Title Abstract Publication Date
Interior Renovation. Presents seven school interior renovation projects selected for the American School & University 2005 Educational Interiors Showcase. The projects were selected for their functionality,... 07/31/2005
Interior Renovation. Profiles 11 K-12 and higher education interior renovations that were recognized in the American School and University Magazine's Educational Interiors Showcase. The projects were selected for... 07/31/2008
Interior Renovation. Profiles eleven interior renovations honored in American School and University Magazine's Educational Interiors Showcase. The K-12 and higher education projects were selected for their high... 07/31/2007
Interior Renovation. Profiles eight interior renovation projects selected for the 2009 American School and University Magazine Education Interiors Showcase. The projects were chosen for their ability to integrate current... 07/31/2009
Interior Work in Progress. Profiles three interior renovation projects selected for the 2009 American School and University Magazine Education Interiors Showcase. The projects were chosen for their ability to integrate current... 07/31/2009
Involving Principals in School Renovations: Benefit or Burden? Examines the nature and extent of principal involvement in school renovation, assesses costs and benefits thereof, and reviews principal training in school renovation. 09/30/2001
Inward Looking: At MIT, a Design Team Strives to Build a Better Historic Masonry Envelope Describes modernization of a three-and-a-half-story laboratory building completed in 1917, and transferred to MIT shortly after its designation as a National Historic Landmark in 1976. the project... 05/31/2012
Jean Parker School, San Francisco Describes the post-earthquake renovation of a San Francisco urban elementary school that preserved its historical detail within a modern replacement. Design features are detailed; photos and a floor... 10/31/1999
Keeping Old Doors and Windows. Explores the debate between conserving historic windows and doors, or replacing them with more energy-efficient modern ones. Consideration of operational versus embodied energy in building systems is... 02/28/2006
Lab Renovation Costs Dip with Economic Doldrums. Discusses the decline in laboratory renovation costs, due to the weak economy. A chart accompanied by text details costs per square foot for laboratory renovations from 2007-2010. 07/31/2010
Lamar Institute of Technology, Multi-Purpose Building. Describes the conversion of an early 1960's sorority dormitory into a modern technical education facility through partial demolition and a new addition. Interior finishes mimic the natural... 06/30/2005
Lasting Value. Promotes the value of retrofitting and renovating older, neighborhood schools. Improved public health from walking to school, lower property taxes for having not built a new school, saved... 06/30/2010
Laying the Groundwork. Discusses how to avoid costly errors in high-tech retrofits through proper planning and coordination. Guidelines are offered for selecting cable installers, using multi-disciplinary consulting... 07/31/2000
Lead Safety and School Modernization. This factsheet is for anyone responsible for modernization projects in California's public schools where materials containing lead may be disturbed or where lead abatement is planned. It... 08/31/2001
Lead-Safe Practices for Older and Historic Buildings. Offers guidance on renovations of buildings with pre-1978 paint, which may contain lead. Through inexpensive materials and lead-safe renovation techniques, historic buildings can be made lead safe... 12/31/2010
Lesson in the Triple Bottom Line. [Des Moines Public Schools.] Uses Des Moines Public Schools as example for Triple Bottom Line impact students, energy efficiency, and utility cost savings to be considered before, during, and after every school building... 12/31/2010
Lincoln Technical Academy. Profiles this abandoned 1916 landmark school that was renovated to accommodate career and technical education programs. Preservation of the exterior alongside the updating of the interior is... 05/31/2008
Living Theater. Profiles Emerson College's Paramount Center, a renovated 1932 movie house that the college converted into a three theatres, a shop, performing arts teaching and office spaces, and dormitory... 07/31/2011
Looking for Trouble. Describes many advantageous features of today's circuit breakers and advises replacement of older, potentially overloaded circuits in order to prevent power outages. 10/31/2006
Looking through the Past. Discusses the virtues of aluminum in historic window replacements. The article cites the energy-saving properties, flexible design potential, and installation options available. 06/30/2009
Main Winners. Profiles the two main winners in the 2010 American School and University Magazine Education Interiors competition. The Omaha Public Schools Saddlebrook Joint-Use Library and the New York University... 07/31/2010
Maintaining Acceptable Indoor Air Quality During the Renovation of a School. Technical Bulletin. Various contaminants may be generated by renovations, including volatile and semivolatile organic compounds, dusts and fibers (e.g., asbestos), gases (e.g., sulfur dioxide), bioaerosols (e.g., mold... 12/31/1994
Maintaining Respect for the Past and Flexibility for the Future: Additions and Renovations as an Integrated Sequence. As an alternative to new construction or consolidation, many rural communities are considering the option of retaining their existing schools, upgrading them through renovations, and providing... 12/31/1999
Major Campus Changes.[How to Ace Campus Renovation Projects.] Discusses logistics of higher education renovations, particularly where occupant input is high and buildings remain open to users. Building flexibility into the schedule can help accommodate... 02/28/2011
Making a Good Fit Discusses the importance of paying attention to facility requirements when selecting windows during a school building retrofit. Facility requirements to consider include security needs, lighting,... 10/31/1998