Project Delivery Methods

Title Abstract Publication Date
2001 School Facilities Planning, Construction and Financing Workshop: Design-Build. This explores the pro's and con's of constructing school facilities on the basis of a negotiated contract including design and construction as outlined in California's AB 1402.... 09/27/2001
A Different Path. Explains the design-build approach and discusses it as a way for colleges and universities to address their space needs more quickly. 10/31/2002
A Paradigm Shift. Advocates for the design-build project delivery method for school construction. The process is explained and its advantages to cost and quality control illustrated. 10/31/2008
A Report on the Design and Construction of the University of Massachusetts Computer Science Center. This report describes a review conducted by the Massachusetts' Office of the Inspector General of the construction of the Computer Science and Development Center at the University of... 02/28/2001
A Report on the High Cost of Construction for K-12 Schools and Community Colleges in California by an Interdisciplinary Ad-Hoc Roundtable. Presents the findings of a group of representatives from California's governmental, educational, legal, design, and construction communities recently detailing why construction costs are so high... 12/31/2006
AB1402: Design-Build Projects Guidelines. 2002 Edition. [California] Assembly Bill (AB) 1402 authorized California's school districts to enter into design-build contracts for projects with design and construction costs exceeding $10 million. These guidelines are... 12/31/2001
Alternate Project Delivery Methods: New Ways to Build and Renovate School Facilities. Describes potential benefits of four alternative project-delivery methods for school construction, renovation, and maintenance: construction manager-at-risk (CMAR), design-build (DB), design-bid-... 11/30/2002
Alternative Project Delivery Approaches for School Construction The most common delivery systems for school construction projects are general contracting and the more proactive construction-management and program-management approaches. The most beneficial aspect... 10/31/1996
Alternative Project Delivery, as Seen from the Quality Assurance Viewpoint. Examines the features of alternative school project delivery methods available in California, including multiple contracts, design-build, agency construction management, lease-leaseback, and... 03/31/2010
Ambitious but Affordable. Explains how several owners obtained outstanding educational facilities, even though the budget required a reduction from the original vision for the building. Areas for saving that do not diminish... 02/28/2006
Annual Report on the Status of Alternative Procurement, Project Delivery and Financing for Maryland Public School Construction. Reports on alternative financing of public schools in Maryland, describing examples of the leasing and adaptive reuse of commercial buildings in Hagerstown and Bel Air, energy performance contracts... 09/01/2009
Are You Ready for At-Risk Program Management? Describes the use of the At-Risk Program Management approach to project delivery management, an approach that guarantees results for time, scope, quality, and cost for all components of project... 03/31/1999
Associated General Contractors of America. Web site contains articles from Constructor, the construction management magazine; a catalog of publications; legislative issues; job site safety information; and a directory of contractors.
At-Risk/GMP Program Management: The Next Evolution in Project Delivery. Describes the At-Risk/GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) project delivery method, which can incorporate one or any combination of the traditional project delivery methods and can cover every aspect of... 12/31/2004
Avoiding Construction Snafus. Discusses risk management planning tips that help schools avoid project-delaying construction problems. Preconstruction planning topics explored include the type of construction method to use,... 10/31/2001
Best Practices Report: A Sampling of Best Practices and Resources of School Facility Construction. Reviews useful documents from the California Office of Public School Construction and several feature projects that illustrate recent school facility planning ideas and design solutions approved by... 02/28/2003
Bricks & Mortar, Heart & Soul: Saving a Landmark School in Downtown Boise. Recognizing its integral role in the community, Boise (Idaho) renovated its 100-year old high school instead of building a new one. The architect, contractor, principal, students, and teachers... 06/30/2001
Bridging Spans the Gaps in Project Delivery. Discusses the advantages of bridging, a hybrid project delivery approach that uses an owner's design architect and program manager to prepare preliminary design and specification documents, and... 10/31/2002
Build it Yourself As serving as its own contractor, a small district in western Montana saved money, had better control over the project, and inspired public confidence. Major advantages were cost savings, controlling... 09/30/2001
Building & Renovating Schools: Design, Construction Management, Cost Control. Covers the building and renovating process from initial planning, needs assessment and design through move-in. The “Planning and Design” section features guidelines for developing planning documents... 12/31/2003
Building Clean. The Control of Crime, Corruption, and Racketeering in the Public Construction Markets of New York City. A Preliminary Assessment of Efforts Made by the Office of the Inspector General, New York City School Construction Authority. The Office of the Inspector General of the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) is attempting to secure the School Construction Authority and its building program from crime, corruption... 01/31/1996
Building Methods: New and Improved. Describes the rise of construction management, construction management at risk, design build, program management, and program management at risk methods of project delivery for school construction.... 05/31/2004
Building Quality Schools: Team Approach Yields Successful Projects. Describes the Supai Middle School project of the Scottsdale Unified School District, where the project delivery method used was construction-manager-at-risk. The complicated project was executed with... 11/30/2003
California Community Colleges Design-Build Guidelines. Advises California community college districts on the Design-Build project delivery method, helps the governing boards of approved community college districts determine if the Design-Build process is... 12/31/2002
California Slow to Embrace Design-Build. Discusses recently allowed use of design-build in California school construction projects costing $10 million or more and advises on how to select a design-build firm. 02/29/2004