Roof Selection

Title Abstract Publication Date
Guide to Green Roofing. Defines types of green roofs, advises on their construction and limiting factors, and discusses climate, wind, structural requirements, fire protection, warranty, and waterproofing. 10/31/2009
Guidelines for the Design of Energy Efficient Roof Systems. These guidelines are intended to assist design professionals who want to specify energy-efficient roof systems, as well as those who need to meet the requirements of the American Society of Heating,... 12/31/2003
Harnessing the Sun. Discusses the installation of photovoltaic systems on roofs of school buildings, considering the type, slope and orientation of the roofs; materials required, and citing an example from the... 12/31/2006
Heavy Metal. Discusses the functional and economic advantages of using standing-seam metal roofs to provide new or retrofitted roofs for educational facilities. Describes the difference between structural and non... 06/30/1998
Higher Education. A School's Metal Roof Systems Incorporate its Sprawling Campus's Unique Design. Case study of the Robert C. Cooley Middle School in Roseville, California which features cone-shaped turret, tapered metal panel and radius roof system. The middle school was designed to reflect the... 08/31/2002
How Cool Is Your Roof? Explains a concept called cool roof that is used to reduce electricity costs for air conditioning, and also reduce the price of air conditioning units. Discusses the light reflecting capabilities of... 11/30/2001
How Roof Design and Location Affect Temple University's Sloped Green Roof. Profiles this vegetative roof, detailing its design, evolving plant selection, and maintenance. 01/31/2010
How To Choose the Right Roofing System. Discusses the factors to consider when specifying a roof for an existing or new facility. Factors include cost, longevity, value of operations, warranties, building structure and design, and old vs.... 12/31/2000
How Would You Roof This Building? Presents roofing systems selected by various members of the National Roofing Contractors Association Technical Committee for a fictional new high school. The school includes a field house, natatorium... 06/30/2004
Inspection Insights: Ensuring Roof Performance. Discusses inspection of roofing elements during installation. Pre-inspection issues, roof deck substrates, insulation, bitumen temperatures, membranes, and base flashing are addressed. 10/31/2009
It Came from Hail. Describes the testing of samples of EPDM roofing for resistance to hail damage. The testing methods imitated actual hailstorms as closely as possible, and the roofs experienced minimal damage, mostly... 04/30/2009
Keeping Cool. Explores roofing options that can help control energy costs through use of highly reflective roofing materials. Additionally discussed is the Urban Heat Island phenomenon created when several super-... 06/30/2000
Keeping the Lid On. Discusses the basics of roof design, maintenance, and purchasing to help school administrators and facility managers resolve their roofing concerns and save money. Examines the development of a five-... 05/31/1999
Keeping the Lid On. A leaking metal roof can be a headache, as well a potential disaster. In a question and answer format, this article addresses issues such as materials, applications, roofing systems, load limits, and... 06/30/1995
Keys to a Successful Roofing System. Provides advice on successfully managing an educational facility's roofing system by first getting the best roofing system possible, then undertaking regular precautionary measures to assure its... 11/30/1999
Let the School District Beware! Discusses why an offer of free roofing help for a school can be very costly, as several New Jersey schools found out the hard way. Offers advice on selecting a qualified roof designer. 12/31/2001
Life-cycle Cost-benefit Analysis of Green Roofing Systems: the Economic and Environmental Impact of Installing Green Roofs on All Atlanta Public Schools This study examines the relationship between environmental sustainability and green schools, seeking to highlight the benefits and determine the Net Present Value (NPV) installing vegetative roofs on... 04/04/2011
Living with a Green Roof: Secrets to a Successful Long-Term Relationship. Details long-term issues of a green roof. Topics include why to choose a green roof, classification of green roofs, installation methods, the components of a green roof, replanting, drainage,... 12/31/2008
Looking Up. Discusses school districts transforming their open spaces by looking up — to their roofs - transforming what can be a functional afterthought into a new asset in order to advance strategic goals.... 10/31/2011
Maximizing Expenditures. Discusses factors identified by educational facilities managers as critical to selecting roofing systems. Describes the recent trend toward considering energy conservation when selecting roofing... 08/31/2002
Metal Buildings: Green and Good Looking. Discusses the advantages of metal building exteriors, comparing the energy performance of two recent identical schools, one with a metal roof, and one without. 10/31/2008
Metal Roofs and Equipment Installation. Advises on mounting equipment and other fixtures on standing seam metal roofs, emphasizing the convenience of clamping to the seam rather than making penetrations. Instructions on how to care for the... 07/31/2009
National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) NRCA is an association of roofing, roof deck and waterproofing contractors. Ths site includes consumer information, publications and audio-visuals. NRCA publishes Professional Roofing Magazine, and...
New Kid on the Roof. Describes self-adhered modified bitumen roofing products that do not require heat application or torching of asphalt. Still under investigation are their wind resistance, adherence properties, and... 12/31/2008
Not Just Black and White. Disputes claims that there is a single solution for energy-efficient roofing. The school's location determines the need for use of light or dark colors. Whether in hot or cold climates,... 03/31/2010