Project Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Renovating & Reconstructing in Phases: Specifying Phased Construction. Discusses planning for phased school construction projects, including effects on occupancy (for example, construction adjacent to occupied space, construction procedure safety zones near occupied... 05/31/2002
Report to the Utah Legislature: A Performance Audit of School Building Construction. Reports on construction expenditures in 21 out of 40 Utah school districts during 2006- 2008. The report cites a lack of competition in the bidding process, greater oversight in the procurement of... 10/31/2008
RFIs and Change Orders Made Simple. Owners of public building projects are increasingly turning to Interdisciplinary Coordination and Constructibility Reviews prior to going out to bid. The ICCR is a methodical quality-assurance... 11/30/1997
Right from the Start--Constructing a Healthy School. A new high school in Stillwater, Minnesota, was completed in June 1993 with the objectives of creating a safe indoor environment, minimizing health risks to construction workers, and avoiding a... 05/31/1994
Rules for School Construction Projects. [Maine] This document defines the conditions under which the State of Maine will subsidize school building construction projects. The document identifies several stages of approval that must be secured,... 04/03/2000
Safety 101: A Contractor's Perspective. Addresses safety and security at higher education construction sites. Planning and staging the project around current occupancy, emergency action plans, and securing the site are discussed. 06/30/2010
Safety Program Guidelines for Public School Facility Construction and Operations. Facilities management programs at public schools covering capital improvement projects and facility operations and maintenance functions need comprehensive safety programs to ensure that workers,... 04/30/2002
San Diego Rights Its Ship Under Navy's Lou Smith. Profile of Lou Smith, program director for San Diego's $1.51 billion school construction program. Smith has been credited with reinvigorating a small staff and reining in sloppy project... 12/14/2003
Schematic Design Giveth and Design Development (CAN) taketh Away Schematic design, the first phase of the design process, can often set the framework for the entire project and identify all the “wish-list” items desired by the client. After schematic design, many... 02/27/2006
School Building Authority 2007 Guidelines and Procedures Handbook [West Virginia]. Provides guidance for compliance with the Building Authority. The document addresses comprehensive educational facilities plans, funding of School Building Authority projects, funding specific... 12/31/2006
School Building Projects: Managing Insurance and Contracts during Construction. Discusses risk management for school districts involved in construction projects. A wide variety of insurance coverage for various stages, and even after the completion, of the project are discussed... 05/31/2011
School Construction Guide. This guide is intended to help those involved in school construction to better understand the process to ensure the project is successful for everyone. Eight sections walk the reader through the... 12/31/2002
School Construction Handbook. Advises school board members on a variety of school condition and construction issues, including the impact of facilities on student achievement, how to get started with capital improvements, new... 12/31/2003
School Construction Summer Slam Setting priorities, determining a budget, finding the funds, assembling a team, defining the scope, analyzing constructability and buying materials take time and should not be crammed into a few... 01/31/2012
School Officials Learn Lesson in Managing Booming Work. This article describes how education officials in Arizona keep track of nearly 6,000 school improvement projects at once by using a large Web-based extranet that links the state's 228 school... 08/12/2001
School Planning on the Web. As demands for more education facilities rise, Web-based program management tools can help reduce costs. Online program management systems such as e-builder (which improves communication between... 11/30/2002
School Project Manual: Methods to Manage a Successful Project. This manual of procedures, protocols, and recommended guidelines is for the construction administration, quality control and structural inspection of school construction projects. Resource for school... 12/31/1998
Selected Laws Relating to the Construction and Repair of Public School Facilities in North Carolina. Focuses mainly on financial concerns covering areas such as bids, sources of state funds, selling or buying school property, bonds, capital outlay funds, and general loan information. Other statutes... 06/30/2010
Seven Questions Project Managers Should Ask about BIM. Advises on interoperability of designer and builder software in order to enable building information modeling. Questions to ask concern types of software in use, legal documents, and how the model... 08/27/2008
Six Rules for School Boards. Examines administration rules that a public school board should consider for navigating through school construction and renovation projects. Rules include establishing a forum for public input,... 01/31/1998
Smooth Operations. Describes the components of a campuswide construction mitigation plan, with specific recommendations to address traffic, noise, dust, and utilities during construction periods. 10/31/2004
Some Construction Documents Are Not Contract Documents. Defines and reviews certain construction contract documents, and then provides a lengthy list of construction documents which are not contracts. Various written and oral agreements that may rise to... 08/31/2008
Staying on Track. Describes successful methods of planning and communication to help keep construction projects on schedule. Examples of how specific school systems encountered and then surmounted problems are... 11/30/2003
Staying Safe on Site. Discusses safety on occupied school construction sites. Clear communication, background checks and photo identification of construction workers, and OSHA requirements are addressed, as is the safety... 06/30/2010
Step by Step to Better School Facilities. Considers the improvement of school facilities in four parts: 1) development of a long-range plan including curriculum and building needs; 2) development of an individual project, covering stages... 12/31/1964