Safety and Security--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Big Ideas. Presents selected responses of 57 active school architects to five questions concerning trends in school design and school security. 10/31/2007
Bright Ideas for Picture Perfect Video. Discusses lighting and camera selection for successful campus surveillance applications, imaging that makes best use of bandwith and requires less storage, and proper placement that puts cameras out... 06/30/2008
Bring on the Night. Discusses proper night lighting that illuminates the intended campus area without excessive spill or glare, thus saving energy and avoiding the adverse environmental impact of a loss of night sky. 10/31/2006
Broadcasting Security Describes a mass notification system that allows the University of the Sciences, in Philadelphia, to broadcast live and pre-recorded audio messages to any exterior and interior paging units and... 12/31/2011
Budgeting for Security. Discusses funding security enhancement at higher education institutions, emphasizing collective buying by campus and community, and campus-wide involvement. A case study from the Sewanee: The... 02/29/2008
Building a Disaster-Resistant University. This guide is intended to support efforts by universities to reduce and manage their vulnerability to hazards. It includes a description of a disaster-resistant university; how to perform a risk... 07/31/2003
Building a University Safety & Security Structure Support for public safety by senior campus leadership, as well as the creation of emergency plans and appropriate communications systems are critical components of University of Texas Austin's... 10/04/2011
Building Security FAQ's. Collates information from a number of higher education institutions that describes various ways video surveillance is handled. The balance between privacy and security, funding strategies, numbers... 10/31/2007
Caller I.D. Discusses the use of anonymous tip lines for reporting on campus crime. The phone line typically directs the caller to a voice mail box and no caller ID or human interface is made to ensure... 09/30/2009
Campus Alert: Smart Cards Enhance Security. Describes how installing sophisticated access systems on multi-building campuses can increase security staff workload due to increased responses to nuisance alarms. Examples of how colleges have... 06/30/2008
Campus Attacks. Reports on a study of targeted violence incidents on U.S. campuses of higher learning. Overall, 272 incidents were identified through a search of nearly 115,000 results in open source reporting from... 03/31/2010
Campus Fire Facts. According to a December 2008 survey by this magazine, half of college and K-12 school fire safety professionals say systems maintenance is one of their top four fire protection challenges. More than... 12/31/2008
Campus Fire Safety Today. Reviews information on recent college and university dormitory fire fatalities, and highlights five examples of building features reported to be major contributing factors in residence-hall fires.... 10/31/2001
Campus Firewatch Campus Firewatch is an electronic newsletter focusing exclusively on campus fire safety, both on- and off-campus. The website includes resources and a buyer's guide, as well as information on an...
Campus Layout Can Help Mitigate Threats, But Good Security Plan Needed Because the layout of the campus can play a role in mitigating threats of violence or natural disaster, a solid security plan should include an assessment of the buildings and grounds. 06/30/2012
Campus Public Safety Preparedness for Catastrophic Events: Lessons Learned from Hurricanes and Explosives. Presents the demographic information, chronology of priorities, emergency plans, command and coordination, equipment and logistics, communications, staff and critical incident stress management,... 12/31/2005
Campus Public Safety: Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism Protective Measures. The Office for Domestic Preparedness, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has compiled suggestions for the approximately 4,000 Title IV institutions of post-secondary education in the United States... 03/31/2003
Campus Safety Audit. Checklist for determining safety on campus in the areas of residence hall security, visitors, security patrols in residence halls, roommate conflicts, health services, campus security, and parental... 12/31/2006
Campus Safety Grant Strategies: Your First Steps. Offers strategies for obtaining grants to enhance campus safety, discussing what grants typically do and do not cover, and the steps that institutions need to take before even seeking grant funds. 12/31/2008
Campus Safety Magazine This publication exclusively serves campus police chiefs, security directors, IT personnel and executive administrators involved in the public safety and security of major schools and universities in...
Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association CSHEMA is dedicated to assisting the membership in advancing safety, health and environmental quality in higher education; it is the definitive resource on best practices for this area of planning....
Campus Shootings-Could Your School Be Next? How to Reduce and Prevent Weapons Violations and Assaults on Campus. Outlines concepts for reducing weapons violations and assaults including strict policies with diligent enforcement, screening of employees and proactive mental health services. 10/31/2003
Campus Violence Prevention and Response: Best Practices for Massachusetts Higher Education. Reports on current practice for violence prevention on Massachusetts higher education campuses. In four sections, the report defines the nature and scope of campus violence, reviews previous reports... 05/31/2008
Case Study: Boise State University Gets to the Core of Housing Security. Describes the keying system put in place at this institution to reduce maintenance and spare parts requirements, as well as improve control over who has keys. 10/31/2005
Case Study: Security is in the Cards for Skidmore College Discusses the conversion of the access control of its residence halls and academic buildings from mechanical keys to cards. 09/30/2011