Preparedness for School Shootings or Terrorism

Title Abstract Publication Date
Take It from the Experts When Crafting Your Text Message. Outlines tips on crafting campus emergency messages, including repeating audible announcements; keeping messages short, clear, originating from an authority, and location specific; and having... 04/30/2008
Terrorism and School Safety: School Safety Issues Related to the Terrorist Attacks on the United States. These school security and crisis planning strategies for preventing and responding to terrorism include information on heightened school security procedures during terrorist threats; general... 12/31/2003
Terrorism Protective Measures. Presents 16 measures to help prevent, deter, and respond to a campus terrorism threat. 10/31/2006
Terrorism Supplement to the Indiana Department of Education's Checklist for a Safe and Secure School Environment. [Indiana] This checklist supplement covers three types of terrorist activities: radiological, biological, and chemical. The supplement is divided into two sections: first, an overview of terrorism and the... 01/31/2003
Text Message Troubleshooting: Four Challenges Your Campus Should Address. Discusses challenges with slow transmission, low enrollment, privacy and database security, and authority to issue alerts with emergency text messaging. 04/30/2008
The Beslan Reaction. Describes the softness of most schools as terrorist targets, several school systems' endeavors to strengthen school security, political and financial obstacles to increasing security, and some... 11/30/2004
The Comprehensive School Health Manual, Chapter 4: A Safe and Healthful Environment. This chapter of Massachusetts' School Health Manual covers the school environment, including building and environmental standards, indoor air quality, school buses, underground fuel storage... 12/31/2006
The Delivery: A Case Study in Bioterrorism Preparedness. This paper describes a bioterrorism incident at a Connecticut elementary school. Flowers sent to a teacher were permeated with anthrax spores that infected the teacher, 12 of her students, 3 office... 02/28/2003
The Evolution of Notification Systems. Reviews features of current emergency notification systems that combine text, email, and telephone communication. Examples of how various systems have been deployed are included, as are costs to... 07/31/2008
The Preparedness of Schools to Respond to Emergencies in Children: A National Survey of School Nurses. Examines the preparedness of schools to respond to pediatric emergencies and potential mass disasters, using published guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart... 11/30/2005
The Presidential Role in Disaster Planning and Response: Lessons from the Front. Details eight lessons learned, as synthesized from the advice of ten higher education presidents who led their respective institutions through a natural or man-made disaster. The lessons focus on... 12/31/2006
The Ripple Effect of Virginia Tech. Reports how higher education institutions have addressed campus as a result of safety audits conducted after recent shootings at Virginia Tech and other campuses. Survey methodology, a summary of... 04/30/2008
The Role of Schools in Bioterrorism Preparedness. Outlines possible roles of schools in bioterrorism incidents, including linking the community to local public health agencies, emergency responders, and emergency plans; education students and... 04/03/2005
The Role of Schools in Homeland Security. Presents 19 steps that a school should take to prepare for a terrorist attack, organized as items that one can do to establish a safe campus and preparing a response plan should an emergency occur. 12/31/2004
The Role of Schools in Meeting Community Needs During Bioterrorism. This article examines the potential role of schools and school districts in meeting community needs during a bioterrorism attack. The authors draw on research describing school responses to previous... 12/31/2003
The State of School Security: Preparing for School Violence Spikes, Terrorism and New Safety Threats. Reviews current threats to school safety from violence within and terrorists without. Gaps in preparedness, budgeting, and mindset are discussed, along with suggestions for improvement. 10/31/2003
This is Not a Drill! Discusses campus-wide emergency alert systems, using UCLA's BruinAlert and its successful engagement after a July 28, 2008 earthquake as an example. UCLA's selection process, along with the... 09/30/2008
Towson University Notifies the Masses. Discusses the integration of emergency notification systems at this institution, which previously required activation from within separate buildings. The system is self-monitoring, can survive a... 09/30/2009
Tragic Lessons. Reveiews steps taken by four school districts in the wake of shooting tragedies. These include upgraded security systems, closer involvement with law enforcement, inclusion of parent volunteers in... 04/30/2007
Understanding and Planning for School Bomb Incidents. This online course provides tools and information needed to develop or assess an existing school bomb incident response plan. It is a self-paced, awareness level course for first responders, school...
Update on the National Electric Code. Describes changes in the 2005 National Electric Code, which introduces a variety of safety and survivability enhancements brought about by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the major... 06/30/2004
Using All Resources Available. Advises on the incorporation of students in a school security program, noting the benefits and cost-effectiveness of their many watchful eyes. Discomfort with incorporating students is addressed, and... 03/31/2010
Using Technology to Connect with Parents--Instantly. Describes use of broadcast messaging to alert school parents to school events, changes in scheduling, and emergencies. Parents may elect to be notified by phone or email, and may vary the way they... 05/31/2006
Vermont School Crisis Guide. Presents general information on school crisis management that individual schools or districts can tailor to fit local needs and capabilities. The Guide is a framework to implement local school policy... 12/31/2007
Virginia Tech One Year Later: How Campuses Have Responded. Reviews improved higher education campus security since the April, 2007, Virginia Tech shooting, based on a survey by this magazine. Areas of improvement discussed are mental health services,... 02/29/2008