Rural School Facility Issues

Title Abstract Publication Date
2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom. Presents over 300 school designs from teams made up of architects, students, and teachers, along with detail on the award winnders. The economical designs are intended developing and under-funded... 12/31/2008
A Decade of Consolidation: Where are the Savings? Between 1990 and 2000, total enrollment in West Virginia decreased 11%, 202 schools were closed, and education spending increased by 16%. Per pupil expenditures increased more in West Virginia than... 12/31/2003
A Rural School/Community: A Case Study of a Dramatic Turnaround and Its Implications for School Improvement Reversing two decades of school-community turmoil, Valley View--a small, rural community in northeastern Vermont--approved a bond issue for school construction. This case study uses organizational... 09/30/1990
A Technical Report on the Condition of School Buildings in Rural and Small School Districts. This study was undertaken to assess the condition of school facilities in rural and small school districts in the 50 states and analyze the mechanisms used by rural and small school districts to... 12/31/1986
Abandoned School Buildings in Rural Illinois and Their Conversions. Reviews recent literature regarding the benefits of revitalizing abandoned school buildings and presents a summary of findings from a survey of administrators involved in building closures. Examples... 03/31/2007
An Economical, Thorough, and Efficient School System: The West Virginia School Building Authority Economy of Scale Numbers The West Virginia School Building Authority has arbitrarily emphasized economies of scale as a requirement for statewide facilities funding. This requirement has forced consolidation in sparsely... 12/31/1996
An Examination of Capital Outlay Funding Mechanisms in Oklahoma. Explores fiscal interrelationships that underlay capital outlay funding, including the differences between rural and non-rural school districts. The study additionally focuses on the relationships... 08/31/2010
Applications of Technology in Rural School Facilities. Rural schools often have difficulty in developing and implementing a 21st century, K-12 technology plan. This report describes one rural school district's (Wayne, Nebraska) successful efforts at... 05/01/1998
Architectural Quality in Planning and Design of Schools: Current Issues with Focus on Developing Countries. This volume contains the proceedings of the 13th Architecture & Behavior Colloquium, bringing. It brought together researchers, designers, consultants and decision makers on educational... 12/31/2009
Australia's Oak Valley Aboriginal School. Describes the planning and design of a new school for an Aboriginal community in Australia which replaced their previously transient school services. 01/31/2003
Basic Education (Girls) Project (BEGP) in Laos People's Democratic Republic. Profiles this project by which 504 schools and 52 district education offices have been built in remote areas of Laos considered to be below the poverty line. The overall objective is general primary... 12/31/2009
Best Fiscal Management Practices for Rural Schools. This policy brief highlights some of the leading policy issues faced by states, local school districts, policymakers, education leaders, and concerned citizens. The document is organized into five... 10/31/2004
Breaking the Fall: Cushioning the Impact of Rural Declining Enrollment. Highlights the role that state educational policies have in either magnifying the challenges of declining enrollment, or conversely, mitigating them. The report contains 20 policy recommendations,... 01/31/2006
Building Blocks: Humanitarian Design and Schools. Profiles simple schools constructed in developing, disaster-stricken, or otherwise challenged areas. These include a prototype two-room school facility built in many Haitian locations where the 2010... 12/31/2010
Building Virtual Classrooms. Describes how two rural community college expanded their distance learning facilities. The problems faced by the present systems, the solutions, and outsourcing where necessary are described. 02/28/2010
Bureau of Indian Affairs Schools: Expenditures in Selected Schools Are Comparable to Similar Public Schools, but Data Are Insufficient to Judge Adequacy of Funding and Formulas. Reports that the Dept. of Interior, which administers Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Schools, does not collect and therefore has little data on which to base its school budgets. The researchers... 08/31/2003
Can Good Design Boost the Case for School Consolidation? Discusses some benefits of consolidating under-utilized schools, and how thoughtful facility design can ease the trauma of consolidation, and even better serve the educational program. 08/27/2008
Challenge West Virginia Challenge West Virginia is a statewide organization of parents, educators, and other West Virginians committed to maintaining and improving small community schools. The website includes resources,...
Circle of Life. A school addition and renovation finds inspiration in traditional American Indian imagery. Features the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe School near Hayward, Wisconsin. 08/31/1996
Closing a School Building: A Systematic Approach. Cites a decline in some regions' school enrollment due to demographics, economics, and school choice. The author then presents a step-by-step analysis for deciding to close a school, and then... 08/31/2010
Closing Costs: A Summary of an Award Winning Look at School Consolidation in West Virginia, a State Where It Has Been Tried Aggressively. With the promise of broader curriculum and huge tax savings, West Virginia has closed more than 300 schools, one in every five, since 1990. In 2002, the Charleston Gazette investigated the outcomes... 07/31/2002
Closing Schools: A Community Engagement Process. Outlines a process for engaging the community and logically closing schools. The process and framework for decision-making are illustrated by criteria, filtering characteristics, and special... 12/31/2006
Coming Together: The Pros and Cons of School Consolidation. Reviews the benefits of school consolidation to curriculum and extracurricular offerings, staffing, student diversification, and financing. Possible disadvantages include loss of a sense of community... 11/30/2008
Community Involvement for Improving Rural School Facilities. This report examines the community-school relationship in a rural school facilities improvement project in Waitsburg, Washington. It offers a brief overview describing the school district followed by... 04/30/1998
Competition or Consolidation? The School District Consolidation Debate Revisited. Advocates competition over consolidation as a means to achieve school efficiency in Arizona, with school choice and expansion of charter school opportunities recommended. The costs and experiences of... 01/11/2004