Schools for the Future

Title Abstract Publication Date
Building Education: The Role of the Physical Environment in Enhancing Teaching and Research. This British publication provides an overview of some of the current themes relevant to school building design. It looks at the relationship between school buildings, attainment, and behavior and... 12/31/2001
Building for Change. Examines the design of a new high school in Edmonds, Washington that was built to accommodate changes in the way students may be taught in the future. The design and programming phases are... 03/31/2001
Building Schools for Today and Tomorrow, Not Yesterday. Discusses six considerations when designing and building computer and technology features into modern educational facilities. Issues include selecting a location, adapting to next generation... 12/31/1997
Building the Future of Learning. This article uses the Saltire Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University, which opened in January 2006, as a case study to illustrate how some current key ideas in educational thinking can influence... 05/31/2007
Building the Future: Lessons From Tasmania. Reece Community High School in Devenport, Tasmania, an obscure, blue-collar community in one of Australia's most remote regions, was recently recognized as producing the best planned, designed,... 01/31/2004
Building with Purpose. Examines the influences that are changing school planning and design to better satisfy the student's learning experience. The emergence of high technology in the learning environment, facility... 12/31/1999
Buildings for Learning: New Schools on the Horizon Explores several new school buildings in Virginia that attempt to address today's trends in technology, population shifts, and teaching methods. School designs discussed include a technology-... 12/31/1997
Buildings That Teach. Design and Learning Go Hand in Hand. The art of school design is taking a leap forward into the 21st century, resulting in the creation of multisensory, interactive, functionally well-designed, and aesthetically beautiful learning... 06/30/1997
But Are They Learning? School Buildings-The Important Unasked Questions This paper asserts that school buildings have been and continue to be places to warehouse children, and that new schools just do it in more comfortable settings. It suggests that an examination of... 01/31/2002
Campus Futures. Proposes four images of future culture, advising school facility managers to consider the preferences of future generations when making facility decisions. 02/28/2006
Career-Technical Schools [PowerPoint Presentation] Emerging practices in career-technical education point to an integration of academic and technical learning. This PowerPoint presentation looks at changes in career-technical education, describes new... 05/11/2004
Catching the Age Wave: Building Schools With Senior Citizens in Mind. Examining the trend toward an older U.S. population, this publication discusses why educators and school facility planners should consider designing multipurpose schools that specifically contribute... 09/30/2002
Celebration School and Design Trends: 15 Years into the Future. Reflects on the 1997 school of the future, Orlando's Celebration School, sponsored by Disney Development Corp. It was considered cutting-edge thinking at the time to coordinate new construction... 11/30/2010
Challenges of Designing the Next Generation of America's Schools. The Thomas Jefferson Center for Educational Design at the University of Virginia, with associates representing architecture, business, education, engineering, sociology, and technology, wants to... 04/30/1998
Change is Good...Wrong! Change must be personally relevant, beneficial, clearly defined and believed to be achievable. To renovate school facilities, several steps are necessary: identifying future trends and making them... 11/30/2000
Changing Patterns in Educational Facilities Planners are increasingly focusing on the future of society, education, and the impact these social forces may have on school facilities and learning environments. This report examines patterns in... 12/31/1997
Choices for the 21st Century. Examines issues that school districts face when considering materials for the school building envelope. The most frequently used wall system is still masonry on block, with occasional prefabricated... 04/30/2006
CHPLE: Center for High Performance Learning Environments In collaboration with Labs21 and the Institute for Connecting Science Research to the Classroom, the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech has created a new Center for High...
CHPS Best Practices Manual. Offers guidance on creating high performance schools in California. The manual consists of six volumes. Volume I describes why high performance schools are important, what components are involved in... 12/31/2005
City of Learning. Of the many themes discussed at the Union of International Architects conference in Porto, two attracted the most passionate debate: 1) the notion that learning is not necessarily linked to school... 09/30/2001
Claiming Space for Small Schools. A Report on the New Century Schools: The Bronx, New York 2002-2003. A team from Princeton University's School of Architects followed a group of innovative educators in the Bronx High Schools as they rethought the architecture of small schools. Seeking to imagine... 12/31/2002
Classroom of the Future. Presents a video tour of a classroom of the future, featuring multiple display screens, flexible furnishings, ample size that allows for circulation, a mobile teacher workstation, abundant power... 12/31/2007
Classroom of the Future. Orchestrating Collaborative Spaces. This book brings together the perspectives of researchers, architects, technical designers, and teachers on emerging theoretical and technological developments pertaining to the classroom of the... 12/31/2009
Classrooms of the Future: Innovative Designs for Schools. Describes twelve pilot projects from British local education authorities creating innovative learning environments that are imaginative and stimulating, with the aim of inspiring children to achieve... 12/31/2003
Classrooms of the Future: Thinking Out of the Box. This presentation on educational facilities design emphasizes the overarching strategy of observing the activities of learning that take place in and out of the classroom setting, and the importance... 09/03/2001