Project Delivery Methods

Title Abstract Publication Date
One-Stop Shopping? The Perils and Promise of Design-Build Project Delivery. Describes conventional design-bid-build and design-build project delivery methods along with the advantages and disadvantages of the latter. Suggestions for successful implementation of design-build... 03/31/2004
Optimizing Value and Avoiding Problems in Building Schools. This report describes a school design and construction delivery process used by the School Board of Brevard County (Cocoa, Florida) that help optimize value, avoid problems, and eliminate the cost of... 12/31/1998
Options in Project Delivery. Compares Design/Build and General Contractor-Construction Manager project delivery methods as alternatives to conventional Design/Bid/Build. 12/31/1996
Outsourcing Facility Work. Describes how Fulton County Schools in Atlanta managed a large school construction project using program management, a comprehensive method of managing a capital improvement program that covers... 09/30/2009
Overview of Alternative Funding. Presents an outline of alternative school funding, including a description, pros, and cons for each. The methods described are impact fees, excise taxes, sales taxes, proffers, grants and donations,... 10/01/2003
Permanent Modular Construction: A Growing Trend. Case study of the Arlington, Texas Independent School District that needed 103 permanent kindergarten classrooms with complete site development at 37 separate locations all in less than 15 months.... 04/30/2001
Planning Educational Facilities: What Educators Need to Know. Provides a detailed discussion of the processes involved in planning a school building, from a discussion on how to organize the local staff to the final evaluation of the building. Individual... 12/31/2008
Practice Matters. Reviews new American Institute of Architect contract documents that address integrated project delivery (IPD), a practice model that seeks to overcome construction industry waste and inefficiency.... 06/30/2008
Preliminary Report Regarding State Allocation Board Funding of the Los Angeles Unified School District's Belmont Learning Complex. Presents findings on the construction team selection process for the Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) Belmont Learning Complex. It presents evidence revealing a seriously flawed... 07/21/1998
Primer on Project Delivery. Proposes a set of definitions for the three primary project delivery methods: design-bid- build, design-build, and construction management at risk. The definitions are broadly written with the... 12/31/2003
Project Delivery Method Handbook. Discusses the variety of construction project delivery methods available to Alaska school districts. Traditional and alternative methods are described with detail on selection method and contract... 10/31/2004
Project Delivery Methods. Describes project delivery methods that are replacing the traditional Design/Bid/Build linear approach to the management, design, and construction of new facilities. These variations can enhance... 04/30/2003
Project Delivery Processes. Details the current construction project delivery processes of design-bid-build, design- build, bridging, CM-agency and CM-at-risk, Job order contracting, alliancing, and fast-track and GMP contracts... 04/01/2006
Project Delivery Systems for Construction. Provides information written by AGC contractor members and professional industry practitioners on traditional and alternative project delivery systems. It includes chapters on Design-Bid-Build,... 12/31/2003
Project Delivery Systems Owner's Manual This in-depth manual is intended to help owners select the appropriate project delivery system for their project. It includes chapter-length discussions of each of the major sequential delivery... 12/31/2004
Project Delivery Systems: What's the Difference? Discusses project delivery systems in school construction management and why it is important to both scheduling and budgeting to choose the right system. Design-build, construction management at risk... 06/30/1998
Project Delivery: Cut the Confusion Engineers and their clients can get confounded by the wider-than-ever range of alternative delivery methods used by public agencies. This discusses how to choose the best method, comparing methods by... 08/31/1999
Public School Design Build This describes the benefits of design build, what projects are eligible, pre-contract procedures, contract requirements, and post-construction reporting. 09/30/2001
Putting a Team Together. Discusses the increasing use of construction and project managers in school construction projects and the benefits that can be realized from the expertise and experience they bring. The fees they... 10/31/2000
Quick Work. Reviews tactics of fast-track building of school facilities, including pre-ordering equipment and materials, beginning construction before design is completed, and project delivery methods that can... 04/30/2007
Recommendation II: Efficient Methods for Developing Abbott Schools. Describes five options that the State of New Jersey and Abbott school districts can utilize to build schools, should the State enable it. These options represent various developmental criteria... 12/31/2004
Redefining Construction Management. Assesses the components of construction management that an owner should expect, when to choose construction management, and how to define the duties of the construction manager. 11/30/2007
Repair and Renovation Projects. Discusses the use of Job Order Contracting (JOC) for procurement in school renovation projects. The advantages of the system are explained, as are its structure and execution. 11/30/2009
School Construction Guide. This guide is intended to help those involved in school construction to better understand the process to ensure the project is successful for everyone. Eight sections walk the reader through the... 12/31/2002
School Construction Management: Expert Administrators Speak. Presents expert opinion on school construction management communication concerning educational needs, obtaining consensus among diverse groups, and envisioning what schools must offer in the future.... 02/28/2001