School Size/Small Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Decade of Consolidation: Where are the Savings? Between 1990 and 2000, total enrollment in West Virginia decreased 11%, 202 schools were closed, and education spending increased by 16%. Per pupil expenditures increased more in West Virginia than... 12/31/2003
A Good Resource. Suggests ways to help establish autonomous territories for small schools within larger facilities, even when cost constraints prohibit true separation of the schools. The use of interior building... 01/31/2006
A New Approach in Chicago. Describes Chicago's Renaissance 2010 Neighborhood Schools Program, which aims to turn around the city's most troubled elementary and high schools by creating 100 new small neighborhood... 06/30/2004
A Question of Scale. Case study of the new state-of-the-art Unity Junior High School in Cicero, Illinois, built for 4,000 students and spread over 17 acres. The school has six basketball courts, two cafetoriums, 88... 12/02/2003
A Study on the Relationship between Students' Achievement, School Size and Gender. The relationship between school size and students' achievement in reading and mathematics by school level and gender was studied in order to illuminate issues of school size and equity and... 01/26/2000
A Sum of Its Parts. Examines the school-within-a-school approach to middle- school design in creating multiple specialized learning environments for students. Planning and designing these types of school environments... 12/31/1998
Academic Reform Strategy Guidelines. Presents California's requirements for school districts seeking increased state funding designated for smaller school projects. These rules itemize the required format of the application, the... 08/30/2005
Academy Rewards. A renovation and addition to the 60-year old Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia, provided the opportunity for this large comprehensive high school to be divided into four smaller academies that... 07/31/2003
Affective and Social Benefits of Small-Scale Schooling. ERIC Digest. This digest summarizes research in the affective and social realms that overwhelmingly affirms the superiority of small schools. Findings on the affective and social effects of school size are... 11/30/1996
An Analysis of Construction of Small Schools vs. Larger Schools. Presents results of studies in Maine indicating that a consolidated school can serve the same student population and offer the same curriculum with less square footage and thus at a reduced cost than... 06/30/2005
An Architectural Learning Revolution. Discusses the virtues of small learning communities within large schools, illustrated with existing or under-construction examples from the Los Angeles Unified School District. 12/31/2005
An Argument for an Unpopular Approach to School Planning. Presents some advantages of large schools, including expanded curriculum, HVAC efficiency, more efficient student-to-staff ratios, and lower land costs. Examples of large schools organized into... 12/31/2005
An Economical, Thorough, and Efficient School System: The West Virginia School Building Authority Economy of Scale Numbers The West Virginia School Building Authority has arbitrarily emphasized economies of scale as a requirement for statewide facilities funding. This requirement has forced consolidation in sparsely... 12/31/1996
An Optimal Size for High Schools? Using 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-grade data for the same students from the 1988 National Education Longitudinal Study, researchers examined achievement growth for schools with 100 to 2,800 students. Math... 12/31/1997
Architecture for Achievement: Building Patterns for Small School Learning. Proposes a pattern language with which planners can explore architectural details that can enhance their school's design. The designs focus on smaller, more personalized learning communities... 12/31/2006
Architecture for Education: New School Designs from the Chicago Competition. This volume documents the work that resulted from the Chicago Public Schools Design Competition, explaining research and policies underlying the competition's criteria. The volume has three... 12/31/2002
Are Small Schools Better? School Size Considerations for Safety & Learning. Policy Brief. New studies from the 1990s have strengthened an already notable consensus on school size: smaller is better. This policy brief outlines research findings on why size makes a difference, how small is... 10/31/2001
Back to the Agora: Workable Solutions for Small Urban School Facilities. Suggests adapting the model of the ancient Greek agora to create successful small schools and describes several that have done so while reducing costs. These innovative urban small schools are the... 08/31/2003
Baltimore City's High School Reform Initiative: Schools, Students, and Outcomes. Presents findings from a study of Baltimore's five-year high school reform, which included breaking large schools into smaller, more autonomous units. Using administrative data, the researchers... 11/30/2007
Big Buildings, Small Schools: Using a Small Schools Strategy for High School Reform This book focuses on how large, under-performing urban high schools can become learning environments characterized by academic rigor, curricular relevance, and mutually supportive relationships. This... 12/31/2004
Big Lessons on a Small Scale Among educators and policymakers there is a growing respect for learning that takes place within small schools. This considers definitions and examples of smallness and the costs associated with... 12/31/1999
Big School, Small School: High School Size and Student Behavior. Studies were made in Kansas high schools to determine the effect of school size upon the behavior and experiences of students. The following areas were considered: the school involved in the study,... 12/31/1961
Big Schools, Small Schools: What's Best for Students? Researchers and educators have examined the educational consequences of large and small schools. The major concerns documented in the literature on school size reflect four primary areas--curriculum... 12/31/1995
Big Talk About Small Schools. Article cites several recent studies advocating smaller school facilities and enrollment sizes and claims that smaller schools boost student achievement. 09/30/2000
Big Time for Small Schools. Discusses the growing number of small schools, as well as the reasons and means by which they are being formed. Examples of small schools founded around focused educational programs and... 03/14/2005