Project Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Managing Excellence-Delivering Success Awards. Shares effective management techniques in the planning, design, and construction of several K-12 projects from inception to completion. The selected projects showcase methods and procedures used to... 09/30/2005
Managing Projects Online. Describes a web-based project management (WBPM) for university construction projects and the two approaches for establishing this type of system. Also highlighted is how a WBPM can improve project... 10/31/2000
Managing Schools During Construction Projects, Building Our Future: Scotland's School Estate. Discusses staffing, training, planning, and management imperatives for schools that remain open during construction. School co-ordinator's training and responsibilities, recommended... 12/31/2003
Managing Success. Offers guidelines to ensure a smooth school construction project: (1) validate the program and budget; (2) create a management plan; (3) develop a reporting system; (4) qualify designers; (5) manage... 07/31/2002
Managing the Construction Process. School Buildings Planning, Design, and Construction Series No. 6. A school construction guide offers key personnel in school development projects with guidance on the complex task of master planning and construction of schools in Australia. This chapter of the... 12/31/1994
Managing the K-12 Portfolio. Reviews how the city of New Haven, Connecticut, is managing a program to build five new schools and renovate seven others. Financing and project management are covered. 05/31/2007
Managing the Money. Explains how schools and universities that clearly define their construction projects will have greater success staying within budget. Examines some fundamentals of project definition and key cost-... 10/31/2001
Managing the Rural School Facility Construction Process. The decision to renovate or replace a school building is the starting point for a long and challenging journey with many phases: planning, development, and project delivery and construction. Each... 12/31/1999
Managing the Successful Start of a New School. Advice from a Portland, Oregon principal on planning, building, and opening a new school. Discusses inadequate educational specifications, boundary recommendations, diffusing communication, fighting... 04/30/2002
Managing Your Environmental Responsibilities: A Planning Guide for Construction and Development. Provides guidance for federal environmental requirements in construction and development process, with advice on how to recognize the federal environmental requirements and factor in the associated... 03/31/2005
Master Builder. Presents an interview with Los Angeles Unified School District's Jim McConnell, who led the District into the building of 160 new schools and renovation of many more. He describes his efforts at... 01/31/2006
MasterFormat 2004 Edition. Explains significant changes in MasterFormat with the 2004 edition. The number ofdivisions has been increase from 16 to 50, and the five-digit section numbers have been increasedto six. Significant... 02/28/2005
Measure Twice, Cut Once. Details a step-by-step process for developing a scope of work for the Job Order Contracting (JOC). The five steps are preceded by general advice on what working relationships and considerations must... 08/31/2010
Meeting Environmental Guidelines and Completing School Construction Projects on Time and Within Budget. Taxpayers expect school-construction projects to be managed efficiently and in accordance with environmental standards. Phases include selecting an architect and site, stating project requirements,... 11/30/2000
Needed: Constructive Advice. Advises on scrutiny of local and state laws when embarking on school construction, and careful handling of bids, contracts, and project team selection. Basic public-private financing arrangements are... 10/31/2008
New Campus Construction Brings New Liabilities. Reviews a case where a general contractor and university were held liable for a subcontractor employee's severe injuries, and advises institutions on their legal obligations and the... 05/26/2005
New Construction: A Guide for Principals. This article outlines questions to consider before construction begins and how to manage two facilities as construction progresses. 09/30/1988
New School Planning--What Do We Really Believe? The principal is viewed as the one responsible for the opening and occupation of a new school. Lists 17 questions a newly appointed principal needs to have answered. Stresses the importance of... 12/31/1990
NJSDA Safety Manual. Provides itemized and compulsory safety instructions for contractors working on New Jersey schools. A lengthy list of personnel issues, construction site equipment, and procedures are covered in 64... 07/31/2007
No Summer Vacation: The Challenges of Summer Construction. Discusses the problems school construction projects face during building and maintenance efforts over the summer. Issues involving planning, the use of teamwork, community concerns, child safety, and... 12/31/1999
On Target. Describes benefits of engaging a project manager for school construction projects, citing the positive experience of a Brooklyn private school that completed a complicated renovation. 10/31/2005
On the Right Track. Offers tips on developing a clear and detailed plan that can keep a school rehabilitation project on time and within budget. Developing proper communication between stakeholders, knowing the... 06/30/1998
Options in the Construction Process. Discusses the construction phase of the school planning process. Presents an overview of the different contractual relationships between an owner and contractors. 08/31/1981
Order Up. Discusses change orders originating from unforseen conditions, design-related changes, and changes in project scope. Tips for minimizing them through sophisticated site investigation, allocated risk... 10/31/2005
Paper Chase. Describes the procedures and advantages of document coordination reviews in school construction. These can be done by the design professionals involved, or by a third-party design, construction, or... 10/31/2004