Restroom Design

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Benefits of Continuous Cleaning and Touch-Free Solutions. Describes the advantages of automatic continuous cleaning devices on toilets and urinals, and advises on their installation and maintenance. Completely touch-free restroom fixtures are also... 06/30/2010
The Corridor Concept: New and Improved Restroom Design. Discusses the advantages of placing school hand-washing stations in adjacent hallways in terms of space conservation, traffic management, cost savings, and facility maintenance. Also addresses issues... 06/30/1999
The Evolution of School Washrooms and Locker Rooms: Design and Product Selection for Today's Challenges. Discusses the latest in school restroom and locker room design, such as wash facilities in outside corridors, infrared water control, repositioned mirrors, plastic lockers and benches, and multiple-... 06/30/2002
The Greener Side of Restroom Design. Discusses strategies for energy- and water-saving restrooms, including low-volume toilets, waterless urinals, furnishings made of recycled content, and touchless fixtures. 10/31/2008
The Lap of Luxury Upscale, homey and robust, today's residence hall bathrooms are more than just necessary rooms. Describes how to provide a great bathroom renovation. 10/31/2011
The Real Dry Facts. Describes how waterless urinals work, what they cost to buy and operate, and documents their successful installation in several schools in Floyd County, Georgia. 12/31/2005
Two-for-One Restroom Savings Among the challenges of upgrading restrooms are identifying areas within restrooms that need upgrading, quantifying financial benefits of upgrades to help sell projects to top management, and staying... 06/30/2000
Use and Abuse. Explores how well-equipped and well-maintained restrooms can help prevent their being vandalized. Products such as no-touch soap systems, sensor-operated faucets, and graffiti-resistant partitions... 06/30/1999
Using Less, Staying Clean. With careful layout and improved equipment, schools can enhance security and improve hygiene in their restrooms by installing products such as low-consumption, pressure-assist toilets (to reduce... 11/30/2002
Vandalism: Preventing the Writing on the Wall. Details vandalism-prevention techniques in restrooms, focusing on vandalism-thwarting fixtures. Installation of security cameras and quick response to graffiti and broken windows are also described. 09/30/2006
Washing Your Hands of Vandalism. Discusses planning techniques that help reduce washroom vandalism and also comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Guidelines for washroom accessories are highlighted, and accessory mounting... 03/31/1995
Washrooms and the ADA. Discusses the updated version of the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it applies to primary and middle school washrooms. It provides the specifications for water closets serving children ages... 11/30/1998
Waste Not. Advises on water savings and hygiene in school bathrooms. Choices in toilet types and hand-drying equipment are addressed. 02/28/2010
Water Conservation Rules Spreading Federal, state and local requirements are helping to drive use of water-efficient technologies. This provides an overview of technologies and practices that can curb water consumption, including... 03/31/2005
Water Conservation Tips and Information, Relating to the Construction and Maintenance of Public Schools in North Carolina. Offers water conservation tips for school kitchens, athletic fields, and restrooms. 12/31/2007
Water Ways. Discusses water saving fixtures for school restrooms. Government definitions of efficiency and potential savings are discussed, and tables assist in providing baseline comparisons of regular, ultra-... 05/31/2007
Water, Water Everywhere. Conserving water can save the school district money. Here is the latest in water conservation toilets, urinals, faucets, and shower systems. 02/28/1998
Why Do Americans Still Neglect Hand Hygiene? Cites the poor quality of restrooms as a disincentive to hand washing. Attractive and well-maintained facilities, with universal access, hands-free accessories, and solid-surface countertops are... 10/31/2009
Why It's Worthwhile to Install Touchfree Plumbing. Contradicts three excuses generally given for not using touchfree bathroom fixtures, and lists a variety of water-saving and health considerations that support its installation. Results of research... 06/30/2008
Winning the Arena Restroom Game. Discusses fan-friendly restroom design for athletic facilities, including more and larger stalls for women's restrooms, better sightlines within the restrooms, and fixture selection. 02/28/2006
Writing Restroom Specifications? Consider Traffic, Conservation, and Hygiene. Presents three factors to be considered in restroom specifications: 1) traffic patterns and numbers of users, 2) hygiene and user comfort, 3) water conservation opportunities. Describes automated... 02/29/2004