Restroom Design

Title Abstract Publication Date
Keeping the Dialogue Flowing. Discusses the need for complete communication between all interested parties to successfully build or renovate school restrooms. How the use of electronics can help restroom retrofits to be more cost... 03/31/2001
Lavatory Water Consumption. Reports on a study of eight higher education restrooms where lavatory water use was measured before and after the installation of low-consumption aerators, and later. sensor-operated faucets. Water... 12/31/2004
Locker Rooms: The Durable Design. Offers advice on heavy-use locker room design that provides easier maintenance and vandal resistance. Design features and materials used for flooring, ceilings, and walls are addressed as are built-... 08/31/1997
Long-Term Lessons. Reviews typical unacceptable restroom conditions that are easily corrected, and suggests building system, appliance, supply, and custodial solutions. 11/30/2006
Maintaining the Best Defense. Explores school bathroom vandalism prevention strategies and tips in improving sanitary conditions. Ways of removing temptation from primary bathroom targets are highlighted, including adding warm-... 04/30/1997
Making Waterless Work The University of Southern Maine's investigation and installation of waterless urinals reveals both benefits and challenges. Driven by concerns over the rising costs of water and sewer utilities... 01/31/2005
Making Wise and Healthy Choices. Advises on selection of restroom fixtures and furnishings that are affordable, durable, and offer a reduction in maintenance costs. Also considered is efficient layout for optimal restroom traffic. 11/30/2008
Maximizing Touchless Technology. Reviews the benefits of and recent advances in touchless restroom fixtures. Benefits include reduction of water, electricity, product use, and vandalism. Recent advances included improved controls,... 06/30/2008
Necessary Upgrades. Discusses water-saving restroom upgrades for existing campus facilities. Water-saving toilets and urinals are recommended for first consideration, and advice on earning LEED points for these upgrades... 07/31/2008
Outside of the Mainstream Waterless urinals, specified and installed strategically, can offer managers an alternative that can ease facility water use and maintenance needs. This article reviews the benefits and drawbacks of... 01/31/2004
Overdesigned Restroom Lighting Systems Can Increase Costs One of the biggest energy costs in a restroom is lighting. Systems that produce too little light give the restroom the appearance of being dingy and dirty. For that reason, most restroom lighting... 06/30/2012
Palm Beach Schools Committed to Saving Water and Labor with Waterfree Urinals In 2004, the Palm Beach School District made the formal decision to install water free urinals in all new middle and high schools. The district is also systematically replacing any older model urinal... 04/22/2007
Paper Trail. Recommends powerful new bathroom hand dryers that work fast enough to satisfy users unwilling to wait as long as older models took to dry hands. The advantages of air dryers over paper towels are... 08/31/2007
Parents Sound Off on School Restroom Conditions. A survey of parents, conducted on behalf of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation by Opinion Research Corporation, identified a number of problems associated with schools' restrooms. Close to 20... 10/14/2002
Partitioned Off. Discusses restroom partition materials, recommending long-lasting stainless steel as a first choice, with resins as the more affordable option. Proper installation that ensures privacy but still... 11/30/2008
Pass to Compliance. Offers advice on washroom compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act Title III (ADA) regulations during school construction and renovation projects. Critical issues concerning bathroom... 06/30/1998
Plumb Fittings. Discusses the electronic retrofitting of educational facilities plumbing systems. Some advantages of an electronic plumbing retrofit are cost, hygiene, water conservation, and meeting Americans with... 04/30/1996
Plumbing Technology: New-Generation Training. Describes properties of touchless restroom fixtures, including sanitation, reduced maintenance costs, but also changes in maintenance procedures. Training elements for maintenance staff involved with... 09/30/2006
Plumbing. Volume Control: High-Trafffic Restroom Design For decades, school washrooms have borne the brunt of students bent on destruction. This features a new high school with restrooms that will have ceramic tile at least eight feet high and exposed... 12/31/2004
Plumbing: Retrofits That Pay. Provides a step-by-step strategy for making decisions on choice and effectiveness of retrofits to a school''s water-use systems. 07/31/2010
Plumbing: Rewarding Retrofits. Describes conversion to water-saving plumbing fixtures at the University of Georgia, as well as attention to water use in cooling towers and research buildings. A saving of 90 million gallons of... 10/31/2009
Protecting Against Vandalism. Describes ways to make school washrooms more vandal resistant and cost effective through the use of durability and use-and-abuse criteria. It explores washroom accessory and toilet-partition... 08/31/1998
Public Health Worries Shape Restroom Choices Facility executives can turn to improved technology and a wider array of options to address costs and water efficiency as well as hygiene concerns. This discusses innovations in restroom fixture and... 10/31/2004
Putting Waterless to Work. Describes three current designs for waterless urinals, how they are installed in existing restrooms, maintenance and cleaning of the units, and training of custodial staff to work with them. 12/31/2008
Quality Counts. Reviews nationwide efforts to reduce energy and water consumption at schools, and briefly profiles water-saving strategies for restrooms including efficient toilets, showers, and lavatories. 05/31/2008