Project Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Fast-Tracking Helps KU Create Complex Building in Just 15 Months. Profiles the construction of the University of Kansas Multidisciplinary Research Building, whose completion in 15 months made the University eligible for federal grants. Details of design, project... 12/31/2007
Features of Construction Contracts to Expedite Construction Work, Reduce Owner's Financial Risks and Expenditures. Describes the array of contractual features between the project owner and the main contractor that can lead individually or in permutations to expediting the construction process and reducing the... 10/31/1986
Finished in a Flash. Discusses how fast-tracking construction and bundling projects for higher education construction. Examples from several campuses illustrate how labor costs can be higher due to overtime, how... 12/31/2008
Fiscal Tracking For a New School [California] This user guide was developed to assist school districts, step-by-step, through the log on and retrieval of New Construction and Modernization project information for the Lease-Purchase Program. By... 12/31/1999
Five Ways to Reduce Construction Risks. Discusses the following five steps school districts can take to reduce risk: 1) Conduct a critical self- evaluation. 2) Improve and coordinate construction and professional service contracts. 3) Use... 09/30/2005
FMI K-12 Public School Construction Management. Presents the results of a survey of the largest 500 school systems in the U.S. that discusses top issues in construction management, trends in school construction, master planning practices, funding... 12/31/2004
For Generations to Come: A Leadership Guide to Renewing School Buildings. This guide provides a framework for community involvement in modernizing or building new public school buildings. The process is broken down into the five steps of assessment, envisioning, planning,... 12/31/2003
Form of Agreement Between Client and Architect for School Building Projects. This is a sample contract between a school district and an architect. It includes such basic services as schematic design, preliminary plans, final plans, modernization, consultants extra services,... 12/31/1995
From Headaches to Lawsuits. Reviews situations in new school construction that can escalate from inconvenience to litigation. These include site selection, project delays, cost overruns, improper contracting, and poor... 07/31/2007
From the Ground Up: Legal Issues in School Construction. This publication is intended to assist school lawyers, business officials, board members, and administrators in making sound decisions, understanding the legal implications, and securing the maximum... 03/31/2002
From the Ground Up: Practical Information on a School Construction Project This paper describes some of the author's experiences in financing and building a new $4 million Catholic elementary school facility and activities center in rural North Platte (Nebraska).... 03/31/2000
Frugal Construction Standards. [Florida] This booklet provides best practice recommendations for building functional and frugal schools in Florida. Seventeen best practice construction recommendations are addressed, including... 01/24/2000
Get it Together. Discusses computer modeling of large-scale projects to coordinate the work of designers and contractors, particularly in the timing of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems installations. 07/31/2006
Get Ready, Get Finished, Get Out. Provides six essential steps for managing campus construction during the low occupancy time of summer: start early; set your budget; determine scope; rethink hard bids; assemble a team; take... 02/29/2012
Get Real. How can you arrive at an accurate construction estimate when you only have a vision? Simply follow these four steps to a credible conceptual budget: start with teamwork; do your homework; design to... 08/31/2003
Get the Grade. Discusses the advantages of Design-Bid-Build project delivery for school construction. Recent state legislation and experience with this method are considered, as are its potential disadvantages and... 04/30/2008
Get The Picture. Using a student housing project at the University of Dallas as an example, this explains how BIM modeling enables facility owners to evaluate costs alongside the construction team of architects and... 11/09/2009
Getting Started and Working with Building Information Modeling. Advises on achieving thorough communication from planner to designer to contractor and then to facility operator through building information modeling (BIM). Tools for getting started are recommended... 04/30/2009
Green at the Forefront. Advises on coordinating the entire school design and construction team for sustainability at the outset of the project, in order to achieve maximum results. The use of current sustainability rating... 10/31/2009
Guide to School Renovation and Construction: What You Need to Know To Protect Child and Adult Environmental Health. [New York] This guide presents cautionary tips for protecting children's health during school renovation and construction projects, the New York state laws regarding school renovation and construction, and... 12/31/1999
Guidelines of Best Practices for School Building Projects. [Kentucky] This guide addresses the most common considerations when building school facilities in Kentucky. Included are the regulations for the Capital Construction Process, the Kentucky Department of... 04/30/1995
Hidden Risks in the Current Construction Environment. Details prevalent risks to the owner of a construction project, including subcontractor default, contractor default, schedule delays, material security, materials substitution, and increased claims. 06/30/2008
How to Improve Lab Project Delivery with Early Contractor Involvement. Advises on how to avoid extra design costs to redesign a laboratory down to meet a budget. This involves bringing the general contractor or construction manager into the project earlier than the bid... 08/31/2007
How to Maintain Project Control via Checkpoints. Provides an outline of items for consideration when planning construction projects for new educational facilities. Establishing checkpoints, calendaring events, delineating responsibilities, and... 05/31/1987
How to Manage a New School Building. Although the principal of a new school must tackle curriculum planning, staffing, and community relations, the greatest challenge is making sure the building opens smoothly and on time. A principal... 10/31/1999