Project Delivery Methods

Title Abstract Publication Date
Design-Build: A Good Tool for School Construction? Discusses the advantages of the design-build project delivery method, it,s increasing availability to governments due to recent legislation, and five questions that school districts considering this... 08/31/2007
Design/Build: An Owner's Representative. The American Institute of Architects's edition of its standard construction contract document, the General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, A201-1997, contains provisions of which... 02/29/2000
Developing an Effective Crisis Management Plan: The Role of a Project Manager After fire and smoke damaged an upstate New York school's cafeteria, kitchen, and administrative offices, the district superintendent contacted a professional construction-management firm to... 08/31/2000
Educational Design Initiatives in City Technology Colleges. Building Bulletin 72. Six City Technology Colleges (CTC) were all site selected, built, and opened in under 2 years without being compromised by expense or loss of quality. This document examines this fast-track method of... 06/05/1991
Educational Facilities Planning: Leadership, Architecture, and Management. This textbook on educational facility planning and design covers conceptual, descriptive, and applied aspects of the development of educational facilities. The 17 chapters are organized in eight... 12/31/2005
Fast-Track Building. Describes Clark County, Nevada's use of prototype school designs to respond to its rapidly growing school population. The purpose of the prototypes is to simplify designs so that schools can be... 10/31/2002
From the Ground Up: Legal Issues in School Construction. This publication is intended to assist school lawyers, business officials, board members, and administrators in making sound decisions, understanding the legal implications, and securing the maximum... 03/31/2002
Guidelines for Selecting a Construction Approach for Education Building Programs. Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the two most common construction planning methods utilized for educational facilities: general contracting and construction management. Provides diagrams... 03/31/1998
How to Build a Residence Hall in 16 Weeks. Describes the use of design-build and lean construction techniques to facilitate the construction of a 30,000 square foot college residence hall in only 16 weeks. 11/30/2003
How to Get the Best Value for Your Construction Dollar: A Primer on Construction Delivery Methods. This concise chart compares the structure, advantages, and disadvantages of the project delivery methods design/bid/build, competitive sealed proposals, construction management at- risk, construction... 03/31/2000
How to Select a Project Delivery Method for School Facilities In this article, the author discusses and explains three project delivery methods that are commonly used today in the United States. The first project delivery method mentioned is the design-bid-... 12/31/2006
Improvements Needed in Construction Contracting Practices. Final Report. The purpose of this audit was to determine whether New York City's School Construction Authority (SCA) followed its required procedures for awarding and monitoring contracts for construction... 12/31/1995
Indian River High School. Profiles this Delaware school that features an ice storage cooling system and whose use of Agent Construction Management eliminated an anticipated budget shortfall. Building statistics, a list of the... 06/30/2006
Integrated Project Delivery: Optimizing the Path to Successful Design and Project Delivery for Educational Facilities Design and Construction. Discusses the benefits of the Integrated Project Delivery method for school construction, using the construction of the Methuen, Massachusetts, St. Ann's Home and School. The author explains the... 12/31/2007
Integrated Transformation for a Growing University. Addresses the challenges of coordinating multiple capital projects at a small or medium-sized college of university. The article describes integrated delivery methodology. 04/30/2010
Job Order Contracting (JOC) Opens Doors to a New Era in Facility Construction. Reviews the benefits of the Job Order Contracting project delivery method to school construction. These include establishing trust between owners and contractors, predictable performance, rapid... 12/31/2006
Lease-leaseback Opens New Avenues for School Projects. Discusses lease-leaseback arrangements to allow districts flexibility as a project-delivery method, so districts can identify contractors through an RFQ, RFP or notice sent to interested companies. 06/05/2011
Lease–Leaseback Construction Delivery Method for School Districts. This is based upon California's Education Code Section 17250.10-17250.50 and Education Code Section 17406 and describes the lease-leaseback design build approach. Covered are site lease,... 04/30/2003
Manage Construction In-House and Save Dollars Except for unusually large and complicated school building projects, it is more cost-effective to use consultants and in-house personnel for project administration than it is to retain an outside... 04/30/1996
Managing Excellence Delivering Success Awards. Shares effective management techniques in the planning, design, and construction of projects from inception to completion. The selected projects showcase methods and procedures used to control time,... 09/30/2004
Managing Projects Online. Describes a web-based project management (WBPM) for university construction projects and the two approaches for establishing this type of system. Also highlighted is how a WBPM can improve project... 10/31/2000
Managing the Money. Explains how schools and universities that clearly define their construction projects will have greater success staying within budget. Examines some fundamentals of project definition and key cost-... 10/31/2001
Managing the Rural School Facility Construction Process. The decision to renovate or replace a school building is the starting point for a long and challenging journey with many phases: planning, development, and project delivery and construction. Each... 12/31/1999
Master Builder A Missouri school district found the most cost-effective means of designing, bidding, and constructing new facilities to be hiring a construction management firm. With a construction manager, the... 03/31/1993
One-Stop Design. Discusses the traditional and more current school facility project delivery methods of design-build, construction manager at risk, construction manger agency, and sole-source design/construction... 10/31/2009