Safety and Security--HIGHER EDUCATION

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University of Missouri-Columbia: Environmental Health and Safety. This university departmental website provides information, forms, and documents on their program areas, including workplace safety, personal protection, fire safety, food safety, biological safety,...
Upgrade or Replace? It Depends. Advises on assessing the viability of existing campus security systems by considering whether or not they are functioning properly, as well as their age, serviceability, and expandability. 04/30/2008
Video Surveillance Keeps School Users Safe. Lists different types of surveillance equipment available and describes advantages of fixed and PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom). Surveillance includes interior and exterior, as well as monitoring athletic fields. 07/31/2010
Virginia Tech One Year Later: How Campuses Have Responded. Reviews improved higher education campus security since the April, 2007, Virginia Tech shooting, based on a survey by this magazine. Areas of improvement discussed are mental health services,... 02/29/2008
Virginia Tech: The Challenge of Assuring Safety. The recent events at Virginia Tech reinforce the idea that nothing is more fundamental for college leaders to address than campus security and safety. In this article, the author discusses what... 04/30/2007
Wandering Eyes and Security. Discusses library security in light of the expanding array of spaces and services that libraries provide. Glass interior walls improve supervision, and security tags on materials are recommended,... 10/31/2008
We Have Seen the Enemy... One year after 9/11, colleges and universities are using the impetus to jump-start disaster response plans for 'more likely' scenarios. This discusses focusing on more likely threats, the... 08/31/2002
What the Disaster Planning Lessons Didn't Teach You. Describes how officials at the Borough of Manhattan Community College dealt with the emergency created by September 11, and offers a list of tips for dealing with out-of-the-ordinary emergencies. 09/30/2002
What We Learned from Hurricane Floyd. Discusses what one university learned about disaster planning when struck with a serious and long-lasting environmental emergency. Notes that campus backup systems weren't able to sustain... 10/31/2000
What's Ahead for Campus Security? Identifies five trends in security technology and what they mean for colleges and universities in the near future. Trends addressed are: less emphasis on complete system integration; increased... 02/29/2000
What's Your Emergency? Discusses the use of IP telephony to assist in location of emergency callers and enhance campus security. This enhanced 911 (E911) capability for multi-line phone systems is the law in a growing... 01/31/2007
When Disaster Strikes. Describes backup procedures followed at several higher education institutions to protect their data during disasters. 08/31/2005
Wired for Protection. Describes how growing acceptance of security measures such as access- control cards, video surveillance, and biometric devices is allowing colleges to protect students and their belongings more... 05/31/2002
Your Campus Emergency Notification Check-List. List of tasks to ensure mass alert systems reach everyone on campus during a crisis. 10/26/2011