Roof Selection

Title Abstract Publication Date
Roofing: Rethinking Green. Defines green roofs as those with minimal environmental impact, rather than simply those that are vegetative. Criteria for evaluating a roof by all of its sustainability qualities are offered.... 07/31/2008
Roofs That Last...And Last...And Last. Describes the benefits of using protected membrane roofing (PMR) systems as a means of cutting maintenance and repair costs over the roof's lifetime. Responses to arguments against using PMR... 01/31/1999
Roofs: A New Frontier for Green. Reviews types of green roofs; their planning, design, and implementation; and particular issues pertaining to their maintenance. 02/29/2008
Rooftop Penetrations. Reviews considerations for attachment of equipment and fixtures on metal roofs, describing clamping to seams and curbs without penetrating, and proper flashing where penetration is required. 02/29/2008
Rooftops Slowly, but Steadily, Start to Sprout. Describes types of green roof systems, their significant installation costs, and government and utility incentives that are available in some places to help offset these higher costs. 07/31/2006
SAT for School Roofing. Discusses sustainability, application, and technical support (SAT) for school roofs. Within this concept questions are proposed that help assess roofing materials, application, and manufacturer... 10/31/2007
Save Now, Pay Much More Later. Presents the perspectives of a manufacturer, consultant, and school district on choosing a correct roofing system, installing it correctly, and maintaining it for overall savings. The gap between... 05/31/2004
Seeing Green from Roof to Roof. Reviews the trend toward green roofs on educational buildings, citing their benefits of reduced energy costs, water runoff, noise, and heat reflection. Built-in-place and modular green roof systems... 02/28/2006
Setting the Standard [Understanding Cool Roof Codes and Rebate Requirements]. Describes utility rebates, tax breaks, and grants for installation of cool roofs, as well as proliferating state and local requirements that they be used. 02/28/2009
Single Ply Roofing Institute Sheet membrane and component suppliers to the commercial roofing industry.
Smart Shopping. Advises on school roof procurement, addressing typical features of state contracts, co- operative purchasing, and competitive bidding. The advantages and disadvantages of these procedures are... 05/31/2008
Solar Roofs in San Diego. Describes an ongoing project to install photovoltaic systems on roofs of school and administrative buildings in the San Diego Unified School District. The roofs' design, construction, financing... 12/31/2006
Specifying Today's Roofing Systems to Control Tomorrow's Energy Costs. Reviews roofing insulation and cool surfacing as a means to control energy costs. Means of calculating cost savings through roof specifications, including online tools, are discussed, as are... 08/31/2007
Specifying, Installing and Maintaining Built-Up and Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems. Examines built-up, modified bitumen, and hybrid combinations of the two roofing systems and offers advise on how to assure high- quality performance and durability when using them. Included is a... 01/31/2000
Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems: Ideal for New Construction and Renovation. Describes an extensive reconstruction of the Wilcox C Building at Tuskegee University and details the Colonial Red standing seam metal roof system used in the renovation. 05/31/2002
State of the Art: As Green Roofs Build a Track Record in North America, What Fundamentals Apply? Considers the record of green roofs in North America, with special attention to its climate that is more extreme than in Europe, where green roofs are more common. Advice is given on plant selection... 05/31/2007
Staying Cool. Illustrates how roofs that deflect the sun's heat away from the building can significantly reduce school energy budgets. Discusses the installation of white polymer roofs and use of reflective... 05/31/2001
Steel Roofing Systems Have School Districts Looking Up. Examines the leading benefits of choosing steel roofing for educational facilities. Benefits examined are durability, energy efficiency, aesthetics and design flexibility, and construction efficiency... 03/31/2001
Sticking with Self-adhered Roofing. Discusses application possibilities for this roofing product, what it is made of, how it is applied, and the advantages of factory-applied adherents over those adhered on site. 03/31/2009
Stretching Your Roofing Dollars with Metal Retrofit. Discusses retrofitting of flat roofs with sloped metal roofing that sits on top of the flat roof, as well as re-covering existing sloped metal roofs with a new one. Opportunities for energy-saving... 04/30/2009
Stretching Your Roofing Dollars: The Metal Retrofit. Advises on installation of a sloped metal roof over an existing flat one or an existing sloped metal roof. The grade, underpinning, typical problems encountered, and advantages of a double roof are... 08/31/2009
Student Union Building Is Green with Plant Life. Describes a green roof project at the University of Central Florida, whose placement next to a section of conventional roof enabled a side-by-side evaluation of the two roof types. 12/31/2005
Students Walk All Over New Roofing System. Describes a roofing system at the University of North Carolina-Greensborough designed to withstand foot traffic and use as the floor of an outdoor studio. 10/31/2003
Taking a Load Off. Discusses the snow load capacity of school roofs and how understanding this data aids in planning preventive measures and easing fear of roof collapse. Describes how to determine snow load capacity,... 01/31/1995
Taking It to the Next Level. Discusses recent green roof installations at schools, describing their benefits to rainwater retention, reduced energy costs, and use as a teaching tool. Advice on planning and installing a green... 08/31/2009