Project Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Paperless Bid Services: How Can Planners Benefit? Discusses the history of paperless bidding, beginning with federal government adoption and slow adoption by the commercial market, which remains largely paper-friendly. Examples of what can be saved... 12/31/2007
Pardon Our Dust. Lists facility and personnel considerations for successful construction during the school session, including maintaining circulation, safety, creating temporary spaces, sequencing plans, and keeping... 10/31/2003
Performance Audit: Self-Contracted Construction Projects, Arkansas Public School Districts. A randomly selected review of fifteen Arkansas school district projects from the fifty- eight (58) self-contracted construction projects started during calendar years 2002-2004 found the districts... 06/08/2006
Pitfalls Lurk for School-Project Chiefs. Potential delays and hidden costs are a fact of life in many school projects. Building schools requires not only architects, contractors, and facilities managers to work together, but also several... 03/30/2004
Planning and Construction Manual [California]. This revised manual is a resource document for looking at facilities from the planning stage through construction and occupancy. It includes sections on advanced planning, school facilities funding,... 12/31/2000
Planning and Managing School Facilities. Second Edition. This book addresses the administrative procedures associated with planning and managing school facilities and discusses planning from the perspective of both individual facility projects and more... 12/31/2001
Planning Educational Facilities for the Next Century. This book examines each phase in the process of planning capital projects and those individuals in the schools who make decisions about the buildings students will use. It uses the long range... 12/31/1999
Planning Educational Facilities: What Educators Need to Know. Provides a detailed discussion of the processes involved in planning a school building, from a discussion on how to organize the local staff to the final evaluation of the building. Individual... 12/31/2008
Planning Effective Leadership for Facility Development (for Small and Medium Size Districts). This paper draws on the experience of the Sebastopol Union School District, a small school district in California, which formed a team to manage facilities renovation. The team was comprised of the... 02/22/2000
Planning for School Construction on Occupied Sites, Part One. Discusses design and communications considerations for building on school sites that are in use. Clear specifications and communication with occupants, staging of vehicle access, utility needs,... 06/30/2009
Planning for School Construction on Occupied Sites, Part Two. Examines challenges of planning for construction in an occupied school building. Phasing, communication, and avoiding the use of relocatables that consume funds that could be put toward permanent... 07/31/2009
Preparing Concise Repair Documents. Advises on preparing accurate building condition assessments in advance of building repairs, so that contractors can deliver accurate bids. Topics addressed include bid types, elimination of... 11/30/2010
Preventing Chaos during School Renovation--The Need for Relocation Planning. Modernization or reconstruction programs can be coordinated by developing a relocation plan for each school site. A relocation plan is a detailed outline of the proposed work to be accomplished in a... 02/28/1990
Preventing Indoor Air Quality Problems During Construction and Renovation. Handy list of recommendations that have been successful in reducing indoor air quality complaints during building renovation activities, including 1) coordinate construction schedule; 2) separate... 12/31/2010
Principal's Guide to the Design and Construction Process. Assists school principals through the process of planning, designing, and building a new, renovated, or expanded school. Step-by-step instructions and guidelines are provided for educational program... 12/31/2010
Program Progress Update.[Cleveland] Reviews the behind schedule state of school construction under Cleveland's current bond issue. Efforts to catch up include elimination of some project from the original program. A short glossary... 08/12/2007
Project Management Institute PMI is a nonprofit professional association in the area of Project Management. PMI establishes Project Management standards, provides seminars, educational programs and professional certification.
Public School Construction Cost Reduction Guidelines. Sets forth best practices and strategies for constructing or modernizing school facilities. Developed through a series of workshops, it identifies some of the key issues and processes that inflate... 04/25/2000
Punch List Process Concludes Building Project. The fourteenth article in a series following a single building project (the expansion and renovation of Longview Community College's Liberal Arts Building), describes the punch list process that... 09/30/2002
Putting Technology to Work on a Capital Project Managing complex capital construction projects provides formidable challenges to school leaders. Increasing enrollment, new state mandates, aging schools and the need for technology-rich environments... 03/31/2005
Quick Work. Reviews tactics of fast-track building of school facilities, including pre-ordering equipment and materials, beginning construction before design is completed, and project delivery methods that can... 04/30/2007
Radnor Middle School. Profiles this Pennsylvania school project whose construction management team held pre-bid meetings that ensured that the prospective bidders understood the bid documents and the construction schedule... 10/31/2008
Ready and Able. Reviews the construction bidding constraints under which many school districts operate, recommends a construction manager to coordinate work, and outlines ten typical construction sins, that can be... 10/31/2005
Recovery School District. Construction Compliance Audit Compliance audit of New Orlean's Recovery School District's (RSD) Capital Construction Program to analyze planning, design, construction, and project management and to determine adherence... 06/12/2012
Remote Control. Discusses the use of construction management software in school projects, with emphasis on web-based systems. The benefits of construction management software include improved accountability, honesty... 03/31/2005