Restroom Design

Title Abstract Publication Date
13 Points to Washroom Safety. Washrooms today must be outfitted according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but many of the safety features mandated by the ADA also make good common sense for any school restroom.... 02/28/1997
A Balancing Act for Water Conservation. Discusses toilet selection options, including the water use, maintenance requirements, and practicality of various models and valve configurations. 04/30/2011
A Greener Restroom. Discusses why electric hand dryers, while unpopular, are still the best alternative for school restrooms. Cost savings in paper towel purchases and disposal expenses are addressed as is the better... 02/28/2001
A Helping Hand. Discusses how designing a hand washing-friendly environment can help to reduce the spread of germs in school restrooms. Use of electronic faucets, surface risk management, traffic flow, and user-... 06/30/2000
A Lesson Plan for Reducing Restroom Maintenance. Offers advice on preventing restroom vandalism, as well as choosing and installing hygienic and low-maintenance lavatory systems, fixtures, and accessories. 11/30/2005
A Nice Place To Visit. Discusses how creative planning can help schools to keep washroom traffic moving, deter vandalism, and reduce maintenance. 04/30/2002
A Passing Grade. Discusses the 2004 Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADAAG) that contain new provisions for adult access, as well as special considerations for children's use facilities.... 04/30/2006
Accessibility for All: Proposed Changes in ADA Guidelines Would Affect School Designs. Discusses proposed revisions to the Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines that modify placement and clearance specifications for all bathroom fixtures. Age-specific guidelines for various... 08/31/2003
ADA Restroom Design. Discusses the challenges that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) creates for designing school restrooms. The issues of mobility and circulation of users are addressed. Some of the dimension... 02/29/2000
All Washed Up? Presents advice for avoiding problems when renovating wetrooms to include either bathrooms or laundry rooms. Tips include timely use of inspectors and incorporating delivery penalties into contracts. 02/28/1999
An Empirical Study of School Restroom Use Hoag, Dizinno and White discuss a series of observations on restroom fixture utilization in a variety of schools and grade levels in a Florida school district seeking to validate or question state... 10/31/1984
An Eye on Prevention. Discusses the types of washroom fixtures and locker room equipment that educational facilities can utilize to help minimize and discourage student mischief. Topics include controlling germs by... 04/30/2000
Automating a High School Restroom. Discusses how one high school transformed their restrooms into cleaner and more vandal-resistant environments by automating them. Solutions discussed include installing perforated stainless steel... 02/28/1999
Barrier-Free Washrooms. Low-energy operators offer a straightforward, readily achievable solution to a common problem found in many accessibility-related bathroom retrofit projects. The problem is lack of adequate space to... 10/31/1996
Barriers to the No-Flush Rush. Discusses persistent resistance to waterless urinals due to building code interpretation, plumbing union members resentment of the loss of work, and perceptions of lower levels of sanitation with... 10/31/2006
Bathrooms a Reflection of School's Climate Issues of bathroom cleanliness, graffiti, and even soap and paper towels tell you as much about the climate of a school as the strength of its academic program and number of extracurricular... 02/27/2000
Behind the Seams. Discusses the use of seamless flooring in areas where cleanliness, waterproofing, and slip resistance are emphasized. Areas such as locker rooms, restrooms, kitchens and cafeterias, lobbies and... 06/30/2000
Building Blueprints. School Restrooms: A Potty Primer. Reviews features of vandal-resistant school restrooms that are easier to maintain, including hard ceilings, high-density polyethylene stalls, vestibules, recessed dispensers, resin floors, and mirror... 12/31/2007
Campus Restrooms' Role in Universal Design. Details the pros and cons of unisex, single-stall restrooms on college campuses, as well as some legal and ethical implications. These facilities address accessibility, family needs, and transgender... 04/30/2007
Clarifying Barrier-Free Washroom Accessibility. Advises on accessibility and universal design in restrooms, including dimensions of openings, raised thresholds, interior doors, lavatories, left- and right-hand equality, appropriate mounting... 09/30/2005
Clean and Comfortable: Avoiding Errors in Locker Room and Restroom Design. Offers extensive advice on design and material selection to make locker rooms and restrooms easy to maintain. The needs and ages of users, the types of exercise offered at the facility, traffic flow... 04/30/2006
Cleaning Costs Are Overlooked In Restrooms Cleaning costs are the most overlooked cost associated with restrooms. Minor changes in how the facilities are designed can make a big difference. For example, installing wall-mounted rather than... 06/30/2012
Clearing a Path for Access Tackling these 8 trouble spots in restrooms ensures greater accessibility for visitors and occupants: signage, door considerations, door hardware, spaces and clearances, water closets, urinals,... 01/31/2005
Conserving Water Gets the Spotlight. Reviews water-saving dual flush toilets and waterless urinals, including the savings on plumbing and maintenance costs realized with waterless urinals. 09/30/2007
Defending the Bathroom. Describes vandal- and corrosion-resistant restroom fixtures and waterless urinals. 02/28/2006