Preparedness for School Shootings or Terrorism

Title Abstract Publication Date
School Disaster Reduction and Readiness Checklist. Offers a brief checklist that assesses the presence or absence of 33 elements of school disaster preparedness. 07/14/2008
School Emergency Management Planning: Hazard Vulnerability Assessments. Advocates hazard vulnerability assessments (HVAs) as essential elements of school emergency management planning. Schools can utilize HVA's to identify potential hazards and to prioritize... 10/04/2007
School Nurse Role in Bioterrorism Emergency Preparedness and Response. Position Statement. Revised. It is the position of the National Association of School Nurses that school nurses should be designated and recognized as first responders to mass casualty emergencies, including those resulting from... 05/31/2005
School Preparedness for Terrorism. Discusses a survey of U.S. school-based police which revealed gaps in security, emergency plans, and training. 10/31/2002
School Safety in the 21st Century: Adapting to New Security Challenges Post-9/11. Presents the results of a conference intended to expand the school emergency preparedness to include an all-hazard approach. This is necessary so that catastrophic terrorism incidents (CTI's)... 02/29/2004
School Safety: Lessons Learned. Advises on school safety and security, covering threat assessment, school climate, violence prevention programs, building safety assessment, crisis response plans, law enforcement response, security... 12/31/2005
School Security after 9/11 Brings historical perspective to the evolution of school security after 9/11, especially the demand for improved communication with all constituencies. School officials are encouraged to become... 05/31/2011
School Security Moves into the Digital Age. Discusses school security procedures following not only the September 11 terrorist attacks but also earlier school shootings. Highlights include zero tolerance policies; campus surveillance systems;... 11/30/2002
Schools and Terrorism. A Supplement to the National Advisory Committee on Children and Terrorism Recommendations to the Secretary. This document is a recommendation to the Secretary of Education concerning the effects, both directly and indirectly, on schools in the case of a terrorist attack. It contains key points on the need... 08/11/2003
Schools Plan Responses to Bioterrorism. Describes what schools need to do for bioterror defense. Includes websites of organizations and government agencies that offer guidance on how to respond to bioterrorism threats. [Free subscriber... 10/30/2001
Secure/Safe [Whole Building Design Guide] Designing buildings for security and safety requires a proactive approach that anticipates—and then protects—the building occupants, resources, structure, and continuity of operations from multiple... 06/30/2005
Security Viewpoint: Threat Assessment. Advises on assessing human threats to school security, emphasizing the distinction between legitimate and innocuous threats, and encouraging a reaction that is properly scaled to the situation. 08/31/2006
Security: A Blueprint for Reducing Risk. Discusses aspects of physical systems, operations, and education to address when assessing a building security program. Advice on understanding liability, everyday security breaches, security by... 01/31/2006
Seeking Secure Schools. Reviews the recommendations of federal agencies on ways to improve school security, following the April 16, 2007 shooting at Virginia Polytechnical University. 06/30/2007
September 11: An Elementary School at Ground Zero. Describes what happened at New York City's Public School 234 after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11. The prekindergarten through grade 5 elementary school of 655... 02/28/2002
Serious Incident Management in Australia. Briefly describes training and simulation exercises used to prepare New South Wales school staff for threats of violence. 01/31/2007
Seven Best Practices for Emergency Notification. Advises on communication strategies for school emergencies, recommending that institutions thoroughly assess their resources and alternatives, internalize and practice emergency plans, be able to... 07/31/2007
Sinclair Community College. Lists this college's emergency procedures for bomb threats, civil disturbances, earthquakes, evacuations, fire, explosions, hazardous material spills, human bodily fluid spills, lockdowns,... 12/31/2004
Sounding the Alarm. Discusses the evolution of simple fire alarm systems to emergency mass notification systems that increasingly use wireless technology and are more impervious to destruction by the event. Components... 05/31/2008
Statewide Policy for Strengthening Domestic Security in Florida's Public Schools This provides policy guidance to Florida school districts in terms of terrorism protection procedures and training focused on deterrance, and explores infrastructure enhancements and policy guidance... 09/09/2003
Staying Ahead: Building a Culture of Preparedness. Discusses school emergency preparedness plans, citing established national standards, the roles of leadership structures and senior management, risk assessment, mitigation strategies, and the... 05/31/2008
Strategic and Collaborative Crisis Management: A Partnerships Approach to Large-Scale Crisis. Proposes a framework for emergency management at higher education campuses that includes planning, response, management, and recovery. Roadblocks and program evaluation are discussed, and special... 09/30/2007
Structural Design for External Terrorist Bomb Attacks. This article summarizes the methods available to define an external terrorist bomb threat and estimate structural design loads and element responses using simple dynamic system models and principles... 02/28/2003
Structural Design for Physical Security: State of the Practice. Provides guidance to structural engineers in the design of civil structures to resist the effects of terrorist bombings. Eight chapters outline the steps commonly followed in this practice. These are... 12/31/1998
Surviving a Crisis. Discusses crisis management planning for college and university campuses that can contribute to effective and rapid response and wise decision making during not only natural disasters, but also those... 09/30/1999