Schools for the Future

Title Abstract Publication Date
Educational Environments. This book presents examples of the United States' most innovative new educational facilities for decision makers developing educational facilities of the future. The projects in this book are... 12/31/2001
Educational Facilities Planning: Leadership, Architecture, and Management. This textbook on educational facility planning and design covers conceptual, descriptive, and applied aspects of the development of educational facilities. The 17 chapters are organized in eight... 12/31/2005
Educational Facilities within the Context of a Changing 21st Century America. Presents possibilities and critical issues related to the future of education and educational facilities. A scenario of educational technology that eliminates the school facility and decreases social... 08/31/2006
Educational Facility Design and Project Based Learning: The Real Connection. Discusses the relationship of project-based learning to school facilities, abandoning the familiar double-loaded corridor design and seeking flexible learning spaces that are part of the curriculum.... 12/31/2008
Educational Facility Resources from the AIA 2005 National Convention. Presents summaries of educational facilities sessions that were offered at this convention. Sessions included 21st-century schools and their communities, project-based service learning, small high... 04/30/2005
Educational Infrastructure in an Age of Globalization: Intelligent Buildings, Virtual Facilities, and Virtual Instruction? To ensure the most effective and up-to-date learning, educators should consider intelligent buildings that meet technological needs and flexibly accommodate change. Virtual schools alter the need for... 09/30/2002
Educational Spaces: A Pictorial Review, Volume 2. Presents recent international educational facility designs as examples of contemporary and inspirational trends in school architecture. Photos showcase exterior and interior design features from... 12/31/1999
Educational Spaces: A Pictorial Review, Volume 3. Presents recent international educational facility designs as examples of contemporary and inspirational trends in school architecture. Photos showcase exterior and interior design features from... 12/31/2002
Educational Technology Trends: Back to Business The latest technology trends in schools are to adopt solutions that drive improved administrative productivity and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by obtaining a good return on investment with... 12/31/2003
Educational Trends Shaping School Planning and Design: 2007. Examines 12 educational trends influencing the planning and design of school facilities. The trends were identified by reviewing the latest research on school facilities and student outcomes; current... 12/31/2006
Educational Trends Shaping School Planning, Design, Construction, Funding and Operation. Assists educators and facilities professionals to prepare for an increasingly diverse, conflicted, and constantly evolving world of education. Fifteen trends are presented that are redefining... 08/31/2010
Electronic Classrooms and Buildings of the Future. Examines current issues, problems, and trends related to developing and supporting new high technology classrooms, labs, and student learning spaces to meet the critical demand for teaching... 12/31/1999
Embracing the Hybrid Model: Working at the Intersections of Virtual and Physical Learning Spaces. Discusses the seven popular Wingspread Principles (principles for good practice in undergraduate education) in terms of their implications for learning spaces, both physical and virtual. 12/31/2001
Expecting the Most from School Design. This document discusses five principles thought essential to breaking with the past and establishing a new standard for school facilities design. These principles demand that schools be exemplary... 07/09/1997
Exploding the Paradigm: Five Ways Schools Must Change to Rescue the American Dream. Discusses changes in school conception, size, structure, teacher training, and philosophy needed in order to create adequate schools. 06/30/2009
Exploring What's Ahead. Presents discussions on the top 10 issues school administrators believe will impact school facilities and business in the coming years. Issues include the impact of the Americans with Disabilities... 12/31/1997
Extending the Possibilities. Discusses the inadequacy of community schools that perpetuate the model of school as fortress/temple, even thought these facilities might be centrally located and accessible to the entire community.... 05/31/2007
Faster, Smarter, More Able. Discusses how the college campus of the future will be redefined. Explained are the new levels of design sophistication colleges and universities must have to meet the learning and multi use... 12/31/1999
Features of Advanced Learning Systems. Describes present and future aspects of educational delivery, many of which impact facilites. These include community use of the school, technology integration, individualized learning programs,... 12/31/2006
Feng Shui for the Classroom: 101 Easy-to-Use Ideas. Translates ancient Chinese interior decoration concepts to the school, providing teachers with strategies and suggestions for improving harmony and positive energy in their classrooms. The text gives... 12/31/2003
Financing Energy Efficiency Projects. Introduces energy performance contracts and the corresponding benefits of using tax-exempt lease-purchase agreements as the underlying financing vehicle for energy efficiency improvements in... 01/31/2003
First Design the Fundamentals, Then Design a School of the Future. Addresses the practicality of certain current design trends in schools. The potential flaws of ceiling height and exposed systems in great rooms, arrangement of windows and dimensions in multimedia... 05/17/2007
Flexible and Alternative Approaches to Providing School Infrastructure in Alberta, Canada. Discusses Alberta's creative ways of providing school infrastructure that meets the needs of 21st century learning. Solutions are being found through the use of alternative financing and... 02/28/2010
Flexible School Facilities. Planning flexible school facilities requires planners to embrace and facilitate inevitable change through careful planning and a willingness to speculate on the future of teaching and learning. This... 08/31/2003
Flexing with the Times. Explains how schools can be designed to meet the changing needs in education, such as changes in classroom function, educational technology, curriculum, and enrollment. Ideas for creating interior... 07/31/1997