Project Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
2005 South Carolina School Facilities Planning and Construction Guide. Provides mandates and recommendations for school construction according to codes and laws adopted by the state. Organized by divisions as follows: 1) general requirements, 2) site selection, 3)... 12/31/2004
2006 South Carolina School Facilities Planning and Construction Guide. Provides mandates and recommendations for school construction according to codes and laws adopted by the state. Organized by CSI Masterformat divisions as follows: 1) general requirements, 2) site... 12/31/2005
2016 State of Our Schools: K-12 Facilities From the Executive Summary: Using industry standards adapted to K–12 public school facilities, we estimate that the nation should be spending about $145 billion per year to maintain, operate, and... 03/01/2016
21st Century Schools Design Manual. Establishes a uniform and detailed approach to school facilities design for the New Jersey School Construction Corporation. The guide sets forth 24 required criteria that inform the design process... 09/29/2004
A Cradle-to-Grave Integrated Approach to Using Uniformat II. Proposes adoption of Uniformat II for all phases of higher education building, from planning through to construction, operation, and demolition. The National Park Service's use of Uniformat II... 04/30/2009
A Guide for School Governors: Developing School Buildings. This two-part guide presents information for United Kingdom school governors [school board members] to help them in the management and development of their educational facilities. The guide explains... 12/31/1999
A Model Schedule for a Capital Improvement Program. The Model Schedule for a Capital Improvement Program described in this paper encourages school leaders to consider a more holistic view of the planning process. It is intended to assist those... 12/31/2001
A Principal's Guide to On-Site School Construction. This publication explores what school principals should know when construction takes place in or near a school while it is in session. It covers pre-construction preparation, including how to work... 12/31/2008
A Project Primer. Suggests planning steps which can help ensure a successful school construction or renovation project. Start by forming a planning committee consisting of representatives of faculty, staff, students,... 07/31/2004
A Tale of Two Schools: The Role of the Elementary Principal in School Design. Examines the roles of the building principals assigned to the schools, their perceptions of the building design and construction process, and how their respective roles in the process are manifested... 04/30/1996
Access Control at the Construction Site. Describes ten security procedures to protect students from assault or injury when construction is in progress during school hours. 02/29/2004
Architects and Design-Phase Cost Estimates. Emphasizes the importance of cost estimates being done by independent estimators. The articles provides responses to the usual client arguments for not doing so. 12/31/2009
Are You Ready for At-Risk Program Management? Describes the use of the At-Risk Program Management approach to project delivery management, an approach that guarantees results for time, scope, quality, and cost for all components of project... 03/31/1999
Avoiding Change Orders in Public School Construction Increased student enrollment and the current poor state of the educational infrastructure require the construction of more school buildings and the renovation of many of the existing ones. The large... 12/31/2006
Avoiding Construction Snafus. Discusses risk management planning tips that help schools avoid project-delaying construction problems. Preconstruction planning topics explored include the type of construction method to use,... 10/31/2001
Avoiding Project Creep. Discusses how to keep school district capital-improvement projects within budget. Areas where runaway costs creep into a project and ways of cutting are lessening these costs are examined, such as... 07/31/1998
Back to School: An Effective Approach To Managing School Renovations. Explains that U.S. schools are in no physical condition to educate students in ways that will increase the quality of life by developing a more enlightened and skilled populace. It outlines a simple... 08/31/1997
Balancing Act. Describes how adding a project manager can ensure a smooth process during capital improvements. Discusses ways to fill program management needs, such as developing in-house staff or retaining a... 11/30/1996
Beating the Odds by Spreading the Word. Describes how the Edwardsville (Illinois) Community Unit School District 7 constructed much needed new schools in record time through contractor awareness and pre- qualification, a regularly updated... 01/31/2009
Being an Effective, Engaged Owner during a Design and Construction Project This article explains how a project owner can be an active participant during the design and construction of his/her facility. The author discusses the two levels of participation the project owner... 02/28/2007
Billions to Spend. How a $5.7 Billion Program to Rebuild Los Angeles Community Colleges Went Astray. A six-part series investigates how tens of millions of dollars was wasted in a Los Angeles Community College District $5.7 billion project to rebuild its nine campuses for the 21st century. 02/28/2011
BIM Accelerates Design-Build Delivery: The French School Story. As Architects of Record for the design-build team, Hilliard Architects helped the client: Lycee Francais La Perouse (an independent French immersion K-12 school) transform an historic landmark... 02/24/2011
BIM-The Intelligent Choice for O&M. Demonstrates use of BIM for visualization when planning facilities, including simplifying facilities mangement for ongoing maintenance and repairs, inventory and asset management, energy monitoring... 07/31/2011
Build It Right. Advises on assembling a school construction team, detailing the duties of a project manager, how the project manager addresses the school district's culture and financing mechanisms, and... 04/30/2008
Build Smarter, Faster, and Cheaper with BIM. Describes the benefits of building information modeling (BIM) software, including virtual three-dimensional construction of a building, ease and accuracy of information exchange between design and... 06/30/2008