Project Delivery Methods

Title Abstract Publication Date
Center for Job Order Contracting Excellence. Information about job order contracting (JOC), including contracting characteristics, advantages, and performance based comparisons of JOC with other means of performing construction, repair,...
Choosing the Right Path. Discusses the need to determine which construction approach best fits a school's unique needs before deciding how to design and build its facilities. The design-bid-build, construction... 10/31/2000
Choosing Your Team. Discusses the importance of effective collaboration within the architect, engineering, and construction team involved in design-build projects. Offers steps to make the most of design-build project... 10/31/2002
Clarifying CM vs. CM At-Risk. Explains the difference between construction manager (CM) and construction manager at-risk and explores management versus delivery aspects of both. Concluding comments address why the a decision on... 12/31/1999
Collaborate to Design/Build a Lab: Three Essential Tactics. Advises on how to collaborate effectively on a design/build laboratory project. Commitment from architects, builders, and owners; a pre-design analysis; and a flexible design scheme that can... 01/31/2010
Commissioning Success. Explores the use of a commissioning agent (CA) during school construction projects to ensure that all building systems work together and to specifications. The types of work done by a CA, the cost... 03/31/1997
Construction from the Inside Out: UAB's Successful In-House Organization. Shares some of the success stories of the University of Alabama's Design Build Services Department and the keys to achieving that success. The evolution of the school's in-house... 02/28/2001
Construction Management Association of America CMAA is a national association dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of construction management as a professional service among CM practitioners, project owners, and others playing a role in the...
Construction Management at Risk, a New Construction Delivery Method for Public Schools. Describes this project delivery method by providing a definition of, the criteria for selecting, a brief primer on, and contingencies of the method. 08/31/2007
Construction Management for Educational Facilities: Professional Services' Procurement and Competitive Bid Statutes. Construction management is utilized when a school district engages a firm to coordinate a total project. Construction management seeks to save an owner time and cost primarily through better... 12/31/1994
Construction Management Guidelines for Capital Outlay Program Projects. [Georgia] The Georgia State Department of Education recognizes two separate methods for utilizing construction management services by local school systems when state capital outlay funds are involved. This... 12/31/1997
Construction Management: Choosing the Best Project Delivery Method. Reviews the types of facility construction project delivery methods and the concerns that facility owners have when embarking on a construction program. The considerations that should guide the owner... 02/28/2001
Construction Management: Doing What You Know Best. Describes characteristics, responsibilities, and at-risk functions of professional school-construction managers. Describes Arizona's use of school-construction managers. 03/31/2002
Construction of Educational Facilities. This issue paper discusses principles of good management of construction and some options Georgia may use in the future to manage school construction and control costs. The paper begins by providing... 11/27/2000
Construction Procurement Handbook for Texas School Districts and Institutions of Higher Education. Texas legislation allows public school districts to use a variety of contracting methods to obtain the best value for their construction projects. This resource document provides some of the basic... 12/31/1996
Construction Program Management: An Effective Tool for the Delivery of Educational Facilities on the International Scene All international endeavors of major size and duration have been conducted under the concept of construction program management. Examples in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil, and Guyana illustrate the... 12/31/1991
Construction Project Delivery Systems: Evaluating the Owner's Alternatives. This is a graphically animated, narrated CD-ROM that explains the “ins-and-outs” of every major delivery system available to construction owners, including design-build and construction management.... 12/31/1998
Creating Connections: The CEFPI Guide for Educational Facility Planning. Guides new and experienced school planners from the conception of educational needs through occupancy and use of the completed facilities. Chapters follow the planning, design, and occupancy... 12/31/2003
Danger: Construction Area. Outlines issues to be taken into consideration when school construction occurs during school hours, and lists the types of construction that are more easily managed under this circumstance, and the... 10/31/2003
Deliver Me. Discusses how a facility manager might choose from the array of available building delivery systems. The different systems are defined along with an explanation of the key decision-making criteria to... 05/31/2001
Delivery Order Contracting: A Better Way To Build. Explains what delivery order contracting (DOC) is and how it can be used to provide a cost effective, efficient, and less acrimonious environment when doing low-bid contracting. Benefits of DOC are... 08/31/1999
Design-Build Contracting by Virginia Public Bodies. In an effort to depoliticize design-build contracts, the Commonwealth of Virginia created a management review board to determine whether a locality should be authorized to use a design-build contract... 02/22/1998
Design-Build in Public School Construction: Post Hearing Briefing Paper. A Report of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee Public Hearing (July 15, 1998). Reports on the design-build versus the design-bid-build process and offers a hybrid approach combining the two systems as a way of achieving the the greatest cost efficiency at the least risk on... 09/30/1998
Design-Build Institute of America Represents practitioners from all phases of the design-build process. Web site includes publications, including ordering information on model contract documents, useful links, calendar of events, and...
Design-Build. Short introduction to the design-build process for constructing schools. Advantages and disadvantages are discussed. 05/31/2001