Project Delivery Methods

Title Abstract Publication Date
School Construction Projects: Choosing a Project Delivery Method. Reviews four project delivery methods: Design-bid-build using separate- (or multiple-) prime bidding, Design-build-bid using single-prime bidding, Construction manager at risk , and Design build.... 12/31/2004
School Law in Review 2002. This is a compilation of presentations delivered at the National School Boards Association Council of School Attorneys Annual School Law Seminar. Includes: Environmental Hazards for Urban Schools... 12/31/2001
Schools: Big Programs Stir Costs. Multibillion dollar building programs in some school districts are creating their own micro-cost environment. School construction costs are rising about 2% faster than the overall building inflation... 06/25/2000
Selecting Project Delivery Systems. Practical guide to help facility owners select project delivery systems and successfully deliver projects. It examines the construction process by comparing three project delivery approaches--design-... 12/31/1998
Selecting the Right Construction Delivery Method for a Specific Project. Discusses the costs and benefits of various construction delivery methods for higher education facility projects, including the traditional lump sum general contracting approach (also known as design... 04/30/2002
Selection of the Construction Management Firm: Negotiated Fee-guaranteed Maximum Price. Presents the Duval County Public Schools' construction management firm selection criteria, detailing the steps in the selection process, including required forms and submittals. 05/31/2005
Selection of the Design Build Firm on the Basis of Qualifications. Presents the Duval County Public Schools' design/build firm selection criteria, including qualifying data and forms, and step-by-step specific selection procedures. 03/31/2004
Seven Steps to On-Time Delivery. Describes seven steps to consider when making project delivery decisions that include defining the school district's goals and profile, selecting the project delivery system and procurement... 05/31/1999
Special Delivery. Discusses project delivery methods for campus construction, detailing the features, advantages, and disadvantages of Design-Build, Construction Manager at Risk, and Job Order Contracting. For each... 06/30/2007
Strategy Reduces Construction Costs. Reveals how a Florida school district had success when switching from a design-bid-build approach for school construction to a construction management (CM) at risk. The CM at risk process involving... 03/31/2000
Successful Management of Public School Capital Improvement Programs. In 1999, the 21st Century School Fund interviewed seven large school districts regarding management of capital-improvement programs. Researchers found three basic models: in-house management, other-... 11/30/2000
Successful Project Delivery. Describes design-build bid, design-build, and construction management/construction management at risk methods of school construction project delivery, and lists criteria used to assess which method... 09/30/2006
Taking Charge. Discusses project delivery systems and compensation arrangements for school construction, as well as numerous activities that can help meet budgets and construction deadlines. 10/31/2006
The Development of a Model Design-build Specification Document for Educational Facilities Construction Projects. Proposes a design-build process for schools, in order to have a more efficient and cost effective plan when designing construction projects for new buildings and renovations. The first stage of the... 07/19/2005
The Managing Architect Approach: A New Paradigm in Construction Delivery. Describes the advantages of this project delivery method, especially in a multi-project, long term capital campaign. A single point of contact and standardization of equipment and materials across... 03/31/2004
The Merits of Construction Management. Fulton County (Georgia) is using construction management for all of its school construction jobs. This strategy allows the board to select a manager purely on the basis of merit and to have more... 04/30/1996
The Non-Architect's Guide to Major Capital Projects: Planning, Designing, and Delivering New Buildings. Introduces the steps and sequence of planning, designing, and delivering a capital project. The six stages of the project delivery process (planning or pre-design, schematic design, design... 12/31/2004
The Pride of East 103rd Street. Profiles this private middle school in Harlem, highlighting the rebuilding of their old facility, and the architect's absolute control over the design and construction of the school. 12/31/2009
The Public-Private Partnership that Built a Traditional School. A Case Study from British Columbia. SAEE Research Series No. 7. This study examines the management and outcome of the public- private partnerships (P3s) school construction project used in the Auguston housing development in Abbotsford, British Columbia to build... 12/31/2000
The Revolutionary Facilities Model of the Future: A New Risk Management Model. Explains the Best Value (BV) Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS). The author presents outlines problems with current project delivery systems, followed by a list of the advantages ov BV... 12/31/2006
The Use of Construction Management by Indiana School Districts: Frequency and Cost Examines school construction management (CM), the extent of its use in Indiana school corporations and the fees that are charged for these services. Results suggest a lack of consistency in deciding... 04/30/2000
The Value in Value Management: A Dialogue. Details the value management process in which a group of diverse, disciplined professionals work together to design a better facility for a given budget. Areas addressed include a definition of value... 02/28/1998
The What, Why and How of Job Order Contracting (JOC). Defines Job Order Contracting (JOC), where the owner and construction/contractor enter into fixed-price, indefinite quantity, long-term relationship with pre-defined line items. It is recommended for... 09/30/2004
Third Party Project Management: A Coming Reality for an Increasingly Unrealistic World. Third party management of the development and facilities delivery process is a response to trends in the design, construction, and legal industries. Changes in the process and the architect's... 02/28/1998
Top 10 Ways to Survive Design-Build (D/B) [PowerPoint Presentation] This presentation defines the scope, D/B principles, selection of design/builder, assumptions, tinkering, documentation, scheduling, budget, contracts, team selection and motivation. 01/31/2002