Restroom Design

Title Abstract Publication Date
Designed for Access in the School Washroom Schools can use up-to-date resources when planning accessible restroom facilities. 06/30/2012
Designing Restrooms With Cleaning in Mind. Rest rooms play an important part in the design and function of education facilities due to the high level of usage and exposure to the public that they receive, and they are also a health and safety... 07/05/2005
Despite H1N1 Threat, Survey Shows Many Still Neglect Hand Hygiene. Cites the poor quality of restrooms as a disincentive to hand washing. Attractive and well-maintained facilities, with universal access, hands-free accessories, and solid-surface countertops are... 12/31/2009
Easy Access. Provides graphic design guidelines for accessible school restrooms, emphasizing mounting heights, clearances, and charts listing appropriate specifications for the various age groups. 05/31/2009
Efficient and Low-Budget Restroom Design. Presents an array of economical ways to create attractive and efficient restrooms, including techniques for achieving hygiene, low water use, easy maintenance, and vandalism resistance. 09/30/2005
Facility Focus: Restrooms/Locker Rooms. Profiles respective new football and swim team locker room facilities at the University of Missouri and University of Texas, emphasizing details of locker construction and installation that... 01/31/2009
Five Strategies for Designing Vandal-Resistant Restrooms. Recommends identification of problem restroom areas, use of durable materials, a focus on sink areas, hands-free fixtures and special construction features to prevent restroom vandalism. 06/30/2007
Five Ways To Reduce Restroom Operating Costs The best time to implement features to save restroom operating costs is during the design process. Take into consideration that over the life of a typical restroom, energy, maintenance, and operating... 06/30/2012
Flushing out Restroom Vandalism. Discusses building caring relationships with students and design and furnishing choices that may suppress school restroom vandalism. Rapid removal of graffiti and vandal-resistant fixtures are... 06/30/2010
Flushing Out Solutions. Discusses the use of pressure-assist technology to cut water usage volume in schools. Answers questions concerning whether to retrofit school washrooms with pressure-assisted technology and how much... 06/30/1997
Frugal Flow. Reviews water-saving school restroom devices, including high-use flushing devices and monitored plumbing control systems. 02/29/2008
Germ Wars. Advises on attractive restroom design and strategic placement of fixtures to encourage respect for the facility and handwashing. Suggestions include incorporation of architectural interest, durable... 01/31/2009
Getting the Lead Out. Examines plumbing standards and laws regarding lead content in school bathroom faucets and how to address these concerns. Issues to consider when building new school facilities are highlighted. 04/30/1997
Good Impressions. Discusses design and maintenance of restrooms for cleanliness and safety. Vandal-resistant and low-flow fixtures, aesthetically pleasing low-maintenance surfaces, automated toilets and faucets,... 08/31/2010
Green Restrooms of the Future. Profiles the Chicago Department of the Environment building, a renovated industrial facility that boasts abundant sustainability features. Of particular interest are the restrooms, finished almost... 10/31/2010
Green Restrooms: Sustainability Meets Savings. Advises on savings that can be realized from upgraded plumbing fixtures, air dryers, and dispensers in restrooms. Opportunities for maximizing custodial productivity through better scheduling are... 03/31/2009
Greening Up Restrooms. Advises on reducing material use, water consumption, and negative effects of chemicals in restrooms. Non-toxic alternatives to traditional cleaning and deodorizing compounds are described, as are... 07/31/2007
Guidelines for Children's Facilities. Presents Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines for building school toilet facilities that serve children with disabilities. Several dimension charts are provided showing min/max measurements. 10/31/1999
Hands Off! Touchfree Faucets are Important Germ-Fighting Tools. Briefly describes typical harmful microbes, their symptoms, and the most effective ways to prevent their transmission. Touch-free lavatory faucets are recommended, with various configurations,... 12/31/2008
Harmony Through Diversity. Discusses school restroom cleanliness from a multi-cultural view, encouraging consideration of ethnic diversity in school restroom hygiene training and signage. 10/31/2007
Hold the Water. Describes the amount of water that urinals typically use, and then cites water savings that can be realized with waterless urinals in schools. Advice on choosing and maintaining waterless units is... 01/31/2006
How to Select Products for a Green Washroom. Advises on assessing a company's overall environmental record when considering the environmental friendliness of their restroom products. Source reduction of waste, reduction of consumption, and... 06/30/2010
How To Solve the Restroom Design Equation. Offers design guidance for school restrooms, emphasizing the importance of keeping them sanitary and functional. Addresses the issues of building codes and American with Disabilities compliance. 02/28/2003
K-12 Restrooms. Advises on school bathroom design, including layout, ADA requirements, security, materials, fixtures, lighting, and accessories. 01/31/2009
K-12 Toilet Requirements Summary Summary of minimum K-12 toilet requirements in California according to male and female students and staff, and comparison with 1994 requirements. 12/31/1998