Safety and Security--PK-12

Title Abstract Publication Date
Florida Safe School Design Guidelines. [Florida] This document provides guidelines Florida schools can use in designing schools that enhance school safety and security. It examines the literature available on school safety and security and the... 07/27/1993
Florida School District Sharpens Focus on School Safety. Describes school safety enhancement in Florida's Palm Beach County School District. Attendance is recorded by biometric hand sensors in classrooms, automatic door locks enable a complete... 10/31/2006
Fortress Schools. Discusses security in United Kingdom schools, citing successful facility features such as fencing and CCTV surveillance. 02/28/2007
Foundation for the Advancement of Life Safety and Security (Doors and Hardware) The foundation's mission is to create a safer built environment by informing interested parties, through research, education and communication, the important role that the architectural opening...
From a Student's Perspective. Presents the observations of a 17-year-old on school security, citing the building vulnerabilities that attract predators, various types of risk, the importance of involving all occupants in the... 06/30/2009
Gangs and the Responsibilities of the Facilities Management Team. Describes the role of facilities and facilities personnel to gang intelligence in schools. Grafitti should be identified, photographed, removed, and reported to law enforcement. There should be only... 08/31/2004
Get Passive. Advocates passive school security measures that are less expensive and less ominous than active surveillance technology. These include open floor plans, wide corridors, abundant glass, and... 10/31/2006
Getting Serious about Access Control. Acknowledges the potential for prohibitively expensive access control systems and the possibility for ineffectiveness if people do not learn to use the systems. The author describes the essential... 11/30/2010
Getting Video to Play Nicely on the Network. Discusses management techniques for digital security video to prevent overwhelming a network. Content analytics and convergence are emphasized as ways to reduce the bandwidth needed to collect and... 02/29/2008
Gimme Shelter. Describes the features of school buildings that help protect occupants during natural and man-made disasters. Masonry and concrete construction, proper roof and glass selection, and creation of safe... 10/31/2003
Glazing Design Beyond the Minimum. Considerations for Glass, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes In order to offer true protection against hurricanes and tornadoes, a building's glazing design should include a risk assessment of options that go beyond the minimum codes and standards. 04/30/2012
Gone to the Dogs? Discusses canine sweeps of schools, highlighting court decisions that have upheld their legality. Need, authority, notice, and procedures for the sweeps are also addressed. 06/30/2010
Granite School District Security System Grows with Needs. Describes the evolution of this Utah county school district's security program from simple burglar alarms, to sophisticated access control. Specifications of the systems are described, with an... 11/30/2010
Greenwood Community Schools Prioritize Building Security. Profiles recent security measures taken in Indiana's Greenwood Community School Corporation. After assessment by security consultants, video surveillance, electronic door access, and visitor... 05/31/2009
Growing Intelligence. Diuscusses advances in door systems, where doors are integrated with security and fire technology, providing access control and information on use. Biometric recognition is highlighted as the most... 09/30/2003
Guns, Knives, and Schools. Presents a strategy that can be used by public school officials to reduce the number of weapons coming into schools. Creating policies to protect children from bullies, educating students about the... 04/30/1998
Handbook of School Violence and School Safety: From Research to Practice. Covers a wide range of school violence issues, from harassment and bullying to serious physical assault. It also examines existing school safety programs and the research and theories that guide them... 12/31/2005
Has Technology Created a Safer Learning Environment? Evaluates the effectiveness of technological advances on the maintenance operations of a school district's facilities. The research also determines and evaluate the types, amounts, and locations... 04/08/2003
Health and Safety Guide for K-12 Schools in Washington. This guide's primary focus is to recommend good health and safety practices to help ensure safer schools in Washington state. Some of the safety practices that are recommended affect school... 12/31/2002
Health, Mental Health and Safety Guidelines for Schools: Physical Environment and Transportation. This chapter of the Health, Mental Health and Safety Guidelines for Schools covers accessibility, safety policies, building construction and renovation, maintenance, indoor air, universal precautions... 12/31/2003
Health/Life Safety Handbook for Public Schools in Illinois, 2nd. ed. The provides technical assistance to Illinois public school districts, regional superintendents, architects, and engineers. It is a reference manual for understanding various requirements, processes... 02/29/2004
High Stakes Safety has been a pervasive focus in the Clark County [Nevada] School District, where enormous fiscal and human resources have been committed to reduce risk and prepare for emergencies. Like many... 11/30/2003
High Standards for Security. Although they are not mandatory, federal and private-sector security standards provide guidance for building owners addressing specific risks. This article discusses standards promulgated by the... 11/30/2005
Homeschooling and Safety. Reflects on the rise in homeschooling, and suggests that poor school facilities and concerns about safety at school might be two of the reasons. 12/31/2008
House Bill Number 203 (Ohio) [Jarod's Law] In response to the death of a six year-old student from a falling cafeteria table, the Ohio Legislature passed this bill establishing the state's School Health and Safety Network; annual school... 12/31/2004