Roof Selection

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Big Top. Details plant selection, medium preparation, installation instruction, and maintenance considerations for green roofs. 06/30/2008
The Book on School Roofing (Short Version). Presents the detailed observations of a building professional regarding the present and hoped-for state of school roofing. The author addresses the mystery of school roof problems in an overview, and... 12/31/2007
The Cool Roofing Trend. Discusses state and national standards for roofing reflectivity, emphasizing the increase ease and economy of creating a cool roof on an existing building. 02/28/2007
The Five E's of High-Performance Roofing For a roofing system to be considered sustainable, it must deliver the Five E's of high-performance roofing: energy, environment, endurance, economics, and engineering. White paper explores... 07/31/2011
The Grass Ceiling. Discusses how to balance aesthetics and energy savings of green roofs with the practicalities of structure, water, and wear. Covers how to analyze the layers, learning from applications, and... 11/06/2011
The Greening of North America. Describes extensive and intensive green roofing systems, the benefits they offer, progress in research, development, advocacy, and community awareness. 02/29/2004
The High-Performance Roof: Synergy in Action. Discusses the combined contribution of a roof's components to economic, energy, and environmental stewardship. Energy factors include insulation, cool roofs, photovoltaics, and daylighting.... 06/30/2008
The Hurricanes of 2004. Presents an overview of the Federal Emergency Management Association's findings and recommendations, following evaluations of roof performance in three 2005 hurricanes. Roofing equipment,... 08/31/2005
The Key Benefits of Green Roof Systems. Briefly reviews the benefits of green roofs to stormwater management, energy conservation, and roof life. Costs, structural, and maintenance issues are addressed. 02/28/2007
The Proof is on the Roof. Discusses factors influencing the cost of installing a green roof, as wellas the benefits of these roofs to roof life, energy savings, stormwater runoff, and LEED certification. 07/31/2006
The Roofing Shell Game. Describes the common defects in roofing, loopholes in roofing warranties that make them worthless, and ways a school system can protect themselves. 10/31/2004
The Stevenson Green Roof: A Living Laboratory. Presents a proposal by a consortium to construct a green roof on a Bronx high school. The proposal points out the benefits to student achievement and local environment, as well as opportunities for... 12/31/2006
The View from Above: Roof Construction and Maintenance. Discusses involving a roofing expert in the early design phase of a building, along with their responsibilities. The elements of a pre-installation roofing conference are addressed, as are those of... 01/31/2009
Thermoplastic Single-Ply Roof Relieves Water Damage and Inconvenience. Assesses use of thermoplastic single-ply roofs by North Carolina's Mars Hill College to prevent leaks, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance the value of their older historic buildings.... 12/31/2001
Tips for Selecting Rigid Roof Insulation. Examines product options for roof insulation, methods of insulation attachment, and considerations for selecting a roof insulation system. 02/01/2008
Tob Job. Discusses roof inspection and cool roofs for school buildings. 01/31/2008
Top Job. Examines the factors for properly selecting the ideal roofing system for school buildings. Considerations involving roof insulation and inspection, warranties, and vapor retardants are discussed. 11/30/1997
Understanding Building Codes for Roofing Systems. Offers advice in making sense of what building codes say about low-sloped commercial roofing systems. 11/30/2002
Understanding Roofing Systems. Reviews the various types of multi- and single-ply roofing commonly used today in educational facilities. Roofing types described involve built-up systems, modified bitumen systems; ethylene... 03/31/2001
Up On the Roof. Profiles New York green school roofs at CUNY's Lehman College, Adlai Stevenson High School, and St. Hilda's and St. Hugh's School. 11/18/2008
Up on the Roof. Discuss issues particular to school roofs in the cold Northeast, stormy Southeast, and desert Southwest environments. 02/28/2006
Vegetative Roofs: What You Need to Know. Advises on vegetative roof construction, addressing benefits to the environment, but also noting the increased cost, varying types of maintenance, and potential for unwanted wildlife and insects.... 12/31/2009
Waste and Abuse: Public School Roofing Projects. This report details the results of a comprehensive inquiry by New Jersey into one aspect of school construction, the repair and replacement of roof systems, which represents the single most expensive... 08/31/2000
Water, Water Everywhere. Discusses techniques for keeping water out of school buildings. Air spaces between exterior and interior walls, weep holes in the masonry, and waterproofing applications are described, as are new... 06/30/2007
Waterproofing and Insulation. Discusses the importance of securing the school building envelope against moisture, beginning with the site plan and design phase, and continuing through construction and maintenance. Recommendations... 01/31/2008