Roof Selection

Title Abstract Publication Date
Easy on the Earth. Cites the environmental benefits of geothermal systems, proper school site selection and design, and green roofs. 02/28/2007
Eight Things You Should Know about Designing a Roof. Discusses designing a roof to insurance company standards that are more stringent than the building code, not overdesigning if those insurance company standards do not apply to that building, and how... 01/31/2010
Energy Efficiency: More Than a Simple Black and White Issue. Explains how dark-colored roof membranes may be more beneficial to energy savings than light-colored ones when used in cooler climates. While most environmental building rating schemes promote... 02/28/2009
Energy Efficient Roofs. Questions the rush to light-colored, reflective roofs on schools, as most schools spend more on heating than cooling. Evidence of their ineffectiveness in northern locations, as well as a description... 11/30/2008
Energy Opportunities up on the Roof. [Energy Efficient Roofing Metrics.] Discusses reflectivity, emissivity, and thermal conductance in roofing materials, noting how these factors interact with climate to impact the energy use of a building. 05/31/2009
Facts on the Hot Tin Roofs. Cites the advantages of metal roofs, including durability, energy savings, and an array of design options that can even emulate other roof types. 05/31/2008
Five Tips on Building a Sloped Green Roof. Advises on confinement of the growing medium, proper plantings, irrigation, membrane, and selection of a sole supplier for a sloped green roof. 01/31/2007
Five Ways to Make a Roof Last Longer. Discusses extending roof life through proper design, quality materials, quality workmanship, weather considerations, and timely maintenance. 09/30/2009
Flat Roof Follies: The Importance of Venting and Understanding Water. Describes the typical construction of a flat roof, addressing the proper flashing and venting techniques to prevent water penetration and to prevent condensation of interior water vapor within the... 05/31/2009
Flexible Answers. Describes how schools are investigating single-ply roofing systems for new and retrofit construction. Discusses some of the considerations in seaming together a single-ply roof, steps in choosing... 01/31/1997
Four Steps to Successful Roofing Projects. Discusses analysis, evaluation and design; quality products; proper application and regular inspection; and corrective and preventive maintenance as four critical components of a successful roof. 08/31/2010
Four Ways to Pre-Qualify the Quality of Roof Systems. Discusses stable supplier relationships, access to alternative suppliers, innovative partnerships, and quality assurance programs for helping to ensure that roofs are of lasting integrity. 08/31/2009
From a Nightmare to a Dream. [Project Profile: Roofing Retrofit.] Details the replacement of a problematic roof at Duke University Medical Center. The design of the successful replacement and recycling of removed roofing materials is described. 06/30/2010
Fungi Aren't Fun: Mold Growth Needs to Be Limited in Roof Systems Occupied buildings with interior moisture sources, such as schools, can generate water vapor, which must dissipate or be ventilated so that it does not accumulate and become a mold source. This... 02/29/2004
Getting with the Program. Discusses how software programs can help managers evaluate roofing options, project maintenance, and repair costs. Describes how computerized roof management can aid in budgeting, facilitate the... 09/30/1996
Going Green. A National Research Council Canada study evaluates green roof systems' thermal performances. Green and modified bitumen roof systems are compared. 08/31/2002
Green Begins from the Roof Down. Outlines virtues of green roofs, including restoration of green space lost to building, stormwater management, reduction of heat island effect, extension of roof life, and energy savings. 06/30/2007
Green on the Go. Profiles a modular vegetative roof installed to be portable, because the business that installed it does not own the building. Advantages and disadvantages of modular vegetative roofs are discussed. 12/31/2010
Green Roofs and Schools. Lists opportunities for instruction that a green roof provides, especially in dense urban neighborhoods. In addition to environmental benefits, a green roof supports plant species, insects, birds,... 08/22/2010
Green Roofs Enroll in Chicago Schools. Describes types and costs of green roofs and the environmental benefits which they bring. The Chicago Public Schools' experience in attempting to install them on some schools is also described. 12/31/2003
Green Roofs on Campus. Describes a green roof being installed at the University of North Carolina. Explains the differences between intensive and extensive green roofs, as well as the costs, construction techniques, and... 12/31/2003
Green Roofs...What Did We Forget to Ask? Advises on designing and maintaining a green roof, including weight calculation, irrigation, runoff, and media and plant selection, and timing the installation. Initial and long-term maintenance... 11/30/2008
Green Roofs: From Fad to Fact. Discusses the ancient and recent history of green roofs, typical owner resistance to them due to costs, weight, and care, and their several benefits. 02/29/2008
Green Roofs: Growing Options. Advises on selection of built-in or modular green roofs, involving assessment of the load- bearing capacity of the building and the overall goals of the owner. Descriptions of various growing media... 02/28/2009
Greening from the Top Down. Green roofs, with their topsoil and plants, improve insulation, filter air, reduce water runoff, and provide habitat for urban wildlife. They are compatible with schools because they save energy;... 03/31/2002