Preparedness for School Shootings or Terrorism

Title Abstract Publication Date
Proactive Guide for the Threat of Terrorism in Schools. Although American schools have not been targeted for terrorist activity, circumstances do warrant that schools adopt a heightened state of awareness. This guide addresses the potential for terrorist... 12/31/2002
Proactive School Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning. Outlines school security issues and provides nuts-and-bolts strategies for preventing violence and preparing for crises. Chapters include: The Evolving Threats to School Security; Comprehensive... 03/31/2011
Protecting Buildings from Bomb Damage: Transfer of Blast-Effects Mitigation Technologies from Military to Civilian Applications. This book provides a brief overview of worldwide terrorist activity and reviews technologies and methods for designing blast resistant buildings. These techniques, primarily developed by the military... 12/31/1994
Proven Tactics to Prevent Campus Weapons Assaults. Reviews policies, procedures, and facilities-related measures for preventing higher education campus weapons assaults, including access control, traffic enforcement, metal detection, and a variety of... 05/31/2007
Public Health Emergency Preparedness in the Setting of Child Care. Discusses child care emergency preparedness, offering recommendations for consultants working with child care providers. The complexity of emergency preparedness in child care calls for the... 12/31/2003
Purposeful Redundancy. Reviews the use of sirens, text messages, e-mail blasts, outdoor voice systems, intercoms, and LED signs for campus emergency notification. The advantages and disadvantages of each system are... 08/31/2009
Put Your Disaster Plan to the Test. Discusses organization of a disaster plan drill, including scenario selection, designation of responsibilities, observations, and follow-up after the event. 02/29/2008
Raising the Alarm. Reviews emergency notification systems at GateWay Community College, Gettysburg College, and UCLA. The different systems of each institution is described, along with backup capabilities and... 04/30/2011
Reaching Out. Discusses high- and low-tech methods for campus emergency notification, illustrated with examples of how some institutions and districts use their systems, require appropriate redundancy, and craft... 06/30/2007
Ready to Respond Emergency Preparedness Plan for Early Care and Education Centers. Assists child care directors and staff in responding to emergency situations. Overall operational crisis/emergency roles and responsibilities are described, with the following situations covered: 1)... 12/31/1993
Ready to Respond. Presents the responses of four higher education security officers as to how they are adapting their security measures in response to recent high-profile campus shootings. Procedural and... 06/30/2008
Ready to Respond: IP-Based Emergency Mass Notification. Discusses the third generation, or network-centric mass notification systems. These systems can deliver alerts to all species of communications and computing devices, as well as to traditional sirens... 08/31/2009
Ready, Set, Emergency! A four-phase emergency management plan, coupled with National Incident Management System (NIMS), is a good place to begin building an emergency management plan. Includes resources to aid you on your... 01/31/2012
Ready, Set, Respond. Reviews the rapid expansion of emergency notification systems (EMS) on higher education campuses, in response to recent high-profile shootings. Multimodal alert systems include text messaging, emails... 03/31/2008
Reducing Risk: Mitigation vs. Management. Discusses mitigation of safety risk, which is typically more effective than managing incidents after they occur. Advice on risk determination, prioritizing risks to be mitigated, and effective... 05/31/2006
Report to the President: On Issues Raised by the Virginia Tech Tragedy. Summarizes findings from meetings between federal delegations and state officials in the aftermath of the April 16, 2007 shooting at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech... 06/12/2007
Safe School Facilities Checklist. A checklist that combines the nation's best school facility assessment measures into one online source for assessing the safety and security of school buildings and grounds. It includes over 400... 12/31/2006
Safe School Initiatives. Reports on an audit that evaluated education officials and school districts based on compliance with state laws and recommendations from the Missouri Center for Safe Schools. The review found that... 07/31/2008
Safe Schools Guide: Selected Strategies and Resources. Advises on preventive strategies for school security. Facilities issues covered include assessment of buildings and grounds, safe storage and handling of hazardous materials, disaster management.... 05/31/2005
Safe Schools: Experts Look to Technology to Help Make Schools Safe. Advises on selecting and installing school security systems, school access control, surveillance, emergency communication and response, and formation of a long-range security plan. 04/30/2007
Safe Spaces: Designing for Security and Civic Values. Presents abstracts of papers from a 2004 conference that offer practical information and case studies demonstrating risk assessment, planning, construction methods and materials, and policy tools for... 12/31/2003
Safeguarding Campus Assets. Explores the need by colleges and universities, especially after 9-11, to provide more than routine security for sensitive research projects and valuable or historically significant articles. Offers... 08/31/2002
Safeguarding Schools Against Terror. This learning module is designed to help school administrators and their law enforcement partners to preserve and enhance the educational mission in times of turmoil and prepare to effectively... 12/31/2003
Safety and Security: Lessons Learned from 9/11. Discusses issues faced by the Borough of Manhattan Community College following the September 11th terrorist attacks: the expense of recovery and budgeting for it, developing an emergency preparedness... 11/30/2002
School Actions for Emergencies (SAFE) Center SAFE is eSchool News and the International Society for Technology in Education's information clearinghouse to help school leaders prepare for both physical and IT security threats and...