Project Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Traps and Treasures: How To Stay Safe and Avoid the Perils of School Construction. Provides steps school administrators can take to ensure safe construction: stay visible, update students, separate students and construction workers, engage workers in the educational process,... 04/30/2002
Under Control. Offers advice on how school administrators can properly plan and monitor school construction projects to contain costs. Cost control tips discussed include project scope definition, contract bidding... 10/31/2001
Use Your Spreadsheet as a Project Management Tool. Describes how to build a Gantt chart using a spreadsheet program to manage a school building project. 08/31/2002
WGDG: A Resource for All. Describes the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG), a web-based portal providing government and industry building professionals with access to current information on a wide range of building-related... 04/30/2009
What Can $3.6 Billion Buy? Los Angeles School Construction Has a Choice. Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is pioneering a more efficient method for managing a $3.6 billion construction program so that decisions are made faster and vendors are paid in a timely... 01/31/2004
What is Facilities Program Management? Facilities program management is a comprehensive method of managing all capital resource needs, including planning, design, and construction. Program management provides a single-source professional... 12/31/1998
What Really Happens on Bid Day? Things You Should Know before Embarking on a New Building Program. Provides a description of the most common project delivery methods, along with some key tools that owners can use to ensure that projects meet quality, cost, and schedule goals. Design-Bid-Build,... 12/31/2006
When to Lead, When to Ask. Advises school planners and architects on proper timing and content of meetings with board members, administrators, and staff when creating a new school. Opportunities for leading are found by taking... 10/31/2004
Which Documents Govern When They Differ? Precedence of the Contract Documents. Discusses types of errors in and inconsistencies between construction documents, document review procedures, and the lack of a universally accepted hierarchy of construction documents. Preferences... 12/31/2008
Who Affects Costs of Constructing School Facilities? School officials must be aware of their own and others' influences on the cost of constructing a school facility. Administrators' responsibilities include investigating the architect's... 10/31/1985
Whose Job Is It Anyway? Roles and Responsibilities When Planning New Construction. Discusses the importance of experience when developing master plans and assessments. While many school districts have on hand the staff and experience needed to perform these functions, smaller... 06/30/2011
Why Construction Safety Is Important. Reviews the owner's role in construction safety, and advises on how the owner can work with the contractor to encourage the contractor's obligations under safety regulations. The elements... 06/30/2006
Why Districts Should Get Principals Involved in Renovation Projects. Describes nature, benefits, concerns, and training needs related to principals' involvement in the school-renovation process. 08/31/2002
Why School Building Programs Go Bust. Provides an extensive checklist of warning signs that might indicate funding trouble for a school capital program. These involve long-range planning, management of the bond issue, construction... 06/30/2007
Why School Roofs Don't Work. Addresses the disconnection between the design and construction industries that often leads to leaking school roofs. The author proposes engaging a building envelope specialist to oversee the design... 12/31/2007
Why Total Project Management? Illustrates how Total Project Management (TPM) helped deliver three sustainable Wisconsin school on time and at less than the prevailing average cost per square foot. Principles of TPM are briefly... 03/31/2009
Wrapping Up Your Construction Insurance. School facility managers are beginning to use a special insurance-management technique called wrap-up. The project owner purchases a bulk construction insurance policy consisting of general... 12/31/1997
You Want How Much for that Change Order? Advocates Job Order Contracting to control construction costs and avoid expensive change orders. Areas where savings are realized are administration, procurement, design, construction, change orders... 04/30/2010