Safety and Security--PK-12

Title Abstract Publication Date
What Do Cameras Cure? Discusses typical problems with school security video surveillance in New York City, such as students who are charged with misconduct being unable to obtain video of the alleged incident, system... 01/20/2008
What Good Is Security Without Monitoring? Makes a case for integrating the emergency action plan with improvements in physical security and communications to outside authorities that are poised to assist in an emergency. Current technology... 09/30/2000
What the Writing on the Wall Can Tell You. Discusses the roles of graffiti taggers, their potential affiliation to gangs, and the escalation that can occur when opposing taggers cross out another's graffiti. Interpretation of graffiti... 06/30/2008
What's the Key to Your Security? Shows how school officials can simplify the decision-making process when providing a fully integrated locking system that meets each security objective for each sector of the school with an... 09/30/2000
What's Your Emergency? Discusses the use of IP telephony to assist in location of emergency callers and enhance campus security. This enhanced 911 (E911) capability for multi-line phone systems is the law in a growing... 01/31/2007
Where Does Access Control Fit in the K-12 Security Mix? Discusses the role of access control in school security. The elements of access control, proper evaluation of school access control, procedural fixes that require no equipment, typical costs, and... 09/30/2008
Who Is Your Thin Blue Line? Explores the history and current use of security personnel in schools, citing the various agencies or businesses from which they are drawn and blended approaches to school security personnel.... 03/31/2009
Wildfires and Schools. Discusses conditions that feed wildfires, how a building catches fire, determining your school's risk, creating a survivable space for the school, the importance of maintenance, the fire-... 09/30/2008
Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association Site includes information on school safety and health, promotes new and existing programs, and lists conferences and workshops.
Working Together. Describes landscape and lighting features that both conserve energy and offer increased security for a school facility. 08/31/2007
Wren School Security Survey: Access Control. Presents the results of a survey of of school administrators and resource, revealing that almost three-fourths of respondents are not extremely confident in their ability to lock down their school in... 09/24/2008
You Can Prevent Most School Shootings. Discusses techniques to prevent school shootings, including policy changes, visual screenings, metal detection, trained dogs, and armed officers. 10/31/2006
Your Attention, Please. Reviews technological enhancements to school public address systems that coordinate class bells, two-way communication to classrooms, emergency communication, and wireless clocks. 02/28/2009