Safety and Security--PK-12

Title Abstract Publication Date
CDW-G School Safety Index 2008 Benchmarks the current status of public school district safety. The survey of 400 school district IT and security directors evaluates and assesses cyber and physical security, examines the impact of... 05/18/2008
CDW-G School Safety Index 2009. Provides a nationwide view of school safety issues from the perspective of more than 400 school district IT and security directors. The report reveals that while the number of security breaches... 05/17/2009
Children's Exposure to Violence: A Comprehensive National Survey. Presents statistics and analysis of student exposure to violence, including violence at school. Types of violence associated with successive age groups are discussed, as are implications for... 09/30/2009
Children's Safety Network This is a resource center on national injury and violence prevention. Features include a searchable database of all CSN publications; recent library acquisitions; and updated injury and violence...
Choose Your Integrator Wisely. Describes approaches to choosing a campus electronic security system integrator, either through single sourcing or a competitive bid. Assessing an integrator's credentials, choosing between a... 08/31/2008
Classroom Killers? Hallway Hostages? How Schools Can Prevent and Manage School Crises. This book attempts to dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding the lessons learned from national school violence crises and shifting security threat trends. Its objective is to deliver... 12/31/1999
Close It Up & Lock It Down?!? Discusses the most effective ways of controlling access to facilities, including perimeter access, exterior doors, and visitor management. 11/30/2011
Closed View. Discusses security requirement needs when selecting windows and doors for schools and university buildings. Issues addressed include key and lock management, window sturdiness, and emergency exiting. 03/31/2000
Closed Yet Open. Examines ways of adequately providing the security of middle schools while creating an environment in which students and staff feel at home. Areas covered include architectural strategies to... 01/31/2000
Closed-Circuit Television Trends and Tactics in America's Schools. Describes the how school districts use closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance to improve school safety. Discusses technological improvements in CCTV, including digital imagery. Provides... 05/31/2002
Closed-Circuit Television Trends and Tactics in America's Schools. Describes the how school districts use closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance to improve school safety. Discusses technological improvements in CCTV, including digital imagery. Provides... 05/31/2002
Code Advocacy for the Educational Facilities Profession. Explains the system for the development of codes and standards, the role and benefit implied by involvement in the development of codes and standards, the commitment that role would require, and... 12/31/2003
Columbine 10th Anniversary: Lessons Learned and Glaring Gaps Remain, The Legacy of Columbine Ten Years Later. Discusses changes in school security after the April, 1999 shooting at Columbine High School. Topics include: 1)What has improved? 2)What gaps remain? 3)How have budgets for school safety changed? 4)... 04/19/2009
Columbine's 10th Anniversary Finds Lessons Learned. Reflects on changes in school security since the April 20, 1999 attack at Colorado's Columbine High School. These include reduced school access, visitor management systems, surveillance cameras... 03/31/2009
Common Sense Design for Safe Schools. Shows how school design can enhance study safety by facilitating supervision. Design concepts of limiting building access to outsiders, creating good traffic flow, and avoiding blind spots and... 04/30/2000
Communities and Schools Promoting Health. This Canadian gateway provides a library on school-based health promotion with extensive background information, an explanation of the essential elements of a comprehensive school health approach,...
Complying with the Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act. Reviews particulars of the 2008 Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act, which requires higher education institutions to annually report considerable fire safety information to the U.S. Department of... 12/31/2008
Comprehensive Safe Schools Planning Guide. Advises Washington schools on the elements to be included in a comprehensive safe schools plan, covering curriculum and instruction, policies and procedures, physical plant assessment, staff... 12/31/2001
Controlling Construction Costs of Educational Facilities. Describes methods of reducing construction costs while still including fire protection design and systems. Exemptions to expensive building compartmentation requirements may be obtained if sprinkler... 12/31/2004
Convergence: The New Security Priority. Discusses the importance of physical security in defending IT security. Door and access control is emphasized as the front line against intruding hackers. 01/31/2010
Core Components of Contract Security RFPs. Lists sixteen items that should be present in every campus security provider request for proposal. 08/31/2008
CPTED 101: Crime Prevention through Environmental Design - The Fundamentals for Schools. Discusses the concepts of natural surveillance, natural access control, and territoriality as a means to improve school security. Each concept is defined and presented along with basic principles of... 12/31/2009
Crash Course in Security. Describes the accelerated installation of 32 surveillance cameras at Johns Hopkins University, in response to two murders. Issues of wiring, landscaping, ceiling construction, and installation crews... 08/31/2005
Creating a Safe Haven. Examines security issues that planners must address at the programming and schematic design phase in key areas of the school building. They include the front door, safe halls and stairs, positive... 03/31/2003
Creating and Maintaining Security on Campus. Describes the various components of an effective campus security program, including the master plan/needs assessment, law enforcement staffing, security technology, access control, closed circuit... 02/28/2002