Safety and Security Assessment

Title Abstract Publication Date
Safe School Facilities Checklist. A checklist that combines the nation's best school facility assessment measures into one online source for assessing the safety and security of school buildings and grounds. It includes over 400... 12/31/2006
Safe School Inspection Guidebook. This guidebook covers 18 safety areas and defines the mandatory health and safety standards applicable to schools. The guidebook is used in conjunction with a safe school inspection conducted by a... 04/14/2002
Safe Schools Begin With Safe Schools Checklists Describes how the Evansville, Indiana school district, working to create a safe learning environment for its students, created a safe schools checklist to assess their schools. 10/31/2011
Safe Schools Guide: Selected Strategies and Resources. Advises on preventive strategies for school security. Facilities issues covered include assessment of buildings and grounds, safe storage and handling of hazardous materials, disaster management.... 05/31/2005
Safer Schools and Hospitals Toolkit This British toolkit is an easy-to-use template for security risk assessment in schools. The practical guide helps one understand the reasons that crimes and incidents occur in a school site or... 03/31/2005
Safety and Security Administration in School Facilities: Forms, Checklists and Guidelines. 2nd Edition. This provides individuals responsible for school safety and security with a comprehensive resource tool containing forms, checklists, policies and procedures, guidelines, and state-of-the-art... 09/30/2003
Safety Balance: Achieving a Secure but Friendly Access Control. Discusses school access control, emphasizing a welcoming environment that is nonetheless carefully controlled. Careful evaluation of how the building is used by students, staff, and the community... 12/31/2008
Scared or Prepared: Reducing Risks with School Security Assessments. Prevention/intervention approaches such as violence-prevention curricula and conflict resolution are insufficient security measures. Three reasons for conducting school-security assessments are to... 04/30/1999
School Access Safety Audit. Provides a checklist to assess school access safety. The document lists 40 building features and procedures involving school access, giving the user the opportunity to rate them not at all,"... 12/31/2006
School Actions for Emergencies (SAFE) Center SAFE is eSchool News and the International Society for Technology in Education's information clearinghouse to help school leaders prepare for both physical and IT security threats and...
School Building Safety. This webpage offers a checklist and links to information resources to help assess the health and safety of a school environment. Air quality, fire code compliance, policies on chemicals and hazardous... 12/31/2006
School Disaster Reduction and Readiness Checklist. Offers a brief checklist that assesses the presence or absence of 33 elements of school disaster preparedness. 07/14/2008
School Emergency Management Planning: Hazard Vulnerability Assessments. Advocates hazard vulnerability assessments (HVAs) as essential elements of school emergency management planning. Schools can utilize HVA's to identify potential hazards and to prioritize... 10/04/2007
School Safety Audit Guidelines. Presents a checklist to assess the security of a school building and its grounds. Sections cover areas of the school interiors, lighting, doors, signage, play areas, parking, access control,... 12/31/2006
School Safety Audit Protocol. The 1997 Virginia General Assembly passed legislation directing school boards to require all schools to conduct safety audits. This audit is designed to assess the safety conditions in each public... 05/31/2000
School Safety Audit Questions and Answers. Provides twelve questions and answers that should be considered in a school safety audit. These cover the exterior, interior, visibility, and alarms. 12/31/2010
School Safety Facilities Design Checklists. Prompts school design teams to consider equipment, fixtures and design features that are conducive to a safe learning environment and a higher level of emergency preparedness by stimulating... 12/31/2006
School Safety Review Checklist. Offers a school safety checklist that addresses, in 512 questions, 24 types of school spaces and systems, the grounds, athletic facilities, and athletic equipment. 06/30/2005
School Safety: Lessons Learned. Advises on school safety and security, covering threat assessment, school climate, violence prevention programs, building safety assessment, crisis response plans, law enforcement response, security... 12/31/2005
School Security Assessment Programme in Australia. Describes Western Australia's school security program, including assessment, types of facility mitigation, and the typical reduction in incidence and cost of crimes realized through the program. 01/31/2007
School Security: Planning and Costs Describes efforts by two school districts to address the potential threats of shootings and other school disruptions: Baltimore City Public Schools in Maryland and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public... 08/31/2003
School Vandalism and Break-Ins. The term school vandalism refers to willful or malicious damage to school grounds and buildings or furnishings and equipment. This guide describes the problem and reviews the risk factors of school... 08/07/2005
Security and Site Design. A Landscape Architectural Approach to Analysis, Assessment and Design Implementation. Written for design professionals, this book provides detailed information on site security design elements and their relationship and integration into the overall design of a site. Guidelines for... 12/31/2004
Security Audits and Inspections. Outlines school security audit procedures, their benefits, who should conduct them, when they should be conducted, and how to implement recommendations from the audit. Includes eight references. 12/31/2001
Security Design Considerations for Instructional Facilities. This extensive school security design guide discusses types of threats to school security in its first chapter, and then proceeds in 43 subsequent chapters to address security considerations... 12/31/2005