Restroom Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Cleaner Future. Describes how school restrooms can get a fresher and healthier look with new technologies and better-trained custodial workers. Examples include more automated, no-touch systems and efficient... 05/31/2003
A Helping Hand. Describes steps schools can take to provide cleaner and safer washrooms. Emphasizes hand-washing to battle germs and asserts that creating a comfortable and user-friendly washroom is a critical and... 01/31/2003
A Lesson Plan for Reducing Restroom Maintenance. Offers advice on preventing restroom vandalism, as well as choosing and installing hygienic and low-maintenance lavatory systems, fixtures, and accessories. 11/30/2005
A National Disgrace? Describes the prevalence of unacceptable school restroom facilities, and the five-step process for improving them that is promoted by project CLEAN (Citizens, Learners and Educators Against Neglect... 11/30/2005
A New Era for Restroom Cleaning. Updated spaces and fixture, teamed with advances in chemicals and products lead to improved sanitation and comfort. Describes designing for cleanliness, cleaning changes, equipment update, chemicals... 04/30/2000
A Nice Place To Visit. Discusses how creative planning can help schools to keep washroom traffic moving, deter vandalism, and reduce maintenance. 04/30/2002
A System-Based Approach. Discusses how school restroom cleaning can be simplified by a standardized maintenance procedure. Details sources of odor, steps for spot cleaning and deep cleaning, and cleaning tools such as... 06/30/2002
Back to School Starts with Bathrooms: Tom Keating, Founder of Project CLEAN Describes Project CLEAN (Citizens, Learners, and Educators Against Neglect) created by Tom Keating in 1996 to advocate for wellness and the improvement of safety, cleanliness and hygiene of public... 07/31/2011
Bathroom Blues. According to this article, school restrooms are often dirty, dank, and depressing. This describes a a lone crusader that is proving that they don't have to be. Plus industry experts say... 02/11/2003
Bathrooms a Reflection of School's Climate Issues of bathroom cleanliness, graffiti, and even soap and paper towels tell you as much about the climate of a school as the strength of its academic program and number of extracurricular... 02/27/2000
Behind Closed Doors. Explains why campus security officials consider locker rooms and restrooms the bane of their jobs, and offers a formula for protecting property and privacy at the same time: first secure the entire... 01/31/2002
Building Blueprints. School Restrooms: A Potty Primer. Reviews features of vandal-resistant school restrooms that are easier to maintain, including hard ceilings, high-density polyethylene stalls, vestibules, recessed dispensers, resin floors, and mirror... 12/31/2007
Clean and Safe Washroom School Maintenance Schools and universities must be vigilant about upkeep of their washrooms to avoid potential health and behavior problems. Discusses health issues, problems with bullies and vandalism, and water... 02/29/2012
Clean and Safe. The daily cleaning and sanitary maintenance of a school washroom area should go hand in hand with the physical maintenance of the structure, fixtures and plumbing. Also provides ideas for... 08/31/2000
Clean School Restroom Legislation [California]. California legislation (Senate Bill 892) contains provisions relating to the sufficiency and availability of the restroom facilities in all public schools. This provides information on the procedure... 12/31/2003
Cleaning Costs Are Overlooked In Restrooms Cleaning costs are the most overlooked cost associated with restrooms. Minor changes in how the facilities are designed can make a big difference. For example, installing wall-mounted rather than... 06/30/2012
Cleaning Up: Battling Germs in School Facilities. Describes the threat of norovirus and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Saphylococcus aureus) in schools, typical places where germs reside in schools, and proper cleaning to combat germs. Includes three... 01/31/2009
Defending the Bathroom. Describes vandal- and corrosion-resistant restroom fixtures and waterless urinals. 02/28/2006
Designing Restrooms With Cleaning in Mind. Rest rooms play an important part in the design and function of education facilities due to the high level of usage and exposure to the public that they receive, and they are also a health and safety... 07/05/2005
Despite H1N1 Threat, Survey Shows Many Still Neglect Hand Hygiene. Cites the poor quality of restrooms as a disincentive to hand washing. Attractive and well-maintained facilities, with universal access, hands-free accessories, and solid-surface countertops are... 12/31/2009
Drain Cleaning: Critical Operations. Provides information for assembling drain-cleaning equipment that is flexible, reliable, and powerful enough to help tradespeople meet the demans of an expanding institution. 06/30/2011
Drain Cleaning: Putting Technology to Work. Reviews recent drain cleaning technology, including lightweight augers that are kink- and tangle-resistant, video inspection devices, heavy-duty rodders, and water jetters. Incorporation of drain... 11/30/2008
Effectively Maintaining Tile and Grout. Describes techniques for cleaning and restoring tile and grout in restrooms. Restorative bonding is a relatively new technology that eliminates the cycle of staining, cleaning, and resealing of tile... 07/31/2004
Five Strategies for Designing Vandal-Resistant Restrooms. Recommends identification of problem restroom areas, use of durable materials, a focus on sink areas, hands-free fixtures and special construction features to prevent restroom vandalism. 06/30/2007
Five Ways To Reduce Restroom Operating Costs The best time to implement features to save restroom operating costs is during the design process. Take into consideration that over the life of a typical restroom, energy, maintenance, and operating... 06/30/2012