Title Abstract Publication Date
Contractors Handling PCBs in Caulk During Renovation. Provides contractors, parents, teachers, and school administrators a general overview of the practices a contractor should consider when conducting the renovation of a building that has... 08/31/2009
Contrast and Context. Profiles a variety of additions to existing schools, focusing on urban facilities that experiencing enrollment increases due to families moving back into the city. 12/31/2008
Costing New, Retrofitted, and Remodeled Schools Describes techniques to estimate costs to both physically improve a school facility and make it more educationally adequate. Discusses developing the space-utilization plan, designing for scheduling... 08/31/1995
Covering All Bases. Discusses the environmental certification of paint, noting the features of Green Seal, Greenguards, and the Master Painters Institute programs. 08/31/2009
Creating a School for the Future: John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary School: A Case Study. Describes the inception and realization of this revered community school created within a restored 1911 St. Paul, Minnesota, high school building, and combined with an adjoining new YMCA facility.... 12/31/2003
Creating Schools and Strengthening Communities through Adaptive Reuse. This publication focuses on four school adaptive reuse projects--in Phoenix, Arizona; Wake County, North Carolina; Pomona, California; and Trenton, New Jersey. Together, the projects illustrate the... 07/31/2003
Cultivating Dialogue Before Building. Describes how two school districts--one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; the other in Yorktown, Virginia--involved their communities in a school building and renovation planning process called discovery... 05/31/2002
D.C. Public Schools Renovation Work. This reports on the Corps' Support For Others project working with the District of Columbia Public School system. Called upon to assist the school district in a multimillion dollar renovation... 12/31/1998
DC Public Schools Master Facilities Plan 2010. Summarizes facilities improvements made in the District of Columbia public schools since 2007, followed by a discussion of priorities, objectives, and defining modernization for the future. The... 12/31/2009
Deck the Walls. Describes three options for covering interior walls: paint, panels, and industrial coatings. 10/31/2004
Designing Classrooms of Tomorrow. Describes how educational facilities can be renovated to meet future changes. Examines the different ways that technology is used in teaching and what administrators should consider when planning... 07/31/1996
Districts Buying Power: Spending on Construction and Renovation. Presents the results of a survey of school district spending on construction and renovation, indicating that U.S. school districts spent $23.77 billion in 2006-2007, representing expenditures by 86%... 02/29/2008
Drake High School: How to Manage a Multi-increment Modernization Design Project. Describes the four-phase modernization of this high school that delivered a superior project with three of the four phases completed at or below the original estimates. 02/28/2005
Educational Facilities: Discipline, Surveillance and Democracy. Discusses the redesign and renovation of an open-plan middle school that is incompatible with the instructional policies practiced. TEAMS (Technology Enhancing Achievement in Middle School), an... 12/31/2005
Educational Facility Stimulus Funding: A Focus on Excellence in Lovell, Wyoming!!! Briefly profiles the remodeling of Lovell High School, an approach that was chosen over building a new school. This plan enabled the school to begin construction immediately, employing local workers... 03/16/2009
Educational Facility Stimulus Funding: A Focus on Excellence in Lovell, Wyoming. Uses the case of the renovation of Wyoming's Lovell High School to illustrate a cost-effective re-use of a building that already had generous, though not up-to-date, spaces. The planning process... 12/31/2008
Eight Budget-Stretching Renovation Ideas. Provides eight tips on how to save money during school district renovation when budgets are tight. Suggestions discussed include the use of volunteers for some basic work, offering summer maintenance... 09/30/1997
El Segundo High School Renovation: Design and Redesign. Details the renovation of this landmark California high school building that involved restoration of the notable 1935 original structure, demolition of insensitive and educationally inadequate... 02/28/2006
Enadia Way Elementary School Reopening. Profiles this 1950's California school that had deteriorated during four years of vacancy, but was reopened after thoughtful renovation and new landscaping. Building statistics, a list of the... 06/30/2009
Energy Retrofit for Aging K-12 Schools. Successfully retrofitting aging K-12 schools using energy conservation measures (ECM) that can improve the physical plant and reduce energy consumption are explored. Contracting strategies for school... 12/31/1998
Every Facility Needs a Fresh Coat. Discusses durability, environmental considerations, and exterior resilience of paint. 06/30/2009
Experiencing a Renovation: A Practical Guide for Principals. Guides a principal through planning and executing a renovation, covering the stages of determination of the program and specifications, community involvement, architect selection, plan review,... 12/31/1999
Extreme Makeover: Transforming Your School District through Renovation and Renewal. Describes a school renovation program in West Aurora, Illinois, that granted discretionary funds to each school and their respective planning committees. The result was a program where each school... 01/31/2006
Extreme School Remodeling. Profiles the 2003-2007 remodeling campaign in California's Newport-Mesa Unified School District. Major features of the 27-school program, the project management scheme, unexpected problems,... 11/30/2007
Facility Focus: Historic Renovations. Describes the renovation of historic buildings at Rice University (conversion of the Chemistry Building into space for the biophysics and bioengineering departments) and at Princeton University (... 02/28/2002