Safety and Security--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Keeping it Safe. Discusses an array of fire warning devices for schools, including addressable control panels, area-specific detection and suppression equipment, and training of personnel. 01/31/2009
Keeping Schools Safe in Earthquakes. Reports on a 2004 conference of international seismic and educational facility experts. Part 1 discusses the recognition of obstacles to improving seismic safety of schools in various countries. Part... 12/31/2003
Keeping Students Safe Four part story: College Campus Shootings Prompt New Emergency Preparedness Steps; Public Safety, Police And Security Professionals Can Help Assess Campus Security Threats; Campus Layout Can Help... 06/30/2012
Keeping the Madness at Bay. In the first of a series on terrorism's affect on higher education, college officials describe security steps their schools are taking against terror attacks. 11/30/2001
Landscaping for Safety and Security. Advises incorporation of landscaping design for safety within campus master plans. Discusses plantings that preserve sight lines and enhance safety, as well as ways to separate pedestrians and... 11/30/2003
Library Security Guidelines. These guidelines include an introduction and definitions, and sections covering the following topics: 1. Duty to Protect; 2.Foreseeability of Loss; 3. Adequacy of Protection; 4.Fire and Emergency... 06/26/2010
Lighting for Safety and Security. Discusses ways to use lighting to provide a safe environment, reduce vandalism, improve visibility, and reduce overall liability for colleges. Guidelines for outdoor, parking, and emergency lighting... 11/30/2000
Location-Aware Services: Where on Earth? Discusses the benefits of location-aware services to campuses, including tracking shuttle busses, security alerts, and monitoring a student's location when crossing campus at night. Examples of... 01/31/2007
Lock And Roll. University Working Groups Agree to Update Dorm Locks Describes how Princeton University retrofitted more than 3,200 doors with a new, state-of-the-art wireless locking system. 06/30/2012
Longitudinal Study of a Building-Scale RFID Ecosystem. Reports the results of a radio frequency identification (RFID) study conducted at the University of Washington. 67 People and a variety of objects were outfitted with 300 tags that made them... 12/31/2008
Low-Cost Security Measures for School Facilities. Presents 50 school safety and security measures that may be implemented at little or no cost and without the use of complex technology. These measures are selected from the assessment guides that... 03/31/2008
Maintaining Security. Advises on testing and ensuring that comprehensive life-safety and security technologies are prepared to work when they must. Strategies considered include oversight of access control, campus... 05/31/2011
Making Fire Safety Technologies Safer on Campus. Describes smoke detectors that announce tampering as well as smoke, networked fire detection and suppression technology, and sophisticated systems installed in dormitories at Boston's... 07/31/2004
Making Safety Systematic at City University of New York. Describes a program involving the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) and the City University of New York (CUNY) in which a private contractor provides annual loss-prevention surveys... 05/31/2002
Making the Leap to IP Video a Safer Bet. Highlights improvements in internet protocol video surveillance that make it a more viable option for schools. These include the advent of open standards that allows more selection between components... 08/31/2008
Mass Notification Layers Fail to Reach the Classroom. The two primary emergency notification system (ENS) issues inside the classroom arise by architectural design and classroom culture. It is a space architecturally designed to minimize distractions... 07/07/2011
Mass Notification Toolkit Helps IT and security personnel understand the full scope of planning and implementation that is needed to successfully launch and sustain a mass notification solution. The toolkit defines the...
National Summit on Campus Public Safety. Strategies for Colleges and Universities in a Homeland Security Environment. This report is the result of a COPS-sponsored project led by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Community Policing Institute to take an in-depth look at current activities and future needs in the field of... 09/23/2004
Natural Disasters and School Construction. [Podcast] Presents an audio inteview that reviews loss of children's lives within schools that were damaged by recent natural disasters. The design and seismolological professionals interviewed advocate... 06/24/2008
NCEF School Safety Assessment Guides. The 25 guides found on the lower portion of this web page assist in the school safety assessment process. Each downloadable guide addresses a specific area or space within the school, presenting a... 12/31/2007
NFPA 150: The Road Ahead for Animal Housing Facilities. Discusses fire safety in animal housing facilities, according to the National Fire Protection Associations standard 150. The standard addresses society's value of animal life, an animal's... 08/31/2007
OECD Recommendation Concerning Guidelines on Earthquake Safety in Schools. Presents the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's position on school earthquake safety guidelines, outlines the principles of school seismic safety programs, and details... 12/31/2004
Off Camera. Discusses school security planning beyond video surveillance and access control. Security assessment, project planning, design and engineering, and construction administration are detailed as the... 08/31/2010
On Fire for Safety. Describes efforts to improve fire safety on various college campuses, and to enhance relations with the local fire departments, especially since the campuses are typically exempt from local taxes.... 01/31/2005
On the Campus: Rethinking Security This discusses security solutions on college campuses, including key card access control, entry systems and procedures, campus security officers, surveillance cameras, and funding issues. Includes a... 03/31/2002