools: From Put Downs to Lock Downs. Provides educators, parents, law enforcement officials, and other youth-serving professionals with a perspective on the topic of school violence, offering solutions to the problems facing all schools... 12/31/2008
Primer to Design Safe School Projects in Case of Terrorist Attacks and School Shootings, 2nd Edition This manual is a revised and expanded version of FEMA 428. It provides the design community and school administrators with the basic principles and techniques to design a school that is safe from... 03/31/2012
Primer to Design Safe School Projects in Case of Terrorist Attacks. This primer provides guidance to protect students, faculty, staff, and their school buildings from terrorist attacks. It also provides guidance to the building science community of architects and... 11/30/2003