Title Abstract Publication Date
Adaptive Design for Learning. Describes the conversion of a 70-year-old gymnasium into a modern lecture hall. Construction challenges, acoustical isolation, and the creation of ramped tiers of curved seating are highlighted. 02/28/2005
Adaptive Reuse on Campus. Discusses the evaluation of a higher education facility for adaptive reuse, which will typically include a significant renovation to accommodate the new program. The issues of new construction are... 02/28/2010
Administrative Areas/Offices. Profiles the University of Dubuque's Charles and Roma Myers Center. This renovation of the University's 1906 main building recreates historical features lost in a 1980's renovation.... 07/31/2007
Administrative Procedures Aging School Program Public School Construction Program. Details the Maryland Aging School Program's eligible and ineligible projects and expenditures, the application and project approval process, and procedures for procurement and contract awards. 05/31/2006
Aging Gracefully. Addresses the national problem of deferred maintenance of educational facilities and illustrates one private school's (Chicago's St. Ignatius) fall into disrepair and successful restoration... 04/30/2000
American School & University Architectural Portfolio 1999 Awards: Facility Renovation. Presents photographs and basic information on architectural design, costs, square footage, and principle designers of the award winning school renovation/modernization projects that competed in the... 10/31/1999
American School & University Architectural Portfolio 2000 Awards: Renovation/Modernization. Presents photographs and basic information on architectural design, costs, square footage, and principle designers of the award winning school renovation/modernization projects that competed in the... 10/31/2000
An Appraisal Guide for Older and Historic School Facilities. Assists in the evaluation of the physical condition and educational adequacy of older and historic school facilities. The authors discuss principles of school facility assessments, the appraisal... 12/31/2004
As Kahn Intended. Reviews the renovation of the landmark Yale University Art Gallery, replacing defective systems, removing partitions, and bringing the building back to its original, open design. 03/31/2007
ASHRAE Technology Award: Old School Learns Cool New Tricks Northwestern High School in Maple, Wis., which was built in 1937, got a new lease on life when the oldest portions of the building were removed and other sections were repurposed. This major... 04/30/2012
At Drexel University, a Green Rebirth Planned for a Former Frat House Plans call for restoring a stone-clad fraternity house and constructing a 4,600-square-foot addition, transforming the building into a hub for testing sustainable design and construction methods. The... 01/17/2012
At Just 14, Iconic Building Raises Preservation Issues. Describes the University of Cincinnati's 14 year-old Aranoff Center, which despite being a signature work of architecture, is now in need of significant repair due to disintegration of its... 10/14/2010
Avoiding Past Mistakes. Advises on how to utilize school buildings in an environment of declining enrollment, without repeating the past mistake of abandoning, selling, or converting school property to other uses. 11/30/2009
Avoiding Preconceptions in School Construction Tips for transforming schools by upgrading or retrofitting existing facilities into something unique. 06/30/2012
Back to School: An Effective Approach To Managing School Renovations. Explains that U.S. schools are in no physical condition to educate students in ways that will increase the quality of life by developing a more enlightened and skilled populace. It outlines a simple... 08/31/1997
Back to the Future Embracing the new media demands of an increasingly high-tech profession, the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism converted a 1921 landmark of New York's glorious newspaper... 12/31/2011
Beefing up Your School Kitchen. Advises on school kitchen renovations, noting changes in menu and nutrition requirements, the use of a kitchen consultant, budgeting, designing a kitchen that will endure, and careful attention to... 11/30/2010
Blending Old and New. Discusses how schools and universities can transform outmoded urban structures, such as factories, warehouses, and department stores, into attractive and functional school facilities. Issues... 07/31/2000
Brunswick Upper School. Profiles this Connecticut private school addition and remodeling. The architects unified the campus by linking the disjunctive buildings with a two-story glass walkway, creating a continuous means of... 06/30/2009
Build It Well and the Children Will Come. Profiles the creation of the DC Prep charter school in an 1970's abandoned and run-down former District of Columbia school. In only 40 days, the window- and wall-less open classroom plan was... 12/31/2008
Building & Renovating Schools: Design, Construction Management, Cost Control. Covers the building and renovating process from initial planning, needs assessment and design through move-in. The “Planning and Design” section features guidelines for developing planning documents... 12/31/2003
Building a Successful Addition. Advises on creating school additions that transform the whole building, rather than just create additional space. The historical practice of attaching incompatible modern structures to old ones is... 01/31/2007
Building Blueprints: Creating an Energized Environment. Describes how Michigan's Ferris State University converted its old obsolescent Health, Physical Education, and Recreation building into a dedicated recreation center. Photos are provided. 03/31/2000
Building Blueprints: Looking Toward the Future. Highlights Kent State University's (Ohio) conversion of its physical education building to a technology building that features fiber optics and advanced cabling systems. Photos and a floor plan... 03/31/2001
Building Blueprints: Old vs. New. Presents two Harvard Law School (Massachusetts) classroom renovation projects that helped old, obsolete rooms meet the demands of modern technology. Before and after photos are provided. 06/30/2000