Project Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Creating Classrooms for Overcrowded Los Angeles. This article details the accomplishments of Kathi Littmann, who won ENR's 2003 Award of Excellence for her exceptional public service in reinvigorating the Los Angeles Unified School District... 04/06/2003
Critical Points To Consider when Starting an Expansion Program. Discusses four steps to take before starting a major design and construction expansion program: (1) prepare a space program; (2) prepare a detailed conceptual estimate; (3) rank projects in order of... 02/28/2002
Crumbling Schools: Tens of Millions Wasted in Slow, Sloppy Construction, and Miami-Dade Children Are the Losers. This series of articles examines the condition of public schools and public school construction in Florida's Miami and Dade Counties. To prepare the series, the Miami Herald studied thousands of... 02/12/2003
Curbing Construction Costs Through Value Engineering. Discusses the makeup and qualifications of members of a value engineering team for school construction. A construction manager is recommended, and his/her qualifications and duties detailed. Also... 12/31/2004
Defining Change. Advises on managing change orders in school construction. Typical project delivery methods are defined, nine typical reasons for change orders are addressed. 10/31/2010
Dekalb County School System SPLOST II Forensic Program Review: Preliminary Report of Findings and Recommendations. Presents the results of an audit of the County's school construction program that offered 11 major conclusions in regard to program management and oversight by the school system administration... 05/31/2006
Delivering Project Information. Discusses the financial impact of poor communication in construction projects and advocates for web-based program management as a solution. Communication methods and standards should be specified and... 12/31/2004
Delivering Project Information. Discusses inefficiencies and added construction expense incurred by lack of communication in school project management. The benefits to communication coordination offered by project management... 07/31/2005
Delivery Order Contracting: A Better Way To Build. Explains what delivery order contracting (DOC) is and how it can be used to provide a cost effective, efficient, and less acrimonious environment when doing low-bid contracting. Benefits of DOC are... 08/31/1999
Desiccant Dehumidification Beats Heat as Construction Drying Method. Describes the necessity of drying building materials after installation, outlining risks of damage and contamination from moisture lingering in the building. HVAC systems should not be used to... 10/31/2006
Design and Construction Procedures. Identifies a number of procedures, regulations, and agencies associated with the construction of school facilities in North Carolina, and provides information that can expedite logical and efficient... 09/30/2007
Developing Bid Specifications for Facilities Projects. Discusses developing bid specifications for facilities projects. Highlights include: the four basic sections of bid specifications (general conditions, specific conditions, table of values, and... 08/31/2002
Directory of Acronyms. Lists typical acronyms used in the school facilities industry. The list addresses government agencies, planning, financing, design, construction, project management, operations, and maintenance. 08/25/2009
Districtwide Designs. Discusses steps to help ensure successful district-wide school building improvement projects: identify the right people, plan carefully, implement community communications, and manage the design and... 10/31/2002
Early Owner Planning Leads to Project Success. Discusses the three phases of project start-up at hypothetical 2,000- to 3,000-student schools in a suburban business school, a liberal arts college, and a small urban university. Phase one involves... 09/30/2006
Easing the Pain. Discusses school building program planning for construction projects on occupied school campuses. Advice is given for choosing a general contractor, scheduling the work to limit its disruptive... 12/31/1998
Eastside High School. Profiles this high school designed to accommodate 3,500 students. Flexible classrooms and sustainability elements are described, as are complications that accompanied the bidding process for such a... 03/31/2008
Education and Expansion: Model School District Policies for Protection of Staff and Students During School Construction. This contains recommendations for school districts on maintenance of good indoor air quality and a safe learning environment during school construction. Lists elements to be included in a safety... 05/29/2005
Education Transformation. Describes the turnaround of a troubled Middletown, Connecticut, high school construction project. The dismissal of the first project management team and changes made by the second that put the... 03/31/2007
Educational Facilities Planning: Leadership, Architecture, and Management. This textbook on educational facility planning and design covers conceptual, descriptive, and applied aspects of the development of educational facilities. The 17 chapters are organized in eight... 12/31/2005
Effective Project Management and Project Delivery: A Canadian Perspective. Examines Canadian use of the standard project delivery methods, and the trend toward the Design-Build method and public/private partnerships due to a significant backlog of deferred maintenance and... 12/31/2004
Efficient Resolution of Construction Disputes: Alternative Dispute Resolution. Discusses negotiation, mediation, and arbitration as an alternative to traditional legal proceedings in a construction dispute. Professional counsel may or may not be involved in these proceedings,... 10/31/2008
Errors and Omissions: When Should Your Architect Pay? or...Should the Architect Ever Pay? or...Why Should the Architect Ever Pay? Discussion of errors from a school district's perspective and from an architect's perspective. Includes understanding legal terminology and standards of professional care. Case examples are... 03/05/2001
Eyes Wide Open. Defines the roles of school and architect in a construction project, describing what should be done in the pre-design, what services and deliverables should be specified in the contract, how... 10/31/2004
Facility Planning for Educational Change: The Perfect Storm. Delineates the enrollment, program, and funding factors that contributed to a facilities crisis in the Fairfax County Public Schools, explains the planning process implemented to address them, and... 04/30/2002