Schools for the Future

Title Abstract Publication Date
Community as Classroom Architect Steven Bingler discusses redesigning schools in ways that complement efforts to reform how schools serve communities. 09/30/1997
Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities, Third Edition. Profiles 65 school buildings from OECD member countries that illustrate good architectural programming and design. The schools were selected on behalf of the Programme for Educational Building by an... 12/31/2005
Cool Schools for Hot Suburbs: Models for Affordable and Environmentally Responsive Schools in Nairobi, Kenya. In this architectural doctoral dissertation on African education and school facility design, the author undertakes an extremely detailed and comprehensive study of the current problems facing primary... 12/31/2001
Creating 21st Century Learning Environments [PowerPoint Presentations] This webpage provides access to the PowerPoint presentations of speakers at an international seminar held in London on May 26-28, 2004. OECD countries and PEB members shared ideas, best practices,... 04/30/2004
Creating 21st Century Learning Environments. Presents four opinions on developing schools for the 21st century. A Singapore management professional explains how the school building can serve as a three-dimensional learning tool. A New Zealand... 05/31/2005
Creating a 2020 Vision for School Design. Presents a combination of text and video that envisions how students' lives are being radically transformed, the general trends in education, and what skills and habits students will need in the... 12/31/2006
Creating a Learning Environment. Discusses how human influence can enhance the learning environment and explains that everyone connected to an educational institution should think of themselves as members of the learning community.... 04/30/1999
Creating a New Vision of the Urban High School. Carnegie Challenge, 2001. This paper focuses on how urban high schools may be not only revitalized but also transformed into institutions that are designed to help students at the crossroads of their academic careers. It... 12/31/2000
Creating Communities of Learning: Schools and Smart Growth in New Jersey. This paper discusses New Jersey's unprecedented $12.3 billion school construction and reconstruction project, launched in 2000, as an opportunity to reconstruct the state's communities,... 05/31/2001
Creating Connections: The CEFPI Guide for Educational Facility Planning. Guides new and experienced school planners from the conception of educational needs through occupancy and use of the completed facilities. Chapters follow the planning, design, and occupancy... 12/31/2003
Creating New Schools. This advises Britain's local education education authorities (LEA's) on innovative school design strategies. Various authors describe programs and experiences that include bringing students... 12/31/2002
Creating Schools for the 21st Century. Presents an interview with John F. Spencer, Chief Executive of the New Jersey School Construction Corporation, highlighting the Corporation's history and its role in site selection, design,... 02/28/2005
Creative Problem Solving Strategies for the 21st Century A conference presentation examines problem-solving strategies, tactics, techniques, and behavior-based environment development when creating twenty-first century schools. It describes the types of... 12/31/1998
Death of the Classroom? And, Thank You—It's Been Great Fun Traditional classrooms have not exactly facilitated the flexible transition from one learning mode to another. The author asks: So where are the classrooms going, and are we building them to what we... 08/31/2004
Declining Enrollment. Reports a current decline in school enrollment and changes in student demographics that affect school size and design, particularly where renovations are indicated, but not necessiarily in the... 04/30/2009
DeJONG Names Top Ten Trends in School Facility Planning. Presents the ten top trends in school facilities, as determined by a large educational planning firm. The trends are: 1) Declining enrollment; 2) Life beyond Leave No Child Behind; 3) Any place, any... 07/22/2007
Denver School of Science & Technology: Sam Miller Interview. Presents an interview with one of the designers of this school, in which he describes the facility's inception and creation, as well as how it's spaces were ultimately used by the students... 12/31/2005
Design for Changing Educational Needs. Presents an interview with current CEFPI president Hugh Skinner, in which he assesses funding and deferred maintenance issues, trends in school design and curriculum delivery, and demographic... 12/31/2005
Design for Learning Forum. School Design and Student Learning in the 21st Century: A Report of Findings. At a Design for Learning Forum held in Minneapolis on October 11-13, 2006 to examine future forces shaping school design, forum participants arrived at 10 key findings: 1) recognize the paradigm... 02/28/2007
Design for the Creative Age. Illustrates international examples of collaborative and individual learning opportunities in a variety of learning spaces where large and small groups, as well as individuals in personal spaces can... 06/30/2010
Design Ideas for Schools of the 21st Century. Presents responses from the nation's leading educational architectural firms concerning design ideas anticipated to have an important role in the design of future school facilities. Ideas on... 12/31/1997
Design Roundtable: Building the Better Classroom. Presents an interview with three educational design professionals discussing trends in K-12 classroom design under the influence of new teaching methodologies, changes in materials and color... 12/31/2007
Design Trends. Presents scenarios for school design in the future, citing precedents in technology integration, scheduling, and independent learning in K-12 education. Higher education institutions will use their... 12/31/2006
Designing a High School for Collaborative, Project-based Learning. Case study of the design for the Harbor City International School, a public charter school in downtown Duluth, Minnesota. The floor plan includes a social team area, quiet team area, student work... 05/31/2002
Designing and Building for the Class of 2020. Reviews trends in technology integration, study habits, and residential preferences that will effect higher education design over the next 15 years. Academic buildings will typically need to be... 08/31/2006