Safety and Security Assessment

Title Abstract Publication Date
Eyes and Ears. Discusses techniques for improving school security, including card access control, security assessments, and weapons control. Human observation is particularly emphasized. 04/30/2008
Facilities Evaluation Handbook: Safety, Fire Protection, and Environmental Compliance, 2nd edition. Provides guidance to help plant and facilities managers conduct inspections and evaluations of their facilities in order to pinpoint and solve problems in the areas of maintenance, safety, energy... 12/31/1999
Facility Inspection Tool Guidebook. Assists with school facility inspections, with particular attention to the California Office of Public School Construction's Facility Inspection Tool(FIT). After an overview of health and safety... 12/31/2007
Family Guide to School Environments. Assists families in performing an on-site inspection of a potential school. The guide presents descriptions of favorable situations and questions that should be considered while visiting the campus.... 12/31/2007
From a Student's Perspective. Presents the observations of a 17-year-old on school security, citing the building vulnerabilities that attract predators, various types of risk, the importance of involving all occupants in the... 06/30/2009
Getting a Fresh Perspective on School Safety Audits. Reports that school safety audits do improve school safety, which in turn fosters a sense of safety for students and staff, and improves achievement. School principals required to conduct safety... 05/31/2009
Greenwood Community Schools Prioritize Building Security. Profiles recent security measures taken in Indiana's Greenwood Community School Corporation. After assessment by security consultants, video surveillance, electronic door access, and visitor... 05/31/2009
Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment For Schools. Offers a workbook to identify and assess hazards to school property and occupants in order to develop a more thorough emergency response plan. 10/31/2006
Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2008. Examines crime occurring in school as well as on the way to and from school. The report provides current detailed statistical information on the nature of crime in schools. It presents data on crime... 12/31/2008
Is Your Security Technology Working? Advises on how to correct gaps in school security technology, starting with a school safety assessment before the technology is acquired. Areas that are addressed by a safety assessment, preparation... 11/30/2008
Keeping Tennessee Schools Safe. Reviews state laws, policies, and requirements, and compares them with accepted best practices for school safety. State law requires districts to report building security strategies and procedures in... 08/31/2009
Making Safety Systematic at City University of New York. Describes a program involving the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) and the City University of New York (CUNY) in which a private contractor provides annual loss-prevention surveys... 05/31/2002
Making the Difference. Advises on the elements of a school safety assessment and identifies key areas typically in need of safety upgrades. 08/31/2010
National School Safety Center A national clearinghouse for school safety program information funded by the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice, and housed at Pepperdine University.
National Summit on Campus Public Safety. Strategies for Colleges and Universities in a Homeland Security Environment. This report is the result of a COPS-sponsored project led by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Community Policing Institute to take an in-depth look at current activities and future needs in the field of... 09/23/2004
NCEF School Safety Assessment Guides. The 25 guides found on the lower portion of this web page assist in the school safety assessment process. Each downloadable guide addresses a specific area or space within the school, presenting a... 12/31/2007
NIOSH Safety Checklist Program for Schools. Many States mandate that career-technical schools and institutions have safety and health programs in place, conduct hazard analyses for each career-technical program, do safety inspections and... 09/30/2006
Plan for Safety After the Newtown shootings, school leaders are reconsidering their safety and security plans. This journal article was penned by a lawyer who has worked with districts involved with shooting... 07/01/2013
Primer to Design Safe School Projects in Case of Terrorist Attacks and School Shootings, 2nd Edition This manual is a revised and expanded version of FEMA 428. It provides the design community and school administrators with the basic principles and techniques to design a school that is safe from... 03/31/2012
Primer to Design Safe School Projects in Case of Terrorist Attacks. This primer provides guidance to protect students, faculty, staff, and their school buildings from terrorist attacks. It also provides guidance to the building science community of architects and... 11/30/2003
Providing Safe Facilities: Conducting a Facility Risk Review. Outlines steps of an athletic facility safety audit and offers a sample format of a safety inspection checklist and action report. Includes 12 references. 12/31/2008
Rapid Visual Screening of Buildings for Potential Seismic Hazards: A Handbook. FEMA 154, Edition 2. Presents a method to quickly identify, inventory, and rank buildings posing risk of death, injury, or severe curtailment in use following an earthquake. The procedure can be used by trained personnel... 02/28/2002
Ready, Fire, Aim: Why Security Measures May Miss the Target. Advises on areas of building security that are often overlooked. A security assessment should always be the first step, followed by selection of technology, staffing, policies, and procedures.... 10/31/2010
Safe and Secure Schools Assessment. Presents the results of safety assessments of Idaho schools, conducted by online surveys, site visits, focus groups, community forums, and a crisis response drill. The data revealed that eighteen... 12/31/2007
Safe Campus Checklist. Outlines points to consider when purchasing secrutiy services and equipment. These include checking company background, their experience within the educational community, their personnel... 05/31/2007