Title Abstract Publication Date
Reducing the Negative Effects of Large Schools. This report presents an overview of recent efforts to promote small schools by first reviewing the rationale for small schools based on recent studies linking school size and various educational... 12/31/2008
Refresher Course. Profiles the restoration of the University of Minnesota's Folwell Hall, a landmark 1907 structure. Careful attention to replacing lost detailing and ornamentation is described. Photographs and a... 12/31/2009
Reinventing Schools Presents guidelines for conducting major school renovations and additions. Four areas of inquiry facility planners need to address are discussed as are some basic planning principles that have been... 12/31/1998
Remodeling? The Elements of Successful Change. Discusses human elements of school remodeling, including knowing and understanding the staff, incorporating them into the planning, and encouraging their participation in the planning and design team. 11/30/2006
Renewing Urban Schools. This paper describes an approach to urban renewal, called the Multi-Function Polis (MFP), which emphasizes education as a key factor in a renewal process that includes development of 21st century... 06/02/1992
Renovate Ohio's Historic Schools Advocates for the preservation of historic Ohio schools, which are being lost quickly. The website offers several publications to assist the preservationist, a description of the benefits of saving... 01/31/2010
Renovate or Replace: Planning for the Future in a Recession. Presents questions to be considered when deciding whether to renovate or replace a university facility. Typical reasons for renovating are discussed, as are how to save money when replacement is in... 06/30/2009
Renovate Right. Provides basic facts about lead and information about lead safety when work is being childcare facilities or schools. These include basic facts about lead and health, how to choose a contractor, how... 02/29/2008
Renovate, Rebuild, Restore Five examples of how school districts have tapped the creativity of board members, architects and/or planners to restore, renovate or rebuild some of their local structures to serve as educational,... 10/31/2011
Renovating & Reconstructing in Phases: Specifying Phased Construction. Discusses planning for phased school construction projects, including effects on occupancy (for example, construction adjacent to occupied space, construction procedure safety zones near occupied... 05/31/2002
Renovating a Classic Campus Discusses Yale University's campus facility renovation program that revitalized its undergraduate teaching areas after years of neglected maintenance while maintaining the traditional... 09/30/1999
Renovating Buildings, Images A four-year facility retrofit program revamps Charleston, South Carolina's schools. The projects addressed critical issues, including inefficient HVAC systems, leaking roofs, and inadequate life... 01/31/2005
Renovating Early and Middle 20th Century Schools [Conference] (St. Louis, Missouri, June 24-26, 1999). A conference of school architects, construction managers, and school administrators convened to examine the question of renovation or replacement of aging public schools. The panel discussed such... 05/31/1999
Renovating Older Schools: Reusing Older Schools. A slide presentation text examines the decision making process behind whether a community should renovate their older school facilities or abandon them for new facilities. Three factors to be... 06/23/1999
Renovating Outdoor Athletic Facilities Successfully renovating outdoor athletic facilities requires a high level of preparation. Before you start a project, it is important to take the time and answer a few basic questions. 05/31/2012
Renovating the 1960's School to the 2010 School Model. Describes the philosophy of school design in the 1960's. The author compares this to current philosophies as well as design mandates in new facilities, and describes possibilities for energy... 12/31/2009
Renovating the Old Instead of Building the New For public charter schools, expanding their school facilities or constructing a new school building can be a challenging experience. More than half of all U.S. charter schools are located in dense... 04/30/2012
Renovating To Meet ADA Standards. Using the examples of Owen D. Young School in Van Hornesville, New York, and the Tonawanda City school district in Buffalo, New York, describes how school planners should take the accessibility... 01/31/2003
Renovating To Support the Seven Ways Students Are Smart. Describes one school's approach to school renovation that supported the seven ways in which students are smart as advocated by Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory. It... 07/31/1997
Renovation & Construction in Schools: Controlling Health and Safety Hazards. Provides information on potential health and safety hazards associated with school renovation and construction and what precautions to take in order to prevent or control them. These include dust,... 02/29/2004
Renovation Steps for Aging Schools School districts that choose to renovate older buildings should determine whether renovation makes economic sense, attempt to create a united and harmonious structure, include existing surfaces into... 05/31/1995
Renovation Transforms Nondescript Facility. Describes the University of Connecticut Health Center, Cell and Genome Sciences Building (CGSB), a project awarded the Renovated Laboratory of the Year for its successful transformation of an... 04/30/2011
Renovation vs. New Build. Profiles four Grand Rapids, Michigan, schools, three of which were renovated for economic or historical reasons, and one of which was replaced. 01/31/2008
Renovation/Modernization Profiles 26 outstanding educational facility renovations, selected for their contribution to the educational program, adaptability, design, technology accommodation, sustainability, and... 10/31/2008
Renovation/Modernization. Profiles 26 renovated educational facilities, awarded for their adherence to the stated goal of the facility, their ability to enhance learning, functionality, and sustainability. Project information... 10/31/2009