Safety and Security--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Ready, Fire, Aim: Why Security Measures May Miss the Target. Advises on areas of building security that are often overlooked. A security assessment should always be the first step, followed by selection of technology, staffing, policies, and procedures.... 10/31/2010
Report to the President: On Issues Raised by the Virginia Tech Tragedy. Summarizes findings from meetings between federal delegations and state officials in the aftermath of the April 16, 2007 shooting at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech... 06/12/2007
Residence Hall Rooms Become Safe and Sound. Describes the effectiveness of safes in residence hall rooms, due in part to the fashionably portable sizes of communications and computing technology. 10/31/2004
Revolving Doors Spin Off Benefits. Discusses how revolving doors can serve as security tools and help control energy costs for college buildings. Reduction of tailgater entries and passback techniques to help unauthorized people enter... 01/31/2000
Safe Havens: Preventing Violence and Crime in Schools. Discusses ways to help prevent crime and violence in schools and universities by predicting risk and training and planning for security. Signs of potential violence in students are highlighted, as... 01/31/1999
Safe Passage. Discusses thre primary elements of fire safety: detection, suppression, and compartmentalization of the structure. Particular attention is given to the properties of fire-rated glass and ceramics... 06/30/2007
Safeguarding Campus Assets. Explores the need by colleges and universities, especially after 9-11, to provide more than routine security for sensitive research projects and valuable or historically significant articles. Offers... 08/31/2002
Safety and Security: Lessons Learned from 9/11. Discusses issues faced by the Borough of Manhattan Community College following the September 11th terrorist attacks: the expense of recovery and budgeting for it, developing an emergency preparedness... 11/30/2002
Safety by Design This describes the concept of CPTED, its limitations, and how it can be applied to concerns about severe weather and terrorism. 07/31/2005
Safety Rises to New Levels. Explains how high-rise residence halls can provide high-level safety and security at colleges and universities. Boston University is used to illustrate high-rise security and fire protection issues. 07/31/2001
School Actions for Emergencies (SAFE) Center SAFE is eSchool News and the International Society for Technology in Education's information clearinghouse to help school leaders prepare for both physical and IT security threats and...
School and Campus Safety Programs and Requirements in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and Higher Education Act. Discusses provisions of federal programs as they apply to campus safety in K-12 schools and institutions of higher education. It begins with a description of programs and requirements included in the... 04/26/2007
School Safety & Physical Design. This presentation examines how physical design affects school safety, reviews elements of strong safety-related school design, discusses school vulnerability assessments, highlights solutions that... 07/31/2008
School Safety: Safeguarding Your Campus. Maximizing School IP Investments with Emergency Mass Notification. Discusses investing in a network-centric emergency mass notification system that leverages the existing IP infrastructure and integrates with existing fire alarm notification systems or public... 06/30/2011
School Security Solutions: Bringing Corporate Safety to Schools and Colleges Describes software for electronic visitor management (EVM) called EasyLobbyTM, currently in use in thousands of federal and corporate installations throughout the world and its application for school... 02/28/2002
School Security Technologies. Provides current information on school security technologies, including access control systems, surveillance equipment, weapons detectors, communications and alarm systems, and emergency notification... 06/30/2010
School Security: No Strings Attached? Describes opportunities for wireless technology in school security, particularly in remote and older buildings, and on construction sites. Special applications for day and night functions and... 10/31/2006
Securing a Lock on Safety. Describes the integration of security systems to provide enhanced security that is both effective and long lasting. Combining card access systems with camera surveillance, and highly visible... 01/31/1998
Securing the Community College. Discusses strategies for managing security issues at two-year institutions,including using smart ID cards that control entrance and exit points, and increasing their use of security cameras. Capital... 06/30/2009
Security at the University of Kentucky. Describes access control at the University of Kentucky coliseum, along with its attached new athletic addition. The keyless system enables complex control of access during lockdown, day-to-day... 10/31/2010
Security Design for Sustainable Buildings and Campuses. Begins by discussing the importance of sustainability, and how security is often mistakenly omitted from green initiatives, followed by a discussion of the importance of making security a high... 12/31/2008
Security for Education with IP Surveillance Systems. Describes the advantages of Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance systems in educational settings. It explains technology concepts, provides an overview of benefits, describes advantages for specific... 12/31/2007
Security in Schools Explores passive vs. active security in K-12 schools and postsecondary institutions. Passive security measures include access control systems, video monitoring and other means that use technologies.... 06/19/2012
Security Officers Speak Out. Presents the responses of five higher education safety directors to questions concerning the relationship of campus security to local law enforcement, carrying arms, reduction of assaults, and... 06/30/2008
Security on Campus, Inc. Security On Campus, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to prevent violence, substance abuse and other crimes in college and university campus communities across the United States, and...